Matthew Vasquez of Delta Spirit Celebrates New EP With An OC/LA Residency

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Matthew Logan Vasquez has announced a much anticipated solo project, beginning with "Everything I Do Is Out," a single that undoubtedly seduces fans to pre-order his new album The Austin EP slated for release November 3rd. The track encompasses everything we've grown to expect from Vasquez-- imaginative storytelling and the kind of rock-n-roll that moves like a wildfire throughout a crowd as he sings "My little sister got my record collection/I'm trying to tell her it's a bad direction." It's a good thing he's secured a residency at Santa Ana's Festival Hall and Los Angeles' iconic Lot 613 starting in November, because Vasquez has a knack for drawing a crowd.

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Jayceeoh is a Golfer and Hip-Hop's Go-To DJ

Courtesy of INFAMOUS
Aside from masterfully laying down a track, what do The Bloody Beetroots, Borgore, A-Trak, Diplo, Bassnectar and Redman have in common? Jake Charles Osher, better known as Jayceeoh. With over 10 million streams on Soundcloud alone, the LA producer and turntablist demands the attention of Trap and Electro lovers around the world. Today he has DJed in over 30 counties, is the proud winner of VH1's "Master of The Mix," and continues to push boundaries, that in a way have redefined what a DJ is capable of, with his Super 7 Mix Series and vivacious live performances.

Tomorrow, July 16th, Jayceeoh will perform an unforgettable show at the Yost Theatre in Santa Ana accompanied by Doctor P. Last week, before he took off to perform at a club in Guatemala and a festival in Haiti, we had the opportunity to hear about his new track "Turn Me Up Some" featuring Redman and Jay Psar, his EP with Redman that's slated for release in 2016, Volume 6 of his Super 7 Mix Series, as well as some amazing collaborations and remixes that he notes will take his career to the next level.

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Herbert Bail Orchestra's New Song "You Are Beautiful" Has Roots at Lightning in a Bottle

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Matthew Hoffman
Cover art for Herbert Bail Orchestra's song "You Are Beautiful"
It might seem odd that an Americana folk tribe like Herbert Bail Orchestra owes the birth of their latest single to a festival known for new-agey, electronic music. But it wasn't until their first appearance at Lightning in a Bottle a few years ago when the band says the song "You Are Beautiful" really came to life. They were playing dead last on the bill at of the lounge stages, joining in a sweaty, 20-minute jam session that didn't stop until around 3:30 a.m. As they rumbled through the chugging train beat and triumphant three-chord progression, frontman Anthony Frattolillo, improvised and shouted lyrics that would eventually solidify the song. They played for so long, they almost outlasted the festival.

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Matt Skiba's in Another Band, But It's a Sekret

Courtesy of Matt Skiba

It'd be totally understandable if Matt Skiba wanted to take on a side project to give himself a breather from his decades of singing, writing, and playing guitar for Alkaline Trio, but that's not what he's doing this time around.

If you ask the frontman, Matt Skiba and the Sekrets are here to stay, and their new album certainly doesn't sound like a side project. Kuts sounds like an album of yesteryear, more similar to a record out of the '80s than something out of the iTunes digital download era.

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Edith Crash: Gut Wrenching Blues From the South...of France

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Florencia P. Marano

Edith Crash is a traveling Frenchwoman with a case of the blues. The singer-songwriter's love affair with traditional black music actually started in the south...of France. No, it's not quite the bayou, but her passion for the music took hold of her at a young age.

"If I have to pick only one blues influence it would be Blind Willie Johnson, I love raw dirty old blues," Crash tells the Weekly.

Last year, she left France for Los Angeles where she's been exploring the city and its myriad music scenes. "Every crazy thing you can find, you can find it here," she says of LA's musical melting pot. "It's quite different from Europe."

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Brody Ryan's '15 Seconds of Fame' is Now 30 Seconds

Your 15 seconds is apparently not up!

So you thought after a week or so, you'd heard the last of #StarbucksDrakeHands. Well, not if Brody Ryan, master of the coy pose seen round the world, has anything to say about it. Lucky us. After Brody brought us the Internet phenomenon known as #StarbucksDrakeHands, the cyber world responded with countless parodies of the video. And they were ahhhmazing. This week, Ryan is back to set the record straight on what really went down. As it so happens, Ryan is a rapper of sorts, so what better way to shed some light on the situation than to record a track to do just that. And he did. And we're bringing it to you. And you're welcome. Now let the parodies begin after you enjoy "15 Seconds of Fame." See the song and the lyrics below.

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Haymaker's 'Now Now Now' Sounds Like it Was Made Long, Long Ago

Two things jump out regarding Haymaker's latest record, Now Now Now.

The first is the title accurately describes when the album was released. As in, it's a new record. As in, if someone played it for you, you might assume it was released as part of the roots/pop/Americana scene that emerged in Minnesota during the 1980s. Or perhaps you'd assume the 12-song disc (released today) was part of the then-burgeoning alt-country community of the 1990s. Either way, you'd be wrong.

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Roosterhead Conjures Up The 'California Creeps' Compilation

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So it's almost time for Halloween, and you're not eight years-old. People aren't giving away jack shit for free anymore and if you show up unannounced to someone's house wearing a mask, they'll likely just call the cops on you. But cheer up, grown up-ish people of OC--there's still some free Halloween joy to be had thanks to playful,psych-punk duo Roosterhead.

Hopefully you're familiar with these Huntington Beach-based sonic weirdos, but in case you're not, just know that these guys specialize in building and playing some of the most brilliant garage rock instruments we've ever seen--usually fabricated out of out of tennis rackets, dead computers and children's toys. So it makes sense that they'd be just as proficient in putting together a compilation album full of random pieces of homegrown talent. Last week, they gifted us with their California Creeps compilation featuring artists from all over OC, Long Beach and L.A.--it's a veritable Frankenstein of psychedelic goodness that you'll be happy to shove into your pillow case, or your ears, or wherever. Now, we're happily passing it on to you.

Featuring acts like Karl?, The Radioactive Chicken Heads, Time and Energy and the Roosterhead guys, you'll definitely want to pull this one apart and take a closer look. Careful, you might find razor blades. The full compilation is available for you streaming and sharing pleasure below.

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Miracle Days' Debut Survives the Waiting Game

Michael Tavarez
Miracle Days are no stranger to the waiting game. After a serendipitous opportunity to record in Dr. Dog's personal studio, L.A.-based duo Edson Choi and Dre Babinski embraced a whirlwind recording process that changed their album. Something For The Weight wrapped at the Philadelphia studio two years ago and despite a frustrating wait, drops on October 22. Their debut album offers layered instrumentals that compliment simple, yet emotional lyrics and celebrates the day-to-day idiosyncrasies of life. Choi and Babinski gained attention in Orange County thanks to their work in the locally celebrated act Dusty Rhodes and The River Band, and though the two musicians speak fondly of their previous work, are poised for the new musical journey ahead. After two stifling years, Miracle Days are ready to be heard.

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Local Rapper Kadillak Kaz Returns With 'Late Nights' EP

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Kadillak Kaz is back, officially. The two-strike Santa Ana rapper who recently faced a 23-year prison sentence for a flimsy car jacking and second degree robbery charge is finally throwing his rhymes out for public consumption with the release of his new EP, Late Nights. Read more about his crazy life story here.

Last time we caught up with Kadillak, the emcee born Deron Hollins was fresh out of jail and in the process of completing his latest full length album in several years while sleeping in a local recording studio as he worked of to finish the product.

The final result--a full length dubbed Late Nights, Early Money--emerged along with an online documentary about his life titled Down Time. The project is broken up into two EPs, with the second one--Early Money--to be released in six months before the full album comes out in 2014. Late Nights is currently available as a free download on the rapper's website as well as on iTunes. Released through his homegrown label, Sky Ballin' Entertainment and distributed through Empire Distribution, it's a project that represents a first concrete step out of the underground and into a mainstream rap career.

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