The 10 Best Local Underground Metal Bands

John Anthony Photography
Abysmal Dawn
The underground metal scene in the greater LA area is so vast and the borders between LA, the OC and IE are so porous, that it makes no sense to always clump bands into a city, or county only basis, or association. Many of the bands on this list contain members who live throughout Southern California, and almost all of them have played many times in Orange County, enough that we might consider them to be local metal bands. We now present out favorite local extreme metal bands.

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Stryper Tribute Bands That Should Exist

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Courtesy of the label
We dig the yellow stripes strypes
Say what you will about OC's legendary head banging Christian metal band Stryper, but you have to admire them for sticking to the script for three decades -- or is that scripture? Putting out new music as recently as last year, they show no signs of stopping their glamorous righteousness. In a couple weeks, the band embarks on yet another tour of South America through the holidays.

But despite their unique legacy, there aren't a whole lot of Stryper tribute bands in existence. Which is why, in hopes of rectifying this error of human civilization, we've pitched a few ideas for potential Stryper tribute bands.

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Top Ten Heavy Metal Bass Players

John Gilhooley/OC Weekly
Lemmy from Motorhead

In the past, we've brought you the best of what heavy metal has to offer in terms of guitarists, and drummers, but now we look to a role that is sometimes under rated but always under appreciated.

Metal's four-string instrument provides a solid foundation of rhythm, centering the music and allowing the guitar, drums and vocals to take center stage. But the following ten bass players rise above their mere musicianship to provide more than just a backdrop. They provide a pivotal creative, driving force behind the music that cannot be denied.

We now present the top ten bassists in heavy metal:

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Top Ten Horror Punk Bands

Wikipedia Commons
Dinah Cancer of 45 Grave

No better way to celebrate Halloween and the season of Fall, than by blasting horror punk. Ah yes, the classic sounds of hardcore punk rock, with hints of goth, death rock, rockabilly, shock rock, psychobilly, metal and even sometimes industrial and pop music.

This musical subset of punk, is a sure way to go if you like songs about zombies, sci-fi, old horror films, monsters and other tales of gloom, mystery,morbidity, in many instances taken from comics, cult films and pop culture's obsession with violence, and the macabre.

We now present ten horror punk bands you need to know this creepy season:

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Six Reasons To Always Stagedive

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Montecruz Foto/Flickr

By: Drew Ailes

Recently, extremely dangerous pop-punk band Joyce Manor ignited controversy among true rockers everywhere after its members stopped one of their fans from stagediving on some small women. The band even later took to Facebook to condemn the practice.

Although the move is likely motivated by positive intentions, this band is stupid and wrong. Stagediving is the most important thing that any human being could ever do at a rock & roll show. If you do not stagedive at all shows, you are probably a coward who is afraid of everything. It is important for so many reasons, which I will now list for you in a simple and readable format that also pays me money.

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Six Reasons Why Bands Break Up

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All illustrations by Curtis Tinsley.
By: Joseph Hess
While Aerosmith still flails around in a body without bones, propped up by the hot air of its backward-cap-wearing fanbase, most sensible bands know when to call it quits. Sure, reunion tours are still a thing, but those tend to happen on the stinking fumes of nostalgia, and they serve to fuel the now-meager drug habits that were once respectable addictions.

Everyone calls it quits at some point. Being in a band is hard work -- coordinating schedules, dealing with flakes and actually hammering out a tolerable song or two is a damn near miracle for some. But those who break through are still destined to quit at some point, and here's why.

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Here Are 10 Products for Sneaking Alcohol Into Concerts

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The Wine Rack bra
It's easy to drop serious cash on booze at shows -- especially if you're buying several rounds. What's even more frustrating is that many venues don't have the best selection, either.

But there are multiple products that will help you get around this issue. While we would never condone violating venue policies to avoid paying $12 for a beer, we present here, for your amusement and edification, 10 of the best items for sneaking booze into a concert.

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How To Avoid Getting Robbed On Tour

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All illustrations by Dave Watt.
Although musicians are infamous for walking out on bar tabs, trashing hotel rooms and hijacking chuckwagon sandwiches from gas stations, there is one thing they deserve: the ability to torture society with their particular brand of art. Sadly, it happens all too often that bands' tours are derailed or altogether cancelled as a result of the actions of opportunistic criminals.

While it's likely that artists will continue to be the targets of such a devastating crime, we've come up with a few helpful suggestions to prevent bands from being robbed on tour.

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Six Reasons You Need to Flyer Shows

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Philip Kromer/Flickr
So easy, even a monkey can do it.
Social media takes the heat for a lot of things. Some people insist that it's responsible for diluting activism and killing personal interaction. Others may recall the recent viral Craigslist post about the restaurant that blamed their slowing service on social media and smartphones, while some scientists have even drawn a connection between Facebook use and depression.

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10 Best Music Videos To Inspire Your Road Trip

The best road trips are usually the most improvised. (It's about the journey, not the destination, right?) That being said, there's still time to plan an impromptu trip this Labor Day. We think these music videos will inspire you to grab a friend, or two, or five--so that the cost of gas is cheaper--and hit the road! We even provided travel suggestions based on each video. Consider this a jump-start to your playlist, and don't forget to send a postcard!

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