Robert Jon & the Wreck Release Glory Bound Before Heading Out on European Tour

Kyler Locke
Robert Jon & The Wreck have always bucked Orange County's surf and punk sounds for gritty, Southern-style rock and roll. The group's official full-length album, Glory Bound, debuts on Tuesday and reveals rowdy jams and resonating hooks that are worthy of Southern praise and festival stages alike. The album is the catalyst for an upcoming European tour, and was recorded at Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood with Aerosmith producer, Warren Huart. Robert Jon & The Wreck will hit The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on Saturday night for the album release party, with support from fellow local acts Big Monsta and Sir Madam.

The overseas tour is a welcome adventure into new territory for the Orange County based rockers, who have performed their anthemic rock tunes across the U.S. The whirlwind tour kicks off in March, hitting 26 cities throughout Europe in a tight 30-day time frame. "At this point, we're just making sure everyone has their passports," guitarist Kris Butcher says with a chuckle. "All the hard work's done, now we just have to get on the plane and go."

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The Devious Means Unleash Their Inner Beasts on Other Animals

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Indie-rock darlings The Devious Means carved out a niche in Orange County's sonic ecosystem with smart, accessible songwriting that showcases crafty lyrics and more hooks than a fly-fishing competition. Their first full-length album, Other Animals, drops September 13 with a launch party at the Wayfarer. The Weekly caught up with the quintet to find out more about their new aural offering, what the local scene means to them, and how they dug deep to find some soul.

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The Hawkline Monster Reminds Us That We're Still Just Animals

Mike Vitale is an eclectic consumer, from the idiosyncratic writings of Richard Brautigan, whose book, "The Hawkline Monster" is the genesis of his bands name, to the Beach Boys he remembers singing along to in fifth grade and the classic musical that infused his days in choir. Those influences permeate the original songs he's created on his band's debut album, "We Create and We Are Created."

One musical inference that most likely isn't in Vitale's lexicon is Johnny Paycheck. But had he not followed instructions in one of Paycheck's songs--taking his job and shoving it up his boss' ass--it's quite possible his band, and its record, wouldn't exist.The 35-year-old Long Beach resident opted to jump full-title into music after chucking his job at a successful internet web hosting company in 2008.

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Arrested Development Album Release Has Bluth Fans and Mitch Hurwitz Chicken Dancing

The Record Parlour is normally the home to 15,000 vinyl discs, but Tuesday night the Hollywood shop was taken over by just one, which isn't really a vinyl disc but a digital download: At Long Last ... Music and Songs From Arrested Development.

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Miracle Days' Debut Survives the Waiting Game

Michael Tavarez
Miracle Days are no stranger to the waiting game. After a serendipitous opportunity to record in Dr. Dog's personal studio, L.A.-based duo Edson Choi and Dre Babinski embraced a whirlwind recording process that changed their album. Something For The Weight wrapped at the Philadelphia studio two years ago and despite a frustrating wait, drops on October 22. Their debut album offers layered instrumentals that compliment simple, yet emotional lyrics and celebrates the day-to-day idiosyncrasies of life. Choi and Babinski gained attention in Orange County thanks to their work in the locally celebrated act Dusty Rhodes and The River Band, and though the two musicians speak fondly of their previous work, are poised for the new musical journey ahead. After two stifling years, Miracle Days are ready to be heard.

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BT's New Album Aims to Put An EDM Festival in Your Stereo

If trance music had a mafia, then BT is as close to the Godfather as they come. The Maryland native producer, composer, musician, singer, songwriter, stutter edit innovator and film composer has watched the dance music revolution grow in the states and all over the world since the early 1990s. Born Brian Wayne Transeau, BT released his ninth full studio album last Friday on the world renowned Armada Music label reaching number one in the iTunes dance chart in less than 24 hours alongside EDM super stars like Calvin Harris, Zedd and Kaskade and the number one album release on Beatport. Currently on tour to support the album, we spoke to the Grammy Award winner before his gig at the SBE Hollywood hot spot Create to chat about how dance music has changed over the years, his favorite festival and the inspiration behind A Song Across Wires.

After studying music at the Washington Conservatory of Music as a child, BT attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. His involvement in music production, composing and pioneering production technologies garnered him a seat on the board of governors for The Recording Academy in the early 2000s. He spent almost three years pushing a 30- page perspective on dance music and what it's exponential growth meant fiscally. "Everybody was just like 'oh my God dude with the ridiculous hair-cut shut up please'," says Transeau. Soon, he rallied guys like Jason Bentley and Paul Oakenfold behind him until the Academy finally added a "Best Electronic/Dance Album" category - which he was later nominated for in 2011 for his studio album These Hopeful Machines.

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Local Singer Songwriter Makes Album as a Tribute to Deceased Girlfriend

Dustin Illingworth with girlfriend Amy Cole.

We sat down with singer songwriter Dustin Illingworth of the Costa Mesa-based band Tide Pools to talk about Grief is a Wilderness, the album he considers the best thing he's ever done.

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Five Indie Breakout Bands from SoCal Worth Following in 2013

he met her.jpg
Jena Ardell
He Met Her

Five bands worth following this year.

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Dada Life - Avalon Hollywood - October 16, 2012

SoThat Yong
Dada Life at Avalon Hollywood

Dada Life
Avalon Hollywood
October 16, 2012

Dada Life drew quite the crowd last night when they threw their free The Rules of Dada album release party at the iconic club Avalon in Hollywood. Tickets to this show sold out in less than 10 minutes and were almost as coveted as Ultra Music Festival pre-sales. Not only were we lucky enough to talk to Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom, the Swedish duo-- who met in Orange County while standing in a line at Disneyland--prior to the show, but we were also able to bear witness to their energetic two-hour set in typical Dada Land fashion with the rest of their raging fans.

"A lot of dance music producers do a lot of different kinds of songs incorporating slower songs, fast songs and maybe more vocals or instrumentals," says Cornéer when asked what inspired this album three years in the making. "We wanted to do the opposite - an album that is just a party with 11 bangers from start to finish." Known for their entertaining "live" sets, Dada Life throws large inflatable bananas and champagne bottles which have become staples at all of their shows as they splice in their bangers with their own original remixes of EDM hits. "The energy is so good in America and Canada right now," adds Engblom the other half of the duo. "People are really embracing dance music and EDM and we can really feel it on our current Dada Land tour."

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Zedd Tells Us Why He Dislikes the Phrase "EDM"

Anton Zaslavski, aka Zedd

Anton Zaslavski, better known by his DJ alias Zedd, is no stranger to the music world growing up in Germany with two musician parents. By age four, he'd began playing the piano and drums and receiving training in classical music. "I played classical music until I was 12 years old and realized it wasn't as cool," says Zaslavski. "Then I joined a rock metal band and played the drums with them for almost 10 years." He played in Dioramic, signed by Lifeforce Records, even once he began his electronic music producing career in 2009. "Once I started touring as a DJ I flew back to Germany to make another album with the band, but it just didn't make sense for me to stay in the band if I was always away," Anton says. With hardly any accent, you could barely tell he's only been touring the States for a year.

Zedd's interest in electronic music came from hearing Justice's "Cross" which made him want to produce electronic music and incorporate it with his band. "I knew Daft Punk and Justice but that's it," he says. "I really just did it for fun. Then one day I sent Skrillex a remix and next thing you know he brings me on tour and my life is changed." Anton went from playing a show with his band once or twice a week to DJing for three months straight after releasing songs on Dim Mak Records and OWSLA (Skrillex's label). "I do miss my family and friends from home but you kind of get used to it," says Zedd adding that when he does get a break he goes straight to the studio.

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