Not nearly as bad as the KISS coffin

Weezer just announced a merch deal with Snuggie. Yes, Snuggie, that thing on tv that you (and I) laugh at until you actually try one and realize it's the best invention ever.


The contraption is called a Wuggie, and is basically a regular Snuggie with a Weezer logo. I'd be shittin' all over this if I didn't own a Snuggie. Seriously folks, I don't get paid to tell you this so you know I'm speaking the truth when I say that Snuggies freakin' rule.


One thing Snuggies don't mention in their ads (but should) is how much the robe/blanket hybrid makes people feel like a Jedi. I ain't lying when I say I am Obi-Wanfucking Kanobi when I rock my blue Snuggie with the hood on. Sometimes I sit on my couch and when my girlfriend passes by, I wave my hand and say, "you aren't too tired for intercourse tonight."


The soon-to-be issued Wuggies should go perfect for that Sept. 17 date Weezer has at the Irvine Enorma-Dome with Blink-182.  

TSOL to release new (ish) vinyl

HB/LB punks TSOL are releasing a new record. Sorta.


Last December, the group went into the studio to record its 16th album, Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Free Downloads on Hurley Records. The sessions were documented and can be found at the band's myspace page.


The tunes became available for download in January, but are getting a vinyl makeover thanks to DC Jam Records. The label says the album will be issued in limited edition colored vinyl and will hit the shelves sometime in September. 

New Riverdales songs posted

The Riverdales, a Ramones-inspired band led by former Screeching Weasel members Ben Foster (Weasel) and Dan Schafer (Danny Vapid), have "dropped" two new songs on its myspace page. The tunes, "Atomic Brain" and "Prince of Space," pick up perfectly where the Riverdales left off when they released Phase 3 in 2003.

According to legend, the Riverdales began as a way for the members to get more in touch with their Ramones infatuation after one of the many demises of SW. Originally, the band also included Screeching Weasel drummer Dan Panic, but he left the band after the first two records. 

 Whereas SW had Foster singing lead all the time, this band allows Schafer the opportunity to grab the mic for his songs. The result is a healthy dose of variety while never sounding like Weasel's just throwing him a bone.

The Riverdales are releasing Invasion USA July 14 on Asian Man Records. And don't expect them to come around here anytime soon.  

Check Your Head re-issue out now

The Beastie Boys' 1992 classic Check Your Head has now been given the re-issue/re-master treatment. Not sure why, as this disc sounded pretty good the last time I listened to it last week, but what do I know?


The new version comes with a total of 36 tracks (the 20-song original album and 16 B-sides and rarities and is available as very modern high-quality DRM downloads and the very old school four LP ultra-deluxe 180HQ vinyl. The latter comes in something described as a coffee table book and is limited to 2,000 copies. There's also a two-vinyl version for non- record collector geeks and a CD ecopack. Audio commentary regarding the album is available at the group's site for those who need to know where that first sample came from.


The B-Boys had an interesting career before Check Your Head. The group began as a hardcore punk act and somehow morphed into frat guy hip-hop. As great as License to Ill is, in hindsight, it's a bit, how do I say...cringe worthy? Some great tracks, but the shadow cast by "Fight For Your Right," "Brass Monkey" and "Girls" unfortunately dominates less embarrasing songs such as "Time to Get Ill," "Slow and Low" and "The New Style." Their follow-up was Paul's Boutique, perhaps the most beloved and unknown record in their collection. If only one hip-hop disc was needed to a time capsule of any era, this would be it. The production (provided by the Dust Brothers) is fucking sick. And the rhymes? Dope as dope can be.


Check Your Head was do or die time. The B-Boys could have gone in any direction and made the right choice by showing the world that they were not just emcees, but bona fide musicians. To date, I still can't think of a hip-hop disc as diverse and Check Your Head while still sounding 100 percent authentic. I'm also amazed at how the group didn't inspire more rappers to learn how to play instruments.


Just last week I was listening to Check Your Head and without even noticing, my feet got moving and my ass was shaking. Although the hits ("Pass the Mic" and "So What'cha Want") are amazing, I'll never get enough of "The Maestro," "Something's Got to Give," "Professor Booty" and "Gratitude."  


As I mentioned in my Pearl Jam post regarding the Ten re-issue, this whole thing is getting out of hand. Yes, we'd all love to hear the B-sides and whatnot of our favorite groups. And yes, we'd also love to hear our favorite albums sound even better than they do, but there's got to be a better way for people who already own these discs to get the current version without forking over dough for a record they already bought. In my case, Check Your Head was one of the first tapes I purchased. I still have that copy, along with a CD version. If ya ask me, the B-Boys got enough of my cash for this one.


But if you haven't already bought Check Your Head, you're either 11 years old or you think Chuck Mangione is God.

Today: New Lady Sovereign

Yes, more Lady Sovereign news from me. Why? Because she rules. That's why.

Her latest disc is called Jigsaw and it's out today. You can buy it at these things called record stores or do what everyone else in 2009 does and get it at iTunes. Either way, I'm pretty sure the songs are the same.

The first single, "So Human," charted in the UK. Come on Americans, let's help out the biggest midget in the game. Buy that shit.

"Ten" is still "Alive"

Holy shit! Last night I saw a commerical for the deluxe edition of Pearl Jam's debut Ten. I've been on this Earth for a mere 29 years, but suddenly I feel very, very, very old.

This re-issue includes a remastered version of the record and a remix done by long-time PJ producer Brendan O'Brien, six bonus tracks and a DVD of the group's 1992 performance on "MTV Unplugged."

By the time Ten came out in 1991, I was by no means a music novice. My tape collection (yes kids, there were these things called tapes) was pretty rad thanks to a healthy dose of Alice in Chains, Metallica, Guns n Roses, MC Hammer, the Beastie Boys, the Beatles, Living Colour and Nirvana, but I never liked those bands enough to buy a t-shirt.

Ten changed that.

I begged my mom to take me to the mall (cut me some slack, this was the 8th grade) to buy the band's infamous "nine out of 10 kids prefer crayons to guys" shirt. When you're in junior high, that's not just a cool band slogan, it's a fucking political statement. I didn't know then what statement I was making, nor do I know now, but I was definitely saying something.

By the time Pearl Jam's follow-up Vs. came out, my fandom was running pretty rampant. In fact, my cassette copy is called Five Against One, the album's original title. I listened to Vs. or Five Against One a handful of times and thought it was a solid come back to Ten.

But all was not well for me and Pearl Jam. In an ironic twist of fate, the grunge hype that I was spoonfed led me to check out other bands, those who were loosely or directly associated with the grunge all-stars of the early 1990s. So in a matter of weeks, Pearl Jam was out and Mudhoney was in. From there it was Black Flag, the Germs and the Descendents and I haven't thought about Pearl Jam since (although I never lost my love of Nirvana -- for some reason, they remained cool while Pearl Jam became really lame).

But I digress. This Ten reissue seems like a pretty good deal, unless you consider every motherfucker in America already owns this album. Seriously, I'm going to stop buying records and just wait a decade later until the re-issue comes out. Then I get what I want plus a whole lot more. Or wait...since the world's gone tech crazy, why not just gives record buyers (assuming those still exist) these complete packages from day one?

I know, it's wrong of me to take out my re-issue hate on Pearl Jam. They didn't start the fire and I'm sure it will continue to go on and on and on and on.

And let me go on record as saying this: All you fellow early '90s grunge rockers out there need to understand that music trends work in 20-year cycles. This means flannel and Big Muff pedals are about to make a major comeback, which leaves us with two options: Embrace this and frolic like we are young and dumb again or recognize how old and lame we've become and do our best to not jump off the nearest tall building.


HB's Revelation Records is putting out its 150th release, and to celebrate, they're also issuing Adidas shoes styled after the label's aesthetic.

The new disc is a comp with newer acts such as Death by Stereo, Ignite, Set Your Goals and This is Hell covering classic youth crew groups such as Bold, Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits. Unfortunately, the Gayrilla Biscuits were not available and have been left off the track listing.

This sounds promising, but where's the hoodie? And what about an oversized foam finger so we can scream "Gooooo!" when the jerk in front of us hasn't noticed the light changed from red to green?

In all honesty, congrats Reveleation. 150 releases is something to be proud off. And on a personal note, if it wasn't for YOT, Bold and GB, I might have been doing all sorts of stupid things in high school. You know, shit like getting laid and drunk off my ass.

Chew on This: The Bubblegum Sequencer

Sweet new way to create electronic music.

T-Shirt of the Year


Could've used this at SXSW.

Slayer Give Good Head... Protection


Southern Cali thrash-metal legends Slayer are branching out into motorcycle-helmet designing. Working with O'Neal USA, the band known for classics like Reign in Blood and South of Heaven and being sampled by Public Enemy on "She Watch Channel Zero?!" lent their memorable artwork to the RockHard line of helmets, which go on sale Feb. 25.

Remember, God Hates Us All, so best wear something that's gonna protect your noggin while riding your boss hog.

You can read the full press release after the jump.

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