The Top Five EDM Artists at Coachella

Fabian Ortiz
ASOT at the Ultra Mega Structure

Don't be fooled by the slew of hipsters and bros traipsing around the polo fields of Coachella - the festival itself has long been a pioneer of bringing electronic dance music to the states even dedicating it's own stage for EDM lovers for years. The Sahara tent has seen the likes of everyone from Sasha & Digweed, Groove Armada, Kraftwerk, Paul Van Dyk and Ferry Corsten. Not to mention the infamous 2006 set by Daft Punk the same weekend as Madonna! Artists as big as the Chemical Brothers, Underworld and Tiësto have also graced the main and outdoor stages and one year they even held an Insomniac tent.

Always being ahead of the curve with music, Paul Tollette and his crew work tirelessly to bring the most sought after and up-and-coming artist. With this years addition of the new underground techno and tech/deep house stage (we had predicted it would be a Dirty Bird Records takeover stage), the Yuma Stage powered by Sound Nightclub in Hollywood is giving the Sahara Tent a run for it's money (even though it's been upgraded to the "Mega Structure" most recently used at Ultra Music Festival in Miami)! Don't fret however, we took all the painstakingly stressful planning out of your hands and selected the top five can't miss EDM artist so that you can enjoy the desert sun and dance your weekend away in a blissful oblivion to these must see acts.

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Coachella "Leaks," Confirmations and Rumors

Andrew Youseff / OC Weekly
Attendees at last years Coachella

It's almost crunch time and Coachella line-up announcements should come about at the end of the month. Yet, this still leaves a couple of weeks of fake-line up posters, rumors, speculation and "leaks" to go around the internet and spread like wildfire. Remember when we could buy tickets at the door the day of the fest? Yeah those were the good old days. Today we have to deal with sell outs, scalpers, fence hoppers, astronomical prices for lodging and sitting at the edge of our seats hoping that this years line-up will be worth all of the fuss (yet it always is, isn't it?). So what can we expect under the desert sun of the Empire Polo Field this year?

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Five EDM Artists We'd Like to See at Coachella This Year

Courtesy of Kaskade
Ryan Raddon aka Kaskade at the Coachella Sahara Tent 2012

As the new year commences, EDM fans have one thing to look forward to and that's the start of festival season which kicks-off with WMC and Ultra Music Festival in Miami this spring. Though most people think EDM is in it's revival stage, the truth is the plethora of dance music at festivals has always been prevalent. The four-time Grammy Award winning electronic duo The Chemical Brothers have headlined the main stage at Coachella three times and deejayed several others. Not to mention super star DJs like Paul Oakenfold and Tiësto who have also graced the main stage. With rumors of the Rolling Stones headlining this year's Palm Dessert Fashion Week (as we like to call it) it's only natural for EDM which is at an all time high in popularity today to be the talk of fake line-ups and leaks.

The veteran German techno producer Paul Kalkbrenner already told PureVolume he is playing this year and we could not be more ecstatic. While OWSLA's (Skrillex's record label) Kill the Noise spilled the beans to Billboard Magazine he was bringing his dubstep and drum & bass sound to the fest. So who else is on our Coachella 2013 EDM wish list? If you are expecting Daft Punk guess again. You should have been at Coachella in 2006 with the rest of us who fell in love with house music back then ( I personally followed them around in 2007 during their Alive Tour to Chicago and Vegas as well). Today, we can wish for a road less traveled and hope the following acts come to the infamous Sahara Tent this year.

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S.S. Coachella: Top Five Moments of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll on Board

Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly
The S.S. Coachella was held on the Celebrity Silhouette

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Goldenvoice's week-long music festival cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica titled the S.S. Coachella anchored back in the Port Everglades of Fort Lauderdale Florida yesterday. It was only natural that the Coachella brand would jump ship on the cruise festival trend such as Mayhem Festival, Groove Cruise and Holy Ship and bring the festival experience to the high seas. Just like our OC and LA natives have been making the pilgrimage every year to the Indio desert for a weekend of scorching heat, outrageous partying and music madness since it's launch in 1999, plenty took part in the first ever S.S. Coachella. Sure, we wrote about how the line-up was a sinker a couple of months back, but we still couldn't help having FOMO (fear of missing out) if we didn't join on the inaugural cruise to the Caribbean.

Though it may have looked like hipster hell, it actually was one of the wildest times I've had this year since I lost my playa virginity at Burning Man. In a way the S.S. Coachella was like the Burn with an infinite array of possibilities - the only difference was this adventure took place on one of the most luxurious cruise ships and shared more of the eclectic music tastes of the Coachella crowd (and it's values). The Celebrity Silhouette is a 122,000 ton ship with everything from premiere suites, pools, basketball courts and grass on the top deck (yes both kinds of grass). Throw in some bands, DJs and you have a recipe for a lot of debauchery. We broke down the five highlights from our S.S. Coachella escapade while still nursing a massive hangover and attempting to get over the sea legs.

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First Things First, Lose The Fedora: Coachella Fashion Tips


There's a thin line between looking like a hipster clone at Coachella and looking like a damn fool. Low-budget chain shops like Forever 21 and H&M seem to be jumping on the Coachella fashion bandwagon. We're here to tell you that you don't have to spend cash (that can be used for food and gas) on new rags that are only going to get drenched in sweat and dusty desert air. Even if you're not a fashion maven, you can still make a fashion statement without looking like a reincarnation of a young Cosmo Kramer. What's wrong with turning a few heads? Plus when you look fashionably conscious it's easier to sneak into the VIP area.

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Heard Mentality: Gone Coachella-in'!


Oh yes. We're road tripping out early in the morn' to the beautiful (sure, why not?) Empire Polo Field for Coachella. I'll be there all three days; my blogging brethren Spencer Kornhaber and Nate Jackson are also hitting the event for a couple days and just might share their thoughts.

You won't be able to shut me up, however, so keep an eye both on this blog and on our Twitter page for (nearly) constant updates. Except when I'm driving, that's probably a bad idea. Motel 6 in Palm Springs, I hope you remember me as much as I remember you.

See you out there! Find me and win a prize! (Note: Prize may not actually exist.)

Coachella: Where We'll Be. Maybe.


Oh gosh. It's almost here. Coachella. Three mind-melting days in the desert. Since the set times are up and all, let's look at what we're expecting to hit for suresies. Though of course, reality (fatigue, giant crowds, changing your mind, passing out from dehydration) may always get in the way.

Here's Friday!

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Outgoing: Los Campesinos! Also Scrap Detroit Bar Show


Could this band look any cuter? No? Well, sorry to be the one to tell you, but you won't be able to see these dudes--Welsh indie popsters Los Campesinos!--at Detroit Bar tomorrow night as previously been scheduled. Their MySpace says the show has been "sadly canceled," and in its place at Detroit will be a rad gig with three of our local favorites, The Steelwells, The New Limb and Yellow Red Sparks. Detroit Bar co-owner Jon Reiser informs us that Los Campesinos! will be playing the venue in August.

Given that the Friendly Fires show, scheduled for last night (and Friendly Fires were still in town, playing a show at Cal State Fullerton yesterday afternoon) was also canceled at the last minute, and both acts are playing Coachella (Los Campesinos on Friday, Friendly Fires on Sunday), it's easy to conclude that it's no coincidence.

Coachella Update: Set Times Announced (!), Joss Stone Added


Who is that heavily made-up young lady gazing at you from your desktop? Why, it's British neo-soul singer Joss Stone, of course! If you haven't really thought about her in a while, you're not alone, she kind of feels (to me, at least) like a has-been at this point even though she only just turned 22. But that's not really fair of us. She's got a new album, Colour Me Free, out this summer, and she just got added to the Coachella lineup, playing on Saturday at 2:40 p.m. on the main stage.

What's that? A time? A location? Yep, they announced set times today, and you can check them out here. Get ready to be bitterly disappointed by bands you want to see playing at the same times as each other! (We're lucky to have such problems, no?) I'll probably start thinking seriously soon about what I'm going to check out, aka where the cool kids will be, but our guy Andrew Youssef has already done so on his blog, and he did a pretty good job. Look forward to my less hip recommended schedule soon.

Last Night: Jenny Lewis, Dawes at the Glass House

Last Night: Jenny Lewis, Dawes at the Glass House in Pomona, April 13, 2008.

We'll have more thoughts--and pics from Beth Stirnaman!--in the morn', but until then, here's the setlist from the (awesome) Monday night show.

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