Musink 2015 Lineup Announced: Rancid, Bad Religion, Blink 182 Headlining

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John Gilhooley
Musink just announced the lineup for its annual tattoo and music festival at the OC Fairgrounds Costa Mesa. Headliners include Rancid, Bad Religion and Blink 182 with guitarist Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio instead of Tom Delonge who apparently just left the band indefinitely. The three day festival in Costa Mesa (March 20-22) presented by Blink's drummer Travis Barker also includes performances from Sick of It All, The Interrupters, Ignite, Yelawolf and Prayers. And of course you're encouraged to actually get some ink and Musink from one of the dozens of celebrity tattoo artists from around the world. Tickets go on sale January 30 at 10 a.m. See the full flier of artists and acts below.

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Descendents Guitarist Was a Fan of the Band Before He Joined. These Are His Favorite Songs.

Greg Jacobs
Stephen Egerton
Rather than having some schlub (i.e., me) pontificate about how brilliant pop/punk/hardcore pioneers the Descendents are and why everyone should see them Friday as part of the MusInk Tattoo Convention & Music Festival, I thought I'd go to the source. And by "source," I mean Descendents guitarist Stephen Egerton.

Egerton doesn't play on the group's first three full-length albums (1982's Milo Goes to College, 1985's I Don't Want To Grow Up and 1986's Enjoy! ) and one EP (1981's Fat). He joined the band during 1987's ALL, so I figured the Oklahoma resident would offer a unique viewpoint on the songs as someone who is a fan of the band and a member. The group has had one drummer (Bill Stevenson) and singer Milo Aukerman is on all releases except the first single (1979's Ride the Wild), so their opinions might be biased. And original bass player Tony Lombardo and his replacement Doug Carrion couldn't talk about the songs that followed their departures. Same with original guitarist Frank Navetta (who passed away in 2008) and his successor Ray Cooper. Yes, I could have included third bassist Karl Alvarez -- who joined with Egerton in 1986 -- but I don't have his number. I do, however, have Egerton's. Luckily, I was right as the guitarist spoke at length about the difficulty of honoring the legacy of Navetta and Cooper while maintaining his own musical voice.

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MusInk Days 2 & 3 - OC Fairgrounds - March 9-10, 2013

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Marina Martinez
Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L.
MusInk Days 2&3 
OC Fairgrounds
March 9-10, 2013 

The art of ink slinging took over OC this weekend, as the sixth-annual, three-day Musink Festival came to the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, in what was turned out to be a 72-hour celebration of body art (including tattoos and piercings), beer, cannabis vaporizers and, of course, punk-rock music.

Saturday's musical lineup featured hometown heroes T.S.O.L., Santa Barbara locals Lagwagon and Hermosa Beach-based Pennywise; while Sunday's show was more oriented toward the rockabilly/country-type crowd, with the Reverend Horton Heat Lucero and Johnny Two Bags and Salvation Town. 

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Pennywise Guitarist Fletcher Dragge Shares Stories Behind His Tattoos

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Pennywise with Fletcher Dragge (far left)

Everyone loves a good tattoo story. Being the proud owner of some awesome body ink is one thing, but the details and circumstances of the art are what make it worth the pain and the price. It's a philosophy that Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge knows all too well. The punk legend and co-owner of 3rd St. Tattoo in Hermosa Beach has a body full of permanent markings ranging from creative to cringeworthy. He's been tattooed by professionals, drunk friends and occasionally turns the tattoo gun on himself. And every piece he's got seems to be inspired by something emotional or crazy that's happened to him. 

"I've always thought of tattoos as markings of time I'm not one for just getting something off the wall," he says. "I usually get something that was important in my life then I got out and have too many beers and just decide to get 'em, drawn up on scraps of paper. Some tattoos aren't pretty by any means but when I look at them they bring back memories."

Before he and his band jump on stage today to headline Costa Mesa tattoo and music festival MusInk--in celebration of their 25th anniversary and reuniting with original front man Jim Lindberg--Dragge was good enough to let us peek at a a handful of his tattoos and explained the meanings and stories behind them.

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