Five Blues Albums Recorded Behind Prison Walls

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B.B.King contemplates how to defend himself with a sharpened guitar pick.
Nearly 2.5 million Americans are in prison in the United States. Although we've mastered that form of low income housing, the Shawshank Redemption has all taught us that prison is not that much fun. During the 1970s, however, some of America's incarcerated were treated to the best American blues musicians including a stand-out set by B.B. King forty-two years ago (he plays Segerstrom Hall this weekend) and music industry executives (better dressed wardens) saw a great opportunity to capitalize on their performances before a permanent and uniformly dressed audience.

It's all Johnny Cash's fault. His 1968 album At Folsom Prison was an unprecedented success. He even returned to lock-up the next year to record Live At San Quentin. Record labels took note of these raucous crowds and found a gimmick that could sell. The gimmick tailed off by the mid 1970s but country musicians and blues cats had a new stop on the touring circuit for a little while. Here are five of blues records recorded in the clink:

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Of Mice and Men's Austin Carlile Released From Jail in Ohio Following Assault Charges

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Victoria Olson
Austin Carlile
Fans of Costa Mesa metalcore band Of Mice and Men breathed a sigh of relief when lead singer Austin Carlile and the band's drum tech Lionel Robinson II were released from jail in Ohio on Monday after being arrested on felonious assault charges over the weekend. Both were taken into custody early Saturday morning after the band's show on Friday night in Bowling Green at a club called Clazel.

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KISS's True Crime Report: The Secret History

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent was arrested last week for allegedly assaulting his wife and keeping the carcasses of dead dogs in his Tennessee home.

The arrest has astonished the public, but to insiders, Vincent (birth name Vincent Cusano) and his former colleagues in KISS are not only one of the greatest shows on Earth, but its most felonious. We hit the record books and can reveal today the secret criminal histories of KISS.

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Vince Neil's Domestic Battery Treatment Plan

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Motley Crue singer Vince Neil was charged with domestic violence in Las Vegas on Friday after allegedly poking his ex-girlfriend in the arm during an argument.

Neil, 50, has vowed to fight the charges in court, which means we will all be treated to hilarious footage of the glam rocker testifying in a designer suit and ponytail while trotting out a cadre of gaudy showbiz character witnesses.

What's in store for the "Home Sweet Home" singer if he's found guilty? Jail time seems a stretch for the otherwise amiable party dude, but court-ordered counseling is almost guaranteed.

We looked into different treatments out there and ran them by a therapist (who asked to remain anonymous) to see which one might help Neil keep his hands to himself.

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Mexican Pop Singer Kalimba Jailed on Rape Charge

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Twenty-eight-year-old Mexican pop singer Kalimba Ibar, former member of band OV7 and the singing voice of Simba in the Latin American film version of The Lion King, was jailed on rape charges on Jan 20. 

According to the Associated Press, Kalimba was deported from the U.S. to Mexico after the U.S. Border Patrol arrested him for an immigration violation. On Jan. 19, the judge in the state of Quintana Roo issued an arrest warrant for Kalimba for allegedly raping a 17-year-old female on Dec. 19 at a hotel in Chetumal (the capital of Quintana Roo).

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