Rickenbacker Auctions Guitar Signed By REM to Benefit Local Musician Bob Hawkins

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Courtesy of Bob Hawkins
Bob Hawkins
During a concert at Laguna Beach's Cliff Restaurant on May 5, Bob Hawkins suffered a heart attack while performing with the Ken Garcia Band. Incredibly, Hawkins, a veteran guitarist and fixture of the Orange County music scene, finished the set before heading off to the hospital. The feat of endurance was typical of Hawkins, says friend and bandmate John Hall. "Bob is a working man's musician, out performing almost every night of the week. We don't have a lot of guys like Bob. He's a dyed in the wool Orange County musician."

Hall plays with Hawkins in OC rock band Hautewerk. He also happens to be the CEO of Santa Ana's iconic electric guitar and bass manufacturer Rickenbacker. To offset Hawkins's staggering medical bills, the company is auctioning off a classic Rickenbacker 360 JetGlo guitar--a model popularized by the Beatles--signed by Michael Stipe, Bill Perry, Peter Buck, and Mike Mills of REM. All proceeds from the auction, which runs from July 17 to July 27 on eBay, will go straight to aid Hawkins's recovery.

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Dana Point Residents Rally to Rebuild King's Club Barbershop

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Brooklyn Arnest
The scene outside the King's Club Barbershop fundraiser
By: Brooklyn Arnest
On January 19th, a devastating electrical fire took place inside the heart of King's Club Barbershop. Aside from $225,000 in damages to the shop, thankfully no one was physically injured or hurt. Not only were Mike Swenson and the guys affected by the fire but what seemed to be the entire community of Dana point. Last Saturday, hundreds of people turned out for a fundraising event to help rebuild the destroyed shop. The event was hosted at Hobie surf shop in Dana Point. The vibe felt more like a huge family BBQ than a typical charity event, laid back surfer types populated the area in front of the shop, laughing, eating, drinking and catching up.

Swenson was busy working away like any other Saturday, giving his customers cuts and shaves outside, which definitely added to the old-school essence of the benefit. There was raw, folky and soulful live music being played by South County's own two favorite gems, Live Oak Revue and Vinnie and the Hooligans; who are also customers of Swenson; Scott Young of Hooligans also works as a barber for him. Back when we profiled them for our Locals Only column, we actually did it inside the shop.

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Sound Movement Uses Clothing to Fight India's Sexual Trafficking Epidemic

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Courtesy of Jordan Lovelis
Jordan Lovelis at India's only indoor skatepark.
The final days of Detroit Bar are approaching and while there's an expectation of live music and celebratory farewells, the battle against sex slavery doesn't immediately come to mind. Sound is a budding clothing line created by local skate boarders Jordan Lovelis and Chris Weigele, who aspire to combat human trafficking through music, art, and skate boarding. Their February 26 show at Detroit Bar features Santa Barbara synth-rockers Fmlybnd, local dance outfit Tapioca and the Flea, and folk rockers Reverend Baron. Snagging one of the last dates at Detroit Bar means more than a night of music and selling merch for the burgeoning company, it's a run at raising funds for their humanitarian efforts in India.

Lovelis and Weigele started Sound to spread their message through an effort they call the Sound Movement. Phase one of the movement targets young men in India who are at risk of participating in the prostitution of young girls, and the co-founders aim to reach them through skate boarding. Lovelis shares that the philosophy behind Sound Movement is simple, eliminate the demand and eliminate the supply. By educating and informing young men about the consequences of sexual slavery, they hope to impact their choices and heighten their respect for women.

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Drummer Candace Hansen Teaches Girls the Value of Being Loud

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Jessica GZ
Candace Hansen
By: Anna Escher
Candace Hansen is the person in the room who everyone wants to hang out with. She wears skinny jeans and square sunglasses above a silver Monroe piercing. The Garden Grove native has the restless, forward-driving presence of the punk rock drummer that she is, and the agenda of someone who wants to change the world.

"You play drums like a man," Hansen was once told after playing a gig. Ironically, since the beginning of 2013, she's taught that same confident musicality to girls and women at Rock Camp for Girls OC.

See also: Not Just A Camp...It's a Passion for "Girls Rock Camp Orange County" !

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Service Your Soul at Harvelle's Brings Homeless People the Blues, In a Good Way

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Christopher Barnes
Hunter and the Dirty Jacks
There are a bunch of people congregating in the dark crevices of a Los Angeles blues bar, plotting to subvert the system, overthrow the music-industry machine and lift up the downtrodden. Most of whom have played in this bar too many times to count. But instead of talking about music, these co-conspirators are talking about a music-business revolution.

Cevin Clark, owner of Harvelle's in Santa Monica, the oldest existing blues club in Los Angeles, enlisted the prestigious law firm Gibson Dunn, working pro bono, to determine whether he can turn his business into a nonprofit. The idea came from the success of the club's Tuesday-night Service Your Soul music residency with rock/blues band Hunter and the Dirty Jacks.

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Weekly Photographer Andrew Youssef Could Use Your Support. Find Out How to Help!

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Andrew Youssef with Trent Reznor
Searching Andrew Youssef's name online offers a new surprise just about everyday as more and more outlets grab hold of the story of the beloved Weekly photographer battling Stage IV colon cancer. In the last week or so, he's caught the attention of everyone from CBS News to Rolling Stone, NME, and People Magazine. Of course, Trent Reznor's tear-inducing tribute to Youssef at a recent Nine Inch Nails show in Las Vegas helped a little.

And now it seems that not only is his story getting out there, but Nine Inch Nails fans and supporters of Youssef from around the world are seeking him out to get him any kind of financial and emotional support they can offer. Some NIN fans even put together a Facebook group specifically to connect and figure out a way to help our warrior Weekling. Well, now they have one.

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Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe Turns to Pledge Money for Survival

Thumbnail image for dr freeclouds.jpg
With Record Store Day fast approaching, it's probably a good time to highlight a local house of wax that could use some saving. This month, Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe--one of the last OC dens of avant garde electronica--is hosting a pledge drive to help keep their doors open. The Fountain Valley store ripped a page from the public radio playbook and started an Indiegogo pledge drive on March 1 to help raise money for inventory, cover bills and enough rent to stay afloat for a couple months. So far, the drive--which ends on April 15--has garnered the business a little over $,4000 of its $14,500 goal. With less than two weeks to go, time is undoubtedly of the essence. More »

China White Guitarist Frank Ruffino Seeks Funds For Emergency Liver Transplant

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frank ruffino.jpg
via Fundrazr
Frank Ruffino with his two sons

Frank Ruffino, guitarist for legendary punk outfit China White, is in trouble. Recently, the Weekly learned that the longtime Huntington Beach axe man is in dire need of a liver transplant. Currently in ICU, it appears that survival for this local father of two hinges on his ability to get to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla. where he'll be able to receive the proper treatment. Though this option is the best chance at saving Ruffino's life, he and wife Ella are encountering one main obstacle: the funds to get there in time.

For the young, casual fan of OC punk, the name China White might not ring an immediate bells. But considering their impact (both literally and figuratively) the wild Huntington Beach band had on the local punk scene in the 1980s alongside T.S.O.L. and Social Distortion, there's no doubt that this cause is deserving of some Mike Atta-style support.

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Burger Records to Unleash Wiener Dog Benefit Compilation

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You've gotta hand it to the guys running Burger Records--whatever some animal activists may say about their undying taste for cow meat on a bun, the label definitely does their part to help any endangered house pets they come across. This week, the Fullerton garage label/record store announced via Facebook the release of a massive compilation to help cover the medical costs of one lucky wiener dog. The puppy's name is Popcorn. That's her above--can you feel your heart melting already?

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Suicide Silence Seek Donations For Mitch Lucker Memorial Fund

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mitch lucker2.jpg
Suicide Silence's Facebook page

Days after Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker died in a motorcycle crash in Huntington Beach, the band have launched a memorial fund to provide assistance to the family of the late singer. All proceeds donated to the official Mitch Lucker Memorial Fund will go towards the education of Lucker's five-year-old daughter Kenadee Lucker. Those who donate $20 or more will receive a commemorative t-shirt.

The outpouring of support via Internet initially caused the band's server to crash immediately so they've also shared the link to the fund on their Facebook page for the time being. 

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