OC's Favorite Occultist Musician Writes a Song About Gun Violence. Strange? Yes.

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Alan Corcoran

The word "gun" comes at the end of OC-based folksinger Lon Milo DuQuette's nearly three-minute new song, "I'm Scared."

It comes after a series of things big and small that DuQuette, with tongue firmly in cheek, sings about being scared of: everything from mimes and clowns to homosexuals and intellectuals. And its placement elevates the song from quirky examination of individual fears to a critique of the collective hysteria that seems to drive so many people to protect themselves from their subjective shadows by carrying the one object that may actually inflate their substance.

DuQuette isn't anti-gun. He grew up hunting in Nebraska, believes in the constitutionally guaranteed right of Americans to bear arms, and doesn't believe that every member of the NRA is a delusional maniac.

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Top Five "Wrecking Ball" Parodies

Wreck-It Ron
If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, than Miley Cyrus's shaved head must be on the verge of explosion. OK, that might be a bit of little wishful thinking on our part. Miley's song "Wrecking Ball" took over the charts and got the ball rolling for people all over the world to immediately grab their tighty whiteys and sledge hammers. From covers to parodies, here are our picks for the Top Five Wrecking Ball Videos from the folks that had the cojones to humiliate themselves for our viewing pleasure. Oh, and after you check out this list, can we all pretty please agree that we don't want to ever hear the song "Wrecking Ball" song again? Super.

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Darkside's Dave Harrington Always Keeps Improvisation Paramount

Nicolas Jaar (left) and Dave Harrington (right) as Darkside
Part humid, steamed electronics, part Krautrock, part jazz and blues, and existing as something that can only come from the minds of Dave Harrington and Nicholas Jaar, their project as Darkside has produced some of the most sonically interesting and distinct music of the past few years.

"It all happened gradually and naturally," Dave Harrington says when speaking of the groups origins.

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Top Five Standout Songs From Amazing Movies According to Brian Monarch

Byron Ngalongalay
I thought Matthew Broderick was actually singing this Beatle's hit!
This Thursday (November 7th), comedian Brian Monarch is throwing down with some stand-up hilarity, opening up for headliner The Greg Wilson at the Irvine Improv. Though he mostly tells jokes for al living, Monarch also has some pretty big opinions when it comes to the music that is used in movies. Since we all can relate a song to a movie (or vice versa) and we've never EVER met anyone who hates music, we asked Brian to rattle off his "Top Five Songs Standout Songs From Amazing Movies."

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The Ten Best Musically Inclined Comics

Mary Bell
Flight of the Conchords

In the world of stand up comedy, the ability to make people laugh sometimes means pulling out all the stops on stage--or just pulling out your guitar. There's no denying that jokes can sound a whole lot funnier with some musical accompaniment, we're not sure why--it's a law of the universe we'd rather not question. But for a select group of comics who can hit the right note as easily as they can tell an elaborate fart joke, the ability to entertain the masses goes up exponentially. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some of the greats that entertain us in more ways than one. And for the record, please believe it was hard to put these uber-talented entertainers in order because everyone on this list fucking shreds.

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Josh Tanner Might Be The Greatest Fake Boss of All Time

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Erin Adams
Every year, the Hangar, the Orange County Fair's secondary live music venue, becomes a certified Valhalla of tribute bands. Fans of acts like Journey, Prince and Depeche Mode routinely shell out $16 to watch some very talented and very capable musicians pay homage to the artists they adore. But it's doubtful that those talented pretenders who channel Abba, the Eagles or David Bowie have as surreal a story involving their particular muse as does Josh Tanner, who performs tonight as the frontman of Springsteen! The Ultimate Tribute to the Boss.

Tanner, a longtime vet of the Southern California music scene, has never formally met Springsteen. But three years ago, two years into his tribute to the Boss, he was backstage at a his show at the L.A. Sports Arena. Looking like he'd stepped off the cover of 1975's Born to Run, complete with the leather jacket and wharf rat-like hirsuteness,Tanner was just hoping to get an up-close-and-personal sighting of his longtime musical idol. What he got was a lot more than he expected.

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Counting Crows - Pacific Amphitheatre - July 21, 2013

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Michelle Kim / Ronny-C Photography

Counting Crows
Pacific Amphitheatre

The meds are apparently working. After years of being absolutely frank about the mental disorder that he says has tortured him for 30 years, Adam Duritz, the perennial Howard Stern guest and poster child for introspective, seriously troubled (some would say whiny and self-indulgent) rock stars was downright playful at the Pacific Amphitheatre on Sunday night. Duritz led his band, the Counting Crows, through a 21-song set that, though more playing to the faithful than converting the unimpressed, showed a lot of fire remains in his belly.

Whether barking good-naturedly at roadies for giving him a piano in the wrong key, or flashing a broad smile during much of the set, the wisecracking, gum-smacking Duritz obviously was enjoying the final night of his band's latest world tour. And while the Crows haven't released an album of new material since 2008, a couple of new songs and Duritz' admission that they'll be working on a new record in the fall indicates he's not exactly contemplating retirement.

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Top Five Names for Jay and Bey's Next Kid (If They Ever Have Another One)

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AP Photo-Win McNamee
Whoa! People have TWO kids? Get outta town!

We still aren't exactly sure why Jay-Z not pulling out was considered "breaking news," but earlier this month, we were teased with the news that Beyoncé was knocked up once again. Sadly, Jay deflated the rumors shortly after, but it got us thinking. Since they are rolling (and rolling) in the dough, this time around, they'll be making sure that this little child of destiny, whenever they actually have another one, is in fact a boy. Don't think it's possible to choose the gender of your kid? It's cool to be a skeptic. It's just that we think with enough dolla-dolla bills, ya'll, anything is possible, so we're going to go with that theory.

Since we're not going to have any choice but to hear way too much about this kid anyway, we wanted to help one of our favorite "power couples" along with the naming process since we know they have better things to worry about. They're already in the Baby Naming Hall of Fame thanks to daughter Blue Ivy. But in case they need help this time around, here are a few thoughts for their newest "project"--pardon, we meant protégé

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Rick Springfield Shares Sobering Revelations and Crazy Fan Stories

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Describe Rick Springfield in three words?: Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
Rick Springfield has been around since most of us were pissing in our Pampers. Hell, some of our readers weren't even conceived when the Sydney-born star first hit the airwaves back in the early 70s. Yet even a with career spanning over 50 years and 17 albums, he has somehow maintained an aura of humility about him, mimicking the passion and ambition of a young artist fresh out of the gate. And the guy doesn't look like he's aged a day (WTF is up with that?). The Grammy winner/author/TV actor just finished recording his new album, Songs for the End of the World.

This month, you're about to get the inside track on everything Springfield when the original documentary An Affair of the Heart; Rick Springfield hits EPIX on May 15th. You'll find out that people's passion for him transcends gender, age, and international borders. This rock-out-loud film gives us all an inside look into his personal life, his highs and lows, as well as the lives of a handful of Springfield's super fans and the connections that have developed over the years all because of his music. Truth be told, it was hard not to be too giddy ourselves when we had the chance to talk to the man himself before the premiere about his upcoming projects, his love for the fans and his method of dealing with lusty ladies and their semi- tolerant hubbies.

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Five Indie Breakout Bands from SoCal Worth Following in 2013

he met her.jpg
Jena Ardell
He Met Her

Five bands worth following this year.

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