Santa Ana Singer's Music Video About Violence in Mexico Selected in Mexican Art Exhibit

Ruby Castellanos
The music of Ruby Castellanos answered the call when Fenómeno 43, a socially conscious Mexican exhibit, asked for artistic expressions to "wake Mexico up" in the face of rampant violence. The '43' refers to the 43 disappeared students in Ayotzinapa last year whose remains, save for one, have yet to be unearthed. The Santa Ana singer's music video for her single "Todo Sana" (Everything Heals) fit perfectly with sought after submissions. It's been selected and will be part of Fenómeno 43 in Puebla, Mexico this week.

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Video Premiere: Beneath the Buried's "All Of Me"

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Jacob Lopez
Yeah, most of us have a few bad relationships in our past we'd rather forget. Some of us are just a little more vocal about it. Maybe even a little homicidal. It's okay, we don't judge. We know you're a good person, it's just that the mention of your ex can make you a little feel a little stabby sometimes. If that sounds like you, then Beneath the Buried's latest video might be just the sort of therapy you're looking for.

Today, the band premieres its latest video "All of Me," off of their forthcoming EP Casket Call (out June 2). Locally famous for creating crushing breakdowns and aggro metalcore mosh music, the band also pair that with a bit of a sensitive side. Meaning that they have a knack for turning the subject of a wounded heart or a bad breakup into a song that will destroy your eardrums beyond repair. In their latest video, they combined throat-shredding angst of a scorned lover with haunting blood-spattering gore, a naked girl, and a shit load of cellophane.

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Video Premiere: Indian-American Singer Zoya's Fusion Folk Was Born in Newport Beach

Zoya Mohan can't wait to bask in the Californian sun ahead of her West Coast tour starting this week. With snow pounding Boston, the Newport Beach native is eager to return home. But the inviting weather isn't the sole reason for excitement. Mohan, a 21-year-old Berklee College of Music graduate, is ready to bring with her a renewed musical purpose. With a dash of Bollywood accentuating her vocals, the singer enticingly offers two worlds within one voice.

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Rapper Jehuniko's "20 Years Old" Goes Global With Anti-Domestic Violence/Rape Message

Photo by Forshow
Jehuniko says 'Respect Your Sister'
Domestic abuse and rape rhymes are often spun by rappers without a second thought. Being true to himself, Los Angeles-based Jehuniko is coming on a different tip for "20 Years Old," the lead single off his newly released album Bittersweet ."They say that 97% of rapists are never incarcerated / I hate it / How can this be?" he sounds off on the Spooz produced track where a soulful Middle Eastern bamboo flute soars over boom-bap.

The music video for "20 Years Old' gives the anti-domestic violence/rape message a global echo with Jehuniko's fans holding "Respect Your Sister" signs from all over Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and even SanTana!

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The Icarus Line Rise Again With One Hell of An Album

Aric Lorton
The Icarus Line
When we talk about the dividing line between music and art, The Icarus Line's 2013 full-length Slave Vows and this year's follow-up Avowed Slavery are most definitely in the latter category. That said, these records ain't meant to be hoisted on a wall because the songs are present, immediate, primal and important.

And why shouldn't they be? Since 1998, the Los Angeles group has been creating a harmonious cacophony that would make Iggy and Nick Cave proud. You'd think being placed into that sort of rock royalty would render The Icarus Line a household name, but it hasn't. Instead, the band -- led by singer Joe Cardamone and featuring bassist Alvin DeGuzman, drummer Ben Hallett, keyboardist/saxophonist Jeremy Gill and guitarist John Bennett -- have been presumed dead by many since 2004's Penance Soiree, which might explain why Slave Vows sounds like a group with its back to the wall, swinging, not going down without a fight.

Slave Vows is a challenge, an artistic peak for a group uncomfortable with familiarity. You might love it or you might hate it, but you'll definitely have an opinion. And that's what makes for great art.

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Video Premiere: Seez Mics "Serotonin Sweepstakes"

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YouTube Screen Capture
Seez Mics
This week marks the release of rapper Seez Mics' new album Cruel Fuel. You may recognize Seez as part of Educated Consumers or his years on the high profile freestyle rap battle circuits. Seez's new album, released on the late underground rap icon Eyedea's Crushkill Recordings, features as much traditionally sharps lyricism as it does innovative genre bending over production that's almost entirely beatbox based by producer Max Bent.

We're premiering Cruel Fuel's newest video "Serotonin Sweepstakes" and spoke to Seez about the making of the video as well as how he first met Eyedea and the bonds that underground hip-hop forms.

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Songhammer's New Music Video is So Damn Epic

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Lauren Wickline
Songhammer posing with Michele Boyd, aka "The Madge."
Songhammer is a band that makes epic music for epic people. Inspired by the fantasy and mallet-wielding glory of World of Warcraft, their shredding, melodic metal and love for the PC game franchise have united metalheads and nerds alike. This year, the band is gunning for a second round of awards at BlizzCon (held at the Anaheim Convention Center on November 8-9) for its latest song/music video, "Death is on the Way."

The IE-based duo of ShredHammer (Ben Stewart) and CroonHammer (Dustin Miller) just unleashed their new video on the masses yesterday and if you're a WoW fan, or just someone who'd like to witness a quality tale of bloodshed, heroism and jazzy choreography before your lunch break, this video is for you. Well, at least it pulled us in--literally. You may remember this reporter somehow found his way on the set as an extra after one cast member fell off her horse and needed a replacement. Glad to oblige, you're sure to see me for all of two seconds (literally skip to 2:07-2:09 and you'll see me get knocked out with a giant hammer).

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A Look Behind the Making of "Luna Lovers," Las Cafeteras' New Video!

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Piero F. Giunti
Eastside Luna Luv
Las Cafeteras, a seven-piece son jarocho inspired ensemble from East Los Angeles, are beaming after the release of their latest music video "Luna Lovers." Our sister blog over at the LA Weekly had the honors of exclusively premiering the social media exploding effort last Thursday. The song is the second single off the band's It's Time debut. Directed by John Cantú, "Luna Lovers" goes into general release on Vevo today. As eyes fixate on the dreamy imagery of the video, we take a behind the scenes look with Cantú and jaranero Hector Flores on how it all came together!

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Cham Kerem Salutes the People of Cherán, Mexico in New Music Video

Cham Kerem have always described themselves as 'low-budget revolutionary peoples hip-hop' since emerging on scene.The group, comprised of members from Anaheim and SanTana, released Visions of the Sun last year. The rough-edged rebel raps weren't always the most studio polished, but remained unapologetic and militant so just the same.

The revolutionary sentiment remains on their debut music video "Canto Para Cherán" a salute to indigenous people in the Mexican state of Michoacán. With an assist from documentary filmmaker Simón Sedillo, whose previous music video credits includes "Medios" by Krudas Cubensi, Cham Kerem takes their message to a higher level.

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Latin Grammy Nominated and Sin Papeles: The Story of La Santa Cecilia's Pepe Carlos

Not one more!
La Santa Cecilia's music video for its latest single "El Hielo (ICE)" premieres today, but this writer got a sneak peek two weekends ago! With Chris Newman of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) present in Anaheim for an event in celebration of jornalero Jose Ucelo, he took the occasion to screen the video before an audience of activists.

The Los Angeles-based Latin Grammy-nominated Latin Alternative band powerfully illustrated the anxieties of living in fear of deportation in the effort directed by Sleep Dealer's Alex Rivera. By the music video's end, the undocumented cast members featured in it were highlighted, including the band's very own requinto and accordion player Pepe Carlos.

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