Funniest Tweets About the 2015 Emmy Awards

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Football smchootball. How 'bout them Emmy's?! Oh, you didn't watch them? Hey listen, it's not the Emmy's fault that it runs at the beginning of football season! If you didn't catch the 67th annual Emmy Awards we don't blame you. But also, don't blame us for taking a peek at Andy Sandberg crushing the hosting game, Game of Thrones crushing the night, Bill Murray being a pimp ass mofo, John Hamm being a pimp ass mofo, spoilers being thrown (no bueno Emmy's), and hearts bursting for Amy Schumer and Tracy Morgan. Wait, what? What did Twitter say you ask? Funny you should mention that. Here are the funniest Tweets about this year's Emmy Awards.

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The Funniest 2015 MTV VMA Tweets

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These days when you hear that something is going to be hosted by Miley Cyrus, even if you're not a fan, you are tuning in. And tuning in is just we did last night when Ms. Miley hosted the MTV Video Music Awards. (Video, LOL.) A lot of the usual suspects were in the house including Nicki Minaj steady pumping her dumper, one of those fucking Kardashians or Jenners or whatever, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Pharrell being ridiculous but he's hot so it's cool, 10 people we had no clue WTF they were, and a longwinded Kanye West droning on foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Twitter's #InThe90sWeAsked: Music Edition

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The '90s left us with photo proof of questionable fashion and hair choices but even more than that, the '90s left us with a lot of unanswered questions. Lucky for us, the Twitter hashtag #InThe90sWeAsked popped up and let us know we weren't alone with certain thoughts. From beeper inquiries, Rugrats and Alf chatter, and internet dialups woes, we nodded our heads in agreement that there are in fact more unanswered questions than we could've ever imagined.

Being that we are big fans of '90s music in general around these parts, we dove right in to the query pond to fish out our top 9 chuckle worthy '90s questions for your eyes. Hey "children of the 80's," we'll wait while you grab your glasses.

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Jay Mohr on Google, Probiotics, and Ellen

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As a kid I was into the monster family with Count Chocula and Boo Berry.
We rarely say no when it comes to a good cause and when you can do something that helps a cause that in turn causes you to feel good, we're first in line. 'Cause that's how we roll. This Thursday (July 9th) at the Brea Improv is your chance to see an incredible show that includes Jay Mohr, Christopher Titus, Dean Delray, and is hosted by Patrick Fowler. As if that weren't enough, the proceeds for this extraordinary night will be going to F*CK Cancer. Since Jay Mohr often takes to Twitter to answer fan questions, we decided to hit him with a few of our own in a lightning round of "Quick Questions" before the big event goes down.

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Funniest Tweets From the 2015 BET Awards

Kendrick Lamar kicked the party off "Alrite."
Last year's host of the BET Awards was Chris Rock and we can only imagine attempting to follow him would be pretty rough. Nevertheless, this year's hosts Tracey Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson really did try their best and well, better luck next year boo's. (Although the Sam Smith bit was hilarious.) Right off the bat we have to mention that they finally got it right airing it live for both the east and west coast so bravo on that BET. OK, now let's get down to the dirt.

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Taylor Swift Takes a Big Bite Out of Apple

OMG little me did all of that? What? Really? Me?
Holy shite y'all! The power of words prevailed and you'll never believe from who. Why it's little Taylor "oh my goodness gracious I always rock a surprised face" Swift! We're truly surprised and tremendously pleased about the power of this pop tart's pull with her open letter crusade to get Apple (Yeah, that Apple.) to pay artists during free trials. And to cut to the chase here, Swift was victorious. (Insert Taylor Swift "surprised face" here.) The fuck? This is a game changer and it was Taylor Swift who did that? Hmmm....wonder what else she can do? Maybe end global warming? Get J-Lo to stop singing? Bring the TV show Dexter back? Listen, you're not alone with a mind racing with questions. In the midst of an internet explosion, Twitter called upon her angelic penmanship power late last night and we grabbed a few ideas they had in case you wanted to get on board.

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Eight Awkward Televised Collaborations

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Yes, that's William Shatner performing... on Conan.
One popular musician is good; two or more popular musicians are even better. Ratings increase; audiences grow; viewers begin to accept new musical genres--well, that's what happened when Run DMC performed with Aerosmith in 1986. But not every collaboration is a success; in fact, most musical collaborations are a little awkward. Here are eight televised collaborations that made us cringe.

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Vincent Valentine Just Wants a Little Social Interaction

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I never want to pretend to be anyone else.
There's plenty to do in Las Vegas as a sightseer but when you actually live in good ol' Sin City, the need to find ways to amuse yourself amongst the excessive tourists is key. Vincent Valentine figured out the perfect plan to do just that by having some incredibly awkward conversations with those that invade his fair city. Preferring to call it "social interaction" rather than "pranking," Valentine has had a successful year videoing his encounters leading him straight into viral popularity. And in 2015, isn't that what it's all about?

In addition to the videos, Valentine is also a rapper, so he definitely has no qualms about putting himself out there. But we wanted to find out more. And we did when we talked to him about his music, his process when it comes to chatting about absolute absurdity with complete strangers, and the good and bad that has come from hitting up unsuspecting people in public places.

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Have a Hip-Hop Question for Rachel Dolezal? Just #AskRachel!

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Ohhh Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...
Everyone loves an outrageous news story. These stories give people a chance to join in with all walks of life online to voice their opinion and connect with others in their "outrage." Case in point, Rachel Dolezal. The revelation that Dolezal, the NAACP Spokane Washington Branch President, has been posing as a black woman while speaking on behalf of black people sparked plenty of outrage across the country. Then ironically (not really), the tweets flying around on this "taboo" topic went from "how dare she" to "let's ask her ridiculous questions." These questions soon turned into inquiring about "urban" song lyrics and at that point, we were all in.

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The Funniest Tony Award Tweets

Theo Wargo/Getty Images
What in the entire universe of WTF?
Hosted by Broadway darlings Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming, the 69th (lol) annual Tony Awards went down "live" at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Celebrating everything theatre, the stars were dressed to the nines as they settled in to watch awards get dished out in-between musical numbers aplenty.

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