Five Indie Breakout Bands from SoCal Worth Following in 2013

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Jena Ardell
He Met Her

Five bands worth following this year.

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Orbital Tell Us How to Make it in the EDM Scene

Oliver Scherillo / OC Weely
Orbital at Nocturnal Wonderland

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Phil and Paul Hartnoll, also known as the electronic band and DJ duo Orbital, have been pioneers in the dance music scene since the early 90s. Balancing the electronic sounds with live band elements, Orbital took American house music and made it their own in the UK scene. After achieving success, playing all over the world and producing hit after hit they took a five year hiatus to rejuvenate their sound and work on side projects. The result was their Orbital 20 album which produced their hit "Halcyon" and pushed them into super stardom. Now, three years later, they are on a highly anticipated tour to promote their latest album Wonky. Headlining festivals in the United States and playing shows in select cities we got to catch up with these EDM legends backstage at Insomniac's Nocturnal Wonderland right before their incredibly unique, melodic and eerie set that had people talking about it for days after.

OC Weekly: How has the electronic dance music changed, grown or evolved from when you first started touring in America almost 20 years ago?

Phil Hartnoll: When we were touring in 1992 whatever city we went to had little pockets of ravers that went to warehouse parties and listened to electronic music. Now when we come here it's gone national. All these pockets of people have gotten bigger and bigger. Younger generations are being brought up on electronic music. The whole scene has grown much more organically here.

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Remix Exclusive: Boys Noize - XTC (MMM REMIX)

Courtesy of Bjorn Jonas
Alexander Ridha, aka Boys Noize

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Today Boys Noize premiered it's remix of "XTC" by MMM in the UK a couple hours ago and now in the US here. The remix amplifies the classic Boys Noize old school disco house sound elongating the intro and allowing for a more electrifying banging in-your-face punch when the robotic "ecstasy, one for me" lyrics surface. The remix gets even more delightfully strange as it goes on and is sure to rock dance floors everywhere.

The original song "XTC" was released as a preview two days ago and will be officially released on August 6th on Boys Noize Records. The song was first heard as he opened his sets at last years Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York and apparently at the festivals all around the world. A year later, the techno gem has finally surfaced and the German DJ/producer fans couldn't be happier.

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Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Steve Merritt and Moby Sing Rocky Horror

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Amanda Palmer, while annoying, is probably the luckiest chick in the world. She's dating sci-fi/fantasy author Neil Gaiman, for one. She's friends with Moby and Stephen Merritt from the Magnetic Fields, for another. And if she wants to, she can get her Dresden Dolls schtick on whenever she wants to perform songs from the Rocky Horror Picture Show with the said famous friends. Except they're not doing it at karaoke, they're performing on Craig Ferguson's show. Watch it after the jump.

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The Academy Is...Breaking Up

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The Academy Is... are leaving people hanging for real--and are calling it quits. In the band's official website, The Academy Is... said they've "decided to go our separate ways."

Singer Williams Beckett, guitarist Mike Carden and bassist Adam Siska said in the announcement that they, "look back at the records we've made, the show's we've played, the places we've been. The people we've met. The Academy Is... has made its mark."

The Academy Is... formed in Chicago in 2003, and became regulars at Warped Tour with their commercially-viable alt-rock songs. Almost half-a-million copies of their full length albums altogether: 2005's Almost Here, 2007's Santi, and 2008's Fast Times at Barrington High.  In May this year, drummer Andy Mrotek and guitarist Michael Guy Chislett left the group.

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News Flash! Songs About Sex Sell

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Lady Gaga having sex as a mermaid sells more songs. Yup, sounds about right.

Well, duh. According to the New York Times a study of pop song lyrics showed not only that messages about sex not only go to the top of the charts, but also sell better. In a study by the State University of New York in Albany, they found that messages of procreation in country music and those found in pop and R&B are vastly different.

Country songs are about "long-term commitment to marriage, parenting children, break-ups and oaths of fidelity." But the top three themes in songs on pop charts? "The singer's sex appeal, a person's promiscuity and one-night stands." R&B song themes were about "the singer's sex appeal, boasts about the singer's wealth as it relates to finding a mate, and descriptions of erotic acts." The study, published in Evolutionary Psychology, also 'found a direct correlation between the number of references to sex in a song and how well it did on the Billboard charts."

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Did a Call From Slidebar Lead to Kelly Thomas' Brutal Beating?

Categories: New-ish
OC Weekly's clubs editor Brandon Ferguson today answers the biggest mystery of the Kelly Thomas death: Who placed the phone call that led to six police officers beating the homeless man to death?

For weeks rumors have been floating around that the phone call came from Slidebar, co-owned by Lit guitarist Jeremy Popoff.

Today, Brandon's post on Navel Gazing reveals that various sources link Slidebar to the call that led to Thomas's death.
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No Illegal Substances Found in Amy Winehouse's System According to Toxicology Results

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Amy Winehouse singing.jpg

There were no illegal drugs in Amy Winehouse's system when she died last month, according to a statement from the Winehouse family.

According to spokesperson Chris Goodman in a release, toxicology results "by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy's system and the time of her death."

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Pablo Dylan is a Wannabe Rapper: So What?

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I like Internet snark as much as the next person, but sometimes there's just too much hate in the world. Take the case of Pablo Dylan, Bob's 15-year-old grandson who just wants to rap. If you listen to "I'm On One" after the jump, you'll hear that it's not any different from any boy band staple, and it's not heinous or Rebecca Black-ish in any way either.

The fact that he's the son of Bob's oldest son Jesse (a music video director who has worked with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Tom Petty, and Will.I.Am for the Barack Obama "Yes We Can" video) shouldn't make a difference. So what if he got his break because his grandfather is the poet laureate of folk music? There are worst things in the world. Like, say, every Real Housewives song in existence. Pablo Dylan released his 10 Minutes mixtape, available for download on his site.

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Alana Lee Synchronizes Her 'Butterflies' With 37 Records And An EP

After getting butterflies and more than 10.5 million views on YouTube, Anaheim Hills resident Alana Lee, who was also an ARK Music Factory discovery, signs a contract with indie label 37 Records, gets ready to release her new single, "Synchronize," and to record an EP.

OC Weekly talks to the 14-year-old sensation about her life-changing experience and the ongoing comparisons to Rebecca Black.

OC Weekly: How did you get in touch with 37 Records? What's it like working with them?

Alana Lee: I was introduced to 37 Records by a good friend of my father's when he saw that my YouTube video, "Butterflies," had over 3 million hits. The label owner, Steven McClintock, is very easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and makes recording a fun and enjoyable experience.

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