Long Beach Re-Defines Its Sound With New Mixtape Series

Our readers often ask why this infernal rag is so intent on making Long Beach feel like it's a part of OC. Well, aside from a geographical border, we have one thing common--LBC knows what it's like to to be grossly misinterpreted or stereotyped when it comes to music. To many people outside the city limits, Long Beach music boils down to the hometown of Sublime and Snoop Dogg. Luckily, there's a local organization that's helping change that limited perception.

Long Beach Compilations is a collective of local artists committed to releasing a series mix tapes highlighting today's acts that summarize the terrain of the current music scene. The product is a digital and physical release of the album called the MIXTAPE project. To help the organization fund its costs of putting out the physical release, they've launched a short series of fundraising shows continuing tonight at 4th St. Vine wine bar.

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Mixtape Premiere: Ryan Bowers is an Owtsider with Krayzie Bone and DJ Premier

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Ryan Bowers
Ryan Bowers is an MC with a lot of great things: skills on the mic, skills on the skateboard, collaborations with DJ Premier and Krayzie Bone, and a brand new mixtape we're premiering called Owtsider. A San Diego native, Bowers has overcome a lot, including not letting the tumor he currently has in his chest derail him from signing with Nick Cannon's label, touring with Tech N9ne and Strange Music and sharing managers with E-40. While you may remember first seeing him years ago being coached by Homeboy Sandman on MTV's Made, after the cameras stopped rolling, Bowers' self-determination helped continue to make his hip-hop aspirations a reality.

We spoke to Bowers about his new mixtape, discovering his tumor and working with legends.

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Dose One of Santa Ana's 'IllNes Infection' Will Turn You Into a Hip-Hop Savage

[Editor's Note: Spare Notes is a Weekly music feature highlighting outtakes and personal stories from bands who just finished working their asses off to put out new music.]

Despite misguided fears, the world has not ended in apocalypse today, but the local underground hip-hop scene should prepare for an 'IllNes Infection' anyway! The cautionary warning is the opening salvo from Santa Ana rapper IllNes' newly released Dose One mixtape. He's out to come sick with it by combining old school hip-hop vibes with energetic, emphasis-laden wordplay throughout the nine-track effort.

IllNes (aka Nestor Medrano) possesses a delivery that delves into the raspy realms of Canibus at times while expressing urgent political messages in his verses. A prime example of that is on "Si Se Puede" which also illustrates his bilingual abilities on the mic. On another track, the rapper recruits collaborators Mic Hempstead and JoEse Gloria for "Savages," a recolonizing reclamation! It will all have hip-hop heads feeling the symptomatic onset of an IllNes Infection by the mixtape's end.

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Here Is the Mixtape I Made For the Guys Who Keep Breaking Into My Car

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By: Shea Serrano

Three, maybe four times in the last month, my car has been broken into. I suppose at least a portion of that is my fault, both macro and micro.

Macro: I mean, if I'd have maybe paid more attention in school, I'd probably make more money than I do today, which means I wouldn't have to live across the street from a seedy storage facility and a couple hundred feet away from an apartment complex that -- even money -- is right this very second playing host to at least two gangland style executions.

Micro: Despite the fact that I live in a row of townhomes that features a gate at the entrance and the exit (murders can't climb gates, I guess), I never park inside. I only park in the street. I don't know why I do this, I just do it. What's more, I NEVER lock my doors. What's more what's more, I occasionally leave my windows down.
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Local Record Review: 'We Are Locally Grown' by Locally Grown Collective

Thumbnail image for 00 - Endz_DaveAllen_DeeJaeeBaee_4th_We_Are_Locally_G-front-large.jpg

Locally Grown Collective
We Are Locally Grown

In the city of Orange, the seeds of good hip-hop music are being sown by its hometown hustlers the Locally Grown Collective. Harvesting together their distinctive talents, Endz, DaveAllen, DeeJaeeBee, FourthBeats and Coley Cole have recently released their We Are Locally Grown mixtape on DatPiff offering listeners everything from underground hip-hop, neo-soul and spoken word poetry. 
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The Mixtape No One Asked For: 'Metta World Passion' Coming Soon

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Metta World Passion.jpg
Los Angeles Lakers starting forward Metta World Peace revealed on Conan last night what he has been up to since being hit with a seven-game suspension following a devastating elbow to the head of Oklahoma City Thunder reserve James Harden on April 22.

While he still has two games left to sit out before rejoining his team in the playoffs, World Peace said he's spending the time working out to stay in shape. But! He's also been hard at work readying a new hip-hop mixtape (he pointed viewers to his website for more details).

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Lupe Fiasco: 'These Ain't Bars, This is Barbarity!'

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Jesus: Friend of the People
When I first downloaded Lupe Fiasco's free Friend of the People mixtape on Thanksgiving, I had no clue what to expect. Like many fans of the rapper these days, everything new that he does comes with the preoccupation as to whether the music industry will clamp down and restrain his genius.

The introduction started off well enough with an anti-war excerpt of the late People's Historian Howard Zinn and a skit about reprogramming the war machinery of death. After that came a track powered by dubstep. Uh-oh. Skimming the songs on the mixtape, I heard beats more fitting for Lasers than The Cool or Food & Liquor.

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Lupe Fiasco's 'Friend of the People' Mixtape Drops Tomorrow!

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Rapper Lupe Fiasco is in a giving mood again. Last Christmas, he gifted fans with the premiere of the music video for the first single "The Show Goes On" off of his chart topping Lasers album. This time around, Fiasco is releasing his Friend of the People mixtape tomorrow on Thanksgiving.
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OC Weekly's 1980 Through 1989 Mixtape

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We decided to make a new super-cool mixtape for all our loyal readers to enjoy this week. We caught the Reagan documentary on HBO over the long weekend, and it inspired us to reach back to the era of skinny ties, geometric hairdos, and personal and musical excess for a set of kick-ass tunes. The '80s ran the gamut from the cheesiest of pop to the most serious and po'-faced of post-punk, indie, Goth and metal, with the best music rivaling that of any era before or after. So, without further ado, here is a 10-song mix covering each year of the Decade of Greed (and Spandex).

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OC Weekly Classic Punk Monday Mixtape

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Sex Pistols
​​Sometimes, you just need to get riled up on a Monday morning. To that end, we made you a classic punk mixtape to shake off the haze of the weekend and start the new week off right. Valentine's Day, be damned; break out the boots and safety pins! The mixtape spans the original Spirit of '77 pioneers up through '90s Rancid, so crank 'em up for a spin down memory lane--if you can remember that far back.

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