Sullen Clothing Turns Up the Volume on Bro-Centric Culture

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Vincent Malvaez
Brosefs for life: (from left) Chris Egger, Ryan Smith and Jeremy Hanna

For years, local brands such as Volcom and RVCA have cashed in on the link between music and fashion, endorsing hoards of nationally touring bands, presenting showcases and releasing compilations. These days, Sullen is also looking to get in on that action with its new record label, Sullen Musik, releasing its first 22-track compilation album, Sullen Musik Vol. 1, on Tuesday. While the sound is decidedly bro-centric, the album does take a few unexpected turns that could bode well for those seeking multiple avenues of aural aggression. But does a local brand known more for selling shirts than singles have a real shot at longevity when it comes to supporting bands?

Rob Burnelle of the Slow Forward thinks so. His band are the first to sign with Sullen Musik. "I'd be lying if I said that issue didn't come up," Brunelle says. "We had been speaking with a few more established labels at the time, but we loved the purely artistic direction that Sullen was headed with the label and the collective."

Sullen founders Ryan Smith and Jeremy Hanna say they want their pool of artists to be diverse--which doesn't necessarily mean innovative. The compilation's opening track, "Straight Subliminal" by Huntington Beach's John "Johnny G." Gillespie is a Sublime-esque blend of hip-hop and pop written just for Sullen that sports a predictably promotional hook: "Rollin' with my Sullen family."

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Producer Jon O'Brien: "I have no desire to record a reggae band or a metal band"

Jon O'Brien Recording

Producer Jon O'Brien's portfolio is busting at the seams, having produced and engineered OC's most prominent indie acts, from Nicole Vaughn and Her Lovely Band, Moostache, Parker Macy, The Gromble, to Young the Giant. Working out of his home studio in Irvine, Jon O'Brien Recording is quickly becoming the go-to studio for local musicians.
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New Hirax Record Coming Soon

katon de pena.jpg
Local thrash heroes Hirax announced last week that they are hitting the studio in June to record the band's fourth full-length album. Joining the five-piece will be producer/engineer Bill Metoyer, whose resume includes working with Slayer, Morbid Angel and Armored Saint.

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New Bleeding Through Song: Listen Now!


Orange County hardcore/metal hybrid Bleeding Through just posted a new song titled "Goodbye to Death," a track from the band's latest, The Great Fire, slated for a Jan. 31 release.

As you might expect, the song is heavy.

Recently, I interviewed Bleeding Through guitarist Dave Nassie and asked him specifically about this song, which I assumed was a reference to Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (sure, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a classic, but in my humble opinion, Bogus Journey is one of the greatest and most underrated sequels in film history). I won't give away Nassie's answer, but I will say this: Sadly, it's not about that hilarious scene in which Bill S. Preston, Esq., and Ted "Theodore" Logan play the Grim Reaper in Battleship, Clue, electronic football and Twister.

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Toni Monroe Talks Big Girl Cookies Fresh Out The Oven

Toni Monroe pic.JPG
Toni Monroe may claim to be the "Biggest Bitch in the Game," but she's not what we'd classify as a bitch at all. She is a woman on a mission, and that mission is to go hard. Releasing Big Girl Cookies: First Batch on January 5, this West Coast native's mixtape features DJ Crazy Toones, Kurupt, and showcases that no matter what you look like, you can still lay it down. You can catch this powerful lady at the Key Club this New Years Eve with DJ Quik serving up a performance that is sure to start 2012 off with a bang!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): You're a more curvaceous woman and I like that you own it. You seem comfortable in your own skin.

Toni Monroe: Yeah well I've been watching it the last couple months because I feel like this is the heaviest I've ever been. So I'm like, you better slow down! I know you're the biggest bitch and you claim it, but you really have to be the biggest bitch! You'll still be the biggest bitch if you're down 50!

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Oxbow Frontman Eugene Robinson Joins Black Flag Bassist Chuck Dukowski On Black Face Project, Releases Hydra Head Debut Today

Black Face: Milo Gonzalez, Eugene Robinson, Tom Dobrov and Chuck Dukowski
A couple months ago, we learned that Oxbow's Eugene Robinson linked up with Black Flag bassist Chuck Dukowski for a new project called Black Face, which features Flag's Duk on bass, Oxbow's Robinson on vocals, Insect vs. Robots' Milo Gonzalez (Duk's son) on guitar and Oxbow alum Tom Dobrov on drums.

They've just recorded four songs that were written around My War-era Flag that nobody in the world apart from Dukowski has ever heard before: "Monster," "Leave Me Out to Rot," "Where Will We Run" and "I Want to Kill You."

Black Face release their "I Want to Kill You" b/w "Monster" 7" today on Hydra Head. (Tip: Head to Vacation Vinyl in LA to grab the record; if you're one of the first 10 to buy it you'll receive a special uncut jacket print.)

Robinson speaks here about the formation of the band and why Black Face is not Black Flag.

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Top 15 Essential Black Friday Record Store Day Releases

Categories: new releases
First, we told you what OC record stores are having Black Friday Record Store Day sales. Now, we're letting you know what RSD releases you should look out for. Here are 15 essential Black Friday Record Store Day releases you might be able to score this Friday. (No guarantees, though -- most of these are limited editions!)

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Parallel Album-Release Show Friday at Rhythm Lounge

Courtesy of Parallel

It has been a busy few weeks for Anaheim's Parallel. They were voted Best Hip-Hop Act of 2011 by the Weekly's readers in our Best Of issue in October. Now, they're on the heels of their record release, Dont Sleep [sic], set to drop Friday. The crew will celebrate the release at the Rhythm Lounge in Long Beach.

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LISTEN: Protest Songs For Kelly Thomas by Julian Porte and BNF

R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly
As more information from the July beating death of Fullerton homeless man Kelly Thomas by six police officers surfaces, two new songs by local singer-songwriter Julian Porte and rapper BNF give their perspective on the subject of police brutality.

Singer-songwriter Porte, 25, a Santa Fe Springs resident who makes a living as a street musician, wrote "The Ballad of Kelly Thomas" in the wee hours of last Thursday morning. It inspired him after having a conversation with his mother about the case that has riled up many Fullerton residents for weeks. (Listen to it after the jump.)

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Alana Lee Synchronizes Her 'Butterflies' With 37 Records And An EP

After getting butterflies and more than 10.5 million views on YouTube, Anaheim Hills resident Alana Lee, who was also an ARK Music Factory discovery, signs a contract with indie label 37 Records, gets ready to release her new single, "Synchronize," and to record an EP.

OC Weekly talks to the 14-year-old sensation about her life-changing experience and the ongoing comparisons to Rebecca Black.

OC Weekly: How did you get in touch with 37 Records? What's it like working with them?

Alana Lee: I was introduced to 37 Records by a good friend of my father's when he saw that my YouTube video, "Butterflies," had over 3 million hits. The label owner, Steven McClintock, is very easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and makes recording a fun and enjoyable experience.

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