Five Great Non-Soundtrack Songs from Empire Records

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Warner Bros.
"We mustn't dwell. No, not today. We can't. Not on Rex Manning day!"
As many of the loyal fans of the cult classic film Empire Records certainly told you, yesterday was Rex Manning Day. The day when aging fictional heartthrob Rex Manning was scheduled for an in-store at the independent music store when everything went crazy. Typically, the day after someone watches Empire Records, as many of you surely did, they're usually faced with the shock that the film's official soundtrack is missing some of the great music from the movie's classic moments. Instead of just pondering what's up with today, today, we at the Weekly tracked down five songs to supplement your Empire Records playlist. Damn the man!

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Top Five Standout Songs From Amazing Movies According to Brian Monarch

Byron Ngalongalay
I thought Matthew Broderick was actually singing this Beatle's hit!
This Thursday (November 7th), comedian Brian Monarch is throwing down with some stand-up hilarity, opening up for headliner The Greg Wilson at the Irvine Improv. Though he mostly tells jokes for al living, Monarch also has some pretty big opinions when it comes to the music that is used in movies. Since we all can relate a song to a movie (or vice versa) and we've never EVER met anyone who hates music, we asked Brian to rattle off his "Top Five Songs Standout Songs From Amazing Movies."

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Wild Style Director Charles Ahearn on the Film's 30th Anniversary DVD

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Music Box Films
Today, famed iconic early hip-hop film Wild Style returns with a dazzling new 30th anniversary digital remaster on an incredibly detailed and loaded-with-extras double-DVD! We spoke to director Charles Ahearn, who also recently launched the brand new hyper-detailed and multi-faceted Wild Style website, about the early days of hip-hop film-making and what makes this latest release of Wild Style the definitive edition. We also have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader, so be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages after the interview!

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Muscle Music: A Schwarzenegger Soundtrack Retrospective

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Approves of Your Jukebox Selection

Today, veteran action icon and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's new movie The Last Stand hits theaters. Being the face of pulse-pounding action for almost four decades, Schwarzenegger's butt-kicking (and occasional comic mischief) has often been accompanied by the most bombastic music possible. In honor of the star's return to the top of movie marques, we've assembled five of our favorite Schwarzenegger music moments. From soundtrack cuts to music video cameos, these sleek tunes helped make the silver screen shine before Schwarzenegger blows something to kingdom come. Let's take a listen to some of that great muscle music.

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Novel by TSOL's Jack Grisham, 'An American Demon,' On Its Way to Becoming a Movie

John Gilhooley

In Spring 2011, TSOL's Jack Grisham released his first novel--and much to our (and yours. And maybe everyone else's, too) surprise, it wasn't your typical autobiography from an aging, larceny prone punk rocker turned father of two. The book was an autobiography, but with an added twist: The addition of a demon within Grisham himself, the source of sociopathic behaviors ranging from stabbings to sex with an 80-year-old woman standing in the crypt of her dead husband.

The book, titled An American Demon, was indeed Grisham's first novel--but really, it was his first anything when it came to the written word: "It was supposed to be 'Gimme stories of violence, T.S.O.L., Orange County.' That's what the publisher wanted. I actually wrote a whole book about it and threw it out," Grisham explained to OC Weekly in April of 2011. "I've never done what I've been told to do."

Just confirmed by Grisham himself, An American Demon is officially on its way into becoming  a feature-length film. The script is ready to go and there's even a director signed onto the project.
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Top Five Movie Soundtracks Made By Handpicked Rockstars

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Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor

When a film is made, part of the main process of getting the soundtrack together is finding the right musician's to play for the album. Sometimes it's a single song or it is an entire soundtrack. These top five albums made for a movie by handpicked musicians have been, for the most part, nominated or they have won an Oscar for not only guiding the movie along on screen, but also creating great songs that still hold up long after the credits roll.

5. Aimee Mann, Magnolia (1999)

Magnolia, released in 1999, was a highly-acclaimed work praised for its litany of superstar actors who drove this film about dramatic patchwork of interrelated stories set in the San Fernando Valley. Popular 90's folk singer Aimee Mann was the artist selected to write the soundtrack that gave this movie it's depth. From songs like "Wise Up," sung by every member of the cast at one point, to the melancholy pop jam "Save Me," (nominated for an Oscar for best song in 2000), every inch of this soundtrack manages to leave it's mark on the mood of the film .

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Fans Got Lost At the "Forbidden Zone" Shadow Cast Screening in Long Beach's Art Theatre

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Long Beach Art Theatre

Long Beach's Art Theatre was packed as fans came from various places to see the first sold-out shadow cast performance of Forbidden Zone in history. The night's festivities included a free gig by the Radioactive Chickenheads at Lola's Mexican Cuisine and a Q&A and singing with director Richard Elfman after the shadow cast performance.

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Tom Arnold Talks 'Sons of Anarchy,' Sex Dolls, Rednecks and Jews.

Tom Arnold.JPG
Lorenzo Hodges
Tom Arnold, the guy most famous for being Roseanne's husband, has become somewhat of a cult classic. 

And even though he was labeled in the beginning of his fame, it's been proven over the years that Tom Arnold is an all-around great guy and an extremely hard worker. And did I mention he's a funny guy? Well I'm sure you already knew that part! 

His humor seems effortless as he casually slips it into conversation, but the impact is positively hilarious. 

Catch him at the Irvine Improv this weekend as he brings the funny and see for yourself why Tom Arnold (the man, not the name) has real staying power.

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Doug Benson Brings His Potty Mouth to The Galaxy Theatre

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Doug 2.JPG
Doug Benson moves pretty quickly for a pot smoker. Releasing his newest album Potty Mouth on August 30 (recorded live in Sacramento), Doug's drive seems unstoppable. You can hear him on his hit podcast "Doug Loves Movies" but you can see him live this Sunday at The Galaxy Theatre with The Benson Interruption. With multiple comics making appearances, all eyes will be on Doug (even if those eyes are at half-mast).

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Do you think your comedy has changed over the years?

Doug Benson: My first stand-up performance ever included prop comedy, now all my shows include some pot comedy. So, I'd have to say yes!

Yes, slightly. You rule the podcast world, but do you think that the internet will one day be the demise of live comedy?

No, just like movies, people will always enjoy seeing live comedy with other people. It's great to have a laugh by yourself in your cubicle when you're supposed to be working, but the internet can never replace the experience of laughing in a group.

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'Harold and Maude' Screening for Free and Rediscover Cat Stevens

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On Monday, Harold and Maude will be screening on the outdoor plaza at Segerstrom Center for the Arts (600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa) as part of Segerstrom Center for the Arts "Free For All Movie Monday."

Set up begins at 5:30 p.m. and the movie starts at dusk (approximately 8 p.m.).

You can bring beach chairs, blankets, snacks and picnic dinners, but  snacks will also be available for purchase.

If you haven't seen the dark comedy about the offbeat relationship between a teen obsessed with death (Bud Cort) and a woman who could be his grandmother (Ruth Gordon), you should watch it, if only to see how Cat Stevens makes awesome soundtracks.

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