Coachella "Leaks," Confirmations and Rumors

Andrew Youseff / OC Weekly
Attendees at last years Coachella

It's almost crunch time and Coachella line-up announcements should come about at the end of the month. Yet, this still leaves a couple of weeks of fake-line up posters, rumors, speculation and "leaks" to go around the internet and spread like wildfire. Remember when we could buy tickets at the door the day of the fest? Yeah those were the good old days. Today we have to deal with sell outs, scalpers, fence hoppers, astronomical prices for lodging and sitting at the edge of our seats hoping that this years line-up will be worth all of the fuss (yet it always is, isn't it?). So what can we expect under the desert sun of the Empire Polo Field this year?

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Our List of Opening DJ Codes, Laminated and Posted Back Stage at the Yost for All Newbs to See

Yost Flier.jpg
"Notice To All Opening DJ's" Posted Backstage at the Yost Theater

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*Chuckie - Yost Theater - 7/7/12

*Morgan Page - Yost Theater - 7/3/12

Look what someone sent us from backstage at the Yost Theater in the the downtown Santa Ana Art District. A "Notice to All Opening DJs" laminated and taped on the speakers backstage. If you'll remember, we posted a very similar list (almost identical, actually) a couple weeks ago called "Top Five Codes of Conduct for Opening DJs at EDM Shows." We're hoping it was a decent conversation starter that prompted opening DJs to be creative with their sets and respect their headliners. Our list was spammed all over the internet a few days after we posted it, which tells us the topic of DJ etiquette is a real issue in the dance music scene in Orange County. But kuddos to the Yost Theater for at least doing something about it and continuing to bring respected DJs to OC week after week...and for paying attention to our blog.

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Chris Brown is a Bonafide Dick: Five Reasons Why

Categories: media circuses

​Chris Brown is an immature asshole, I think that's been safely established by his sophomoric Twitter rant after winning a Grammy last Sunday. But with the news that Rihanna enlisted her ex and the man that brutally beat her, to feature on a remix of "Birthday Cake," one thought comes to mind: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND?! Not only is the pop princess crazy to see him again, but also to have him put his vocals on this track? It diminishes the seriousness of the situation and almost makes a mockery of domestic violence and assault in that she'd take him back after the fact.

Rihanna is a role model to millions of young girls and because of her actions; she is showing them that domestic violence is acceptable and isn't either. Not once has she spoken out and told Brown to go fuck himself, which is what many were hoping she'd do. However, with his nonsensical rant along with the news that many young, idiotic girls tweeted that they'd let Brown beat them too, the situation has clearly reached a boiling point to where people aren't going to be sympathetic to Rihanna if something were to happen to her again. That being said, here's a list of reasons why Chris Brown is a dick.

5. He's oblivious: You would think that after three years, Brown would get it. Yes, everyone deserves a second chance, but that's only after a person shows remorse and is truly sorry for his actions, which Brown isn't

4. He continues to defend his actions:
There's no defending domestic violence. Sorry, not happening. What he did to Rihanna and in the aftermath demonstrated a rage that is seemingly uncontrollable. By trying to defend what he did, Brown shows how much of a dick he is because any self-respecting man would never touch a woman; nevertheless defend beating the shit out her.

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Justin Bieber, You Are Not Alone: 4 Baby Daddy Dramas in Music History

Justinbieber .jpg
Poor Justin Bieber--the 17-year-old isn't even legal to bone yet, and already there's a lady claiming that he's the father of her baby.

Meet 20-year-old (uh, statutory rape, or at least a misdemeanor in California, anyone?) Mariah Yeater, the classy broad whose claiming to have taken the heartthrob's virginity backstage at his show via unprotected sex--which resulted in the aforementioned child. (Way to rain on that whole "perfect boyfriend" image, girl).

Of course, the Biebs is denying the claims, stating that he's not only never had sex with Yeater--but he's never even met her.

To that we say, chin up, Beliebers. Yeater isn't the first girl to cry "baby daddy." From Elvis to Marc Anthony, music has had a long, sordid history of (mostly false) baby daddy claims. Find out who else is on the list after the jump. 

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Who Will Save Charlie Sheen? A List of Possible Saviors

It doesn't have to end like this
Charlie Sheen now admits he's losing his mind, but since his public downward spiral began, the meth-tastic actor has been thumbing his nose at offers of help from family, friends, Dr. Drew and traditional rehab programs.

Who will save Charlie Sheen? And can he be saved at all? Well, yes--because he has been saved before. And by people you'd least expect.

Our five favorite Sheen rescues after the jump. More »

Village Voice Pazz & Jop 2010 Lists Announced

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Each January, the Village Voice (our sister paper) releases its Pazz & Jop critics' Best Of designations for the previous year. For 2010, Kanye West quite unsurprisingly dominates both categories. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy tops the album list (like most Best of 2010 albums lists) with 3250 on the Voice's points system, doubling the score of the second-place release, LCD Soundsystem's This Is Happening. The top 10 is rounded out by Arcade Fire, Janelle Monae, Vampire Weekend, Big Boi, Beach House, the National, Sleigh Bells and Black Keys.

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Kanye West and Lady Gaga Set to Bring VMA Controversy to Anaheim

Chris Victorio

Heard anything about Kanye West lately? The usually reserved rapper/producer/tireless self-promoter has uncharacteristically made a tiny amount of headlines these last couple of days, but you've probably missed them. (Seriously, though, it must be weird to be called a jackass by the president, off the record to not.)

Well, now that he's gotten all of the "crushing happy moments in beloved teenage girls' lives" out of his system, he's about to start a new tour, one that's coming to the Honda Center in Anaheim on November 15. It's called the "Fame Kills" tour, and it's co-headlined (West has made clear in interviews that she's "not an opener") by Lady Gaga, who also got some attention for her appearance at Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards, specifically for her fake blood-stained performance. The pair are also stopping at the Staples Center in LA the next day. Tickets aren't on sale yet, but (slightly) more details are here.

Gabriel San Roman's Thoughts From Inside Michael Jackson's Memorial Service

Gabriel San Roman


It's been 12 incomprehensible days since the shocking news that Michael Jackson died. Since that time, the prevailing feeling was that the immensity that is the King of Pop's musical legacy hadn't been properly or adequately paid tribute to...until today.

I was one of the fortunate few to be awarded a gold bracelet and ticket to the Staples Center memorial service, out of the 1.6 million people who registered online. After spending less than 10 minutes yesterday picking up the goods at Dodger Stadium (without ever having to leave my truck), the scene at the public funeral for one of the most famous people in the world was similarly easy to navigate.

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Michael Jackson Memorial Tweet-Up Wrap-Up


Were you working, sleeping, distracted, saving a cat from a tree, organizing your cheese label collection or otherwise unavailable to follow our live Twitter posts from Michael Jackson's memorial? Well, you're in luck, because here they all are (and pics!), both from Matthew Fletcher of the band Satisfaction live inside the Staples Center (he took that pic up above these words) and myself watching on the TV.

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Follow the Michael Jackson Memorial Service on Twitter!

Hmm, I just paired the words "memorial service" with the word "Twitter" and an exclamation point. I guess I'm going to hell.

Anyway, if watching the televised coverage of this morning's Michael Jackson memorial service at the Staples Center isn't enough for you (and why would it be? never enough dead MJ news!), your pals at Heard Mentality (that's us!) have it covered through a couple of different angles. Matt Fletcher, keyboard player for OC/LA band Satisfaction will be there, manning his trusty iPhone and providing real-time Twitter updates of noteworthy happenings over at our plucky OC Weekly music Twitter, found handily enough at @OCWeeklyMusic. And hopefully Twitpics of the sure to be, uh, eclectic crowd.

Frequent music section contributor Gabriel San Roman will also be at Staples, and will treat us to a thoughtful recap of the happenings shortly after its conclusion. (Seriously, two dudes we know got tickets? They should start playing some gambling game where picking random numbers could result in a cash prize.) I won't be there (goodness no), but I'll be here watching it all going down and assisting where I can, like Ed Harris in Apollo 13.

So yeah: starting at 10 a.m., be sure to tune in to our tweets. That's @OCWeeklyMusic. Surely, the untimely demise of one of music's greatest artists and global pop culture's most-maligned figures deserves a proper send-off, and we'll be there to catch every fond memory, gleefully contributing to this nation's compassion fatigue in the process. Deal with it.