Our St. Paddy's Irish Bar Breakdown

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Jackie Connor
The crowd at Silky Sullivan's is spirited in more ways than one
Since Thursday evening, slowly but surely I've been training my body for Tuesday's inevitable hangover with shots of whiskey and Guinness, corned beef and hash and shepherds pie like a good Irish girl, bikini season be damned.

Whether you decided to sacrifice a sick day to the HR gods or at 5 p.m. you're butt will be glued to the bar stool with a guinness in hand, there are plenty of watering holes worth your time this St. Patrick's Day, each with their own drunken charm. Strap on your green beer goggles and lets take a look at a few, shall we?

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The Top Ten Rappers in OC

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Thumbnail image for sage one spare notes.jpg
Costa Mesa's Sage One
Underground hip-hop is alive and thriving in OC. Anyone who tells you different, isn't listening or paying close enough attention! Last time, the Weekly brought you the top five female rappers in OC. This week, we return with their top ten counterparts--no easy task with the wealth of active talent we regrettably couldn't comprehensively cover. The overall scene is being propelled by a youth movement that, thankfully, shrugs off the corporate radio rap that surrounded their formative years and is anchored by veterans who've been doing their thing for a minute.

Take a listen to the various sounds from around "Juice County" in this list that includes everything from rap en espaƱol to raw street hip-hop, reppin' from Anaheim to San Clemente and beyond!

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13 Detroit Bar Shows Worth Remembering

Robert Fayette
When Detroit Bar closes its doors at the end of the week, OC music lovers will definitely witness the end of an era. Since 2001, Detroit's reputation was forged on being the causal, average venue with the ability to surprise us with greatness. Regulars remember it as a place to see a packed local residency night, the anticipated local gig of the season, or the random landing pad for some star musician that could've easily filled any prestigious venue in L.A.--but somehow wound up jamming at a beloved little club inside a Costa Mesa strip mall. We saw a countless number of shows there--we have the bar tab and the memories to prove it.

As we look back at the job that owners Dan Bradley, Diego Velasco,Scott Hamilton, Jason Husted, and former talent buyers Chris Fahey and Jon Reiser did to make this place special over the years, we also have to give ourselves a little credit (of course) for catching some of the highlights and relaying them to you fine folks on Heard Mentality. In honor of the 13-year legacy of our favorite Costa Mesa haunt, we dug into our live review vaults (as far back as search engines would allow) to bring you reviews of 13 (out of many) Detroit Bar shows worth remembering. Click artist/band name to see the full review.

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An OC Gang Soundtrack Through Five Cholo Rap Songs

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Cholo rap in OC exists even if nobody is willing to acknowledge, much less write, about it. This ain't gangsta rap; it's straight-up gang rap. There's no real music videos nor commercial aspirations to speak of. With the advent of YouTube and other forms of social media, Mexican gangs have penned songs repping their respective hoods that act like sonic placas in cyperspace. Lyrically, that translates to "us vs. them" themes that say "fuck all enemigas," deride rivals as lames and vow to protect their barrios from them through violence, if need be. It ain't hate music: while white-power bands rail against all minorities, cholo rap only concerns itself with its immediate gang and cop enemies. But it's not always about body counts: sometimes, the homies just want to sing about parties and rucas and all the great things in life--just like almost every other musical group in history.

And with that, we present a sample soundtrack of OC cholo rap through five songs. It's by no means comprehensive and the videos are listed in no particular order. (We're sure the comment section will probably have something to say about whose "most hated," etc.) There are more diverse beats and rhymes bumpin' in the barrios. We'll get to that next, but for now, the list...

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Six People You Should Never Start a Band With

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All illustrations by Dave Watt
Being in a band is hard. Assembling a band is almost impossible. As anyone who's been through a few bands can tell you, meeting a self-proclaimed "musician" should instill about as much enthusiasm in you as meeting someone who is going to college for a career in law enforcement. You're either about to talk to a caring, compassionate, intelligent person or a psychotic, self-serving demon. By the analogy, you can probably guess which is more common.

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The 10 Best Tiger Army Songs

Tiger Army may only have four albums and a handful of EPs, but there's no denying that the band will forever be known (at least in our book) as the kings of psychobilly. With the 6th annual Octoberflame coming up this weekend at the City National Grove of Anaheim, a debate over their best songs compelled us to crank out this list based off of songs that the fans like, that are most played at Octoberflame, and songs that lyrically/musically stand out above them all. Here are our picks for the10 Best Tiger Army songs.

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Six Common Misconceptions About Being in a Band

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S.C. Axman
You should probably just stick to the video game version of being in a band, really.
By: Drew Ailes
For some dumb reason, everyone wants to be in a rock band. Probably because it's a good way to avoid gazing into the inescapable black hole of painful loneliness. That and rock & roll kicks ass, and gets you chicks or dudes or money or something.

The problem with rock music (aside from the talentless assholes with money) is that people don't seem to understand what playing it is really like. Effectively convincing people what being in a band "should actually be" would take a number of expensive hallucinogens and months of intense brain deprogramming. Instead of that, we made a list for you to argue with. Here are six common misconceptions that make bands suck.

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K-von Breaks Down Different Types Of Hecklers

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Kevin Moezzi
No one (and we do mean no one) likes a heckler at a comedy show. It's a toss up between the comic on stage and the paying audience member when it comes to who actually hates them the most. But at least a good comic has the power to shut them down with sniper-like accuracy--or at the very least they can call for security a lot quicker with the aid of a microphone. We decided to ask one of our comic pals K-von (who is performing at Brea Improv this Wednesday Oct 16th) to break down the various types of hecklers and after you read this, pretty please don't turn into any of them.

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Six Music Acts That Should've Been Pro Wrestlers

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Ancient press photo from old timey times.
Did you watch Wrestlemania XXIX a few months back? I didn't. I also haven't had a Mountain Dew in seven years. I guess this means I'm finally an real adult, which means I should do the mature thing and write a list for an audience of people who are mostly hung-over and sitting in cubicles. This week, I'll be tackling the topic that's obviously been on everyone's minds: music acts that should have been performing on the wrestling mat instead of the stage.

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Top 10 Worst Emo Bands Of All Time

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It's safe to say emo music today is barely a shadow of what it once was. Nobody today thinks about the DIY hardcore punk element that the genre was founded on. Now when you hear emo you think Hot Topic, you think whiny pre-teens, and you think terrible sellout radio tunes. Most people either hate or love the genre of emo based on the era they grew up in. Lovers of the first wave generally hate the 1990's second wave, listeners from the 90's generally hate the 2000's era, and people who grew up through the 3rd wave now realize what crappy music they were listening too. Whether you love it or hate it, you might as well laugh at it. Here is our list of the top 10 Worst Emo Bands of All time.

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