Bachata King Romeo Santos Is the Greatest Latin Lover of Them All

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Omar Cruz
So Nasty!
For more than a century, every generation of American women has had their Latin lover, their tanned man that provoked swooning and screaming and spontaneous chonis melting. Flappers had Rudolph Valentino; the Mad Men generation threw woo at Ricardo Montalbán. Ladies of the 1980s went crazy over Julio Iglesias, while their daughters went nuts for Enrique Iglesias and Antonio Banderas.

That's a lot of hombre there. Yet the lot of them seem like chavalas when compared to the titan of testosterone that is Romeo Santos--yeah, the pretty boy wearing the cute sweater in the photo above. With that precious earring and pout. None of the other smoldering señores sold out Yankee Stadium two nights in a row, as the 33-year-old did last year. Ninguno of the men re-defined a genre twice in the way of the self-proclaimed King of Bachata. While all Latino superstars have tried to cross over to American tastes, Santos has superstars cross over to him; his last album featured cameos by Nicki Minaj, Drake and even Kevin Hart, all of whom know that the best way to crack into the Latin market is by latching on to Santos.

Want final proof he's the greatest Latin Lover of them all? Last year, noted sportscaster Beto Duran texted me that he had scored tickets to Santos' concert at the Staples Center but had never heard of him. "There's no 10s here," Beto wrote, referring to the caliber of shrieking chicas at the sold-out show. "They're all 12s and 13s!"

"EXACTLY," I texted back.

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S.A. Martinez Is The Mas Chingon, Plus An Exclusive First-Listen To A Track From Los Stellarians' New Album

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Photo by Alexander Ferzan, courtesy of Los Stellarians management.
Forget about calling Douglas 'S.A.' Martinez of 311 "Count S.A." anymore; we're appointing him "Emperor S.A. of Modern Funkadelic Soul." We're not sure when -- or if -- Martinez sleeps; over the past year, he has been laying down tracks faster than Motown.

The 311/Ghostwolf/Los Stellarians singer is especially excited for the upcoming release of Los Stellarians' sophomore album, The Mas Chingon, because the music was derived from his most formative years: the '70s and '80s. Martinez painstakingly crafted the album with bandmate Ryan Siegel to emulate a late '70s throwback (and quintessential summer album) that begins as strong as it finishes and keeps the party moving with every funky beat in between.

During our interview, Martinez's enthusiasm subtly swayed from his usual humble graciousness about his life-long journey with music to a preservative protectiveness about what is important to him (his family, his health, music, expanding horizons, language).

We spoke with Martinez about The Mas Chingon; his short-lived stint as a bassist in an AC/DC cover band; and his love for disco.

The Mas Chingon will drop via iTunes and Bandcamp on June 3. You can listen to the first track, "Primo (Is That So)," after the jump.

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Yasiin Bey (AKA Mos Def) Speaks on Malcolm X With UCI Hip-Hop Professor Sohail Daulatzai

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Wikipedia creative commons
Malcolm X
The resurgence of Malcolm X is back at its highest point since the early '90s when people proudly sported "X" caps while producers sampled his speeches for rap songs. Conversations and debates about the black liberation figure sparked anew with the publication of the late Manning Marable's Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention in 2011. With the 50th anniversary of his assassination at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, New York and what would have been his 90th birthday this year today, "Brother Malcolm" is once again the focus of attention.

UC Irvine professor Sohail Daulatzai (aka 'Doc Hip-Hop') interviewed Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) and asked him about Malcolm X. Daulatzai hooked up the Weekly with a clip of the rapper's thoughts.

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Video: Revisiting Fullerton's Forgotten Punk Landmarks With Steve Soto

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Steve Soto of the Adolescents shows us where the Black Hole was
We all know Fullerton is known as the epicenter of early OC punk. Probably because the first big bands to come out of the scene all happened to live there-- Social Distortion, The Adolescents, The Detours and The Middle Class. They also lived to raise hell in their hometown at places that any punk under the age of 40 has probably never heard of. Today, Fullerton's forgotten punk scene is all around us. The venues that reeked of sweat, cheap booze and vomit have new identities. They've turned into respectable establishments where people go to worship God and get 2 for $5 fish sandwiches.

In this video, we enlisted the help of Steve Soto, bassist for The Adolescents, to guide us on a ride-a-long tour to visit the buildings that housed the Casbah Recording Studio, a couple historic clubs (one is now a church for Jehovah's Witnesses, the other is a Burger King!) and the infamous Black Hole--a ramshackle apartment/drug den once inhabited by Mike Ness of Social D. It's also the subject of one the Adolescents' biggest hits "Kids of the Black Hole." Come along and get a piece of Fullerton history you can only learn from the punks who lived it.

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Jim Breuer Offers up a Tsunami of Entertainment

Gregory Pallante
I spent three paychecks on those stupid things.
Jim Breuer might have tamed his language a bit but the comedy hasn't settled down in the least. This May 21st through 23rd (Thursday through Saturday) Breuer will be shaking up the Irvine Improv and because in rock you gotta hit it two times, you can also see the premiere of his new comedy special "Comic Frenzy" May 29th on EPIX. Breuer has been good to us over here at the Weekly with past Q&A's and listing out head banging songs so this time around when we talked to him, we got the details of his upcoming gigs (because we're professional) and then went off the rails with a crazy train of randomness. (Apologizes to Mr. Breuer for that awful metaphor.)

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Tyrone Wells Delivers a Master Class in Audience Connection

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Sina Araghi
Tyrone Wells
By: Christine Terrisse

Tyrone Wells with Emily Hearn and Dominic Balli
House of Blues Anaheim

In his three pronged career strategy--songwriting, recording and regular live performance--Tyrone Wells lays out a blueprint for today's working musician. Central to this blueprint is a precept that flies in the face of fickle music trends: If you maintain a relationship with your audience and consistently give them what they want, they will quite literally support you.

That relationship was on full display Saturday night at the House of Blues. Although not entirely sold out, both ground and balcony levels of the concert seemed packed. It was a remarkably mixed group of Boomers and bonafide Millennials, (no doubt the current offspring of the coffee shop crowd of his past.)

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KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta 2015 -- May 16, 2015 -- Irvine Meadows Amphitheater

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Sugar Wolf
Death Cab for Cutie

View our slideshow of Weenie Roast 2015 right here.

KROQ Weenie Roast Y Fiesta 2015
Irvine Meadows Amphitheater

Some days are perfect days -- weather so nice, people so pleasant that it actually makes you want to throw up a little bit. Last Saturday, the latest edition of the KROQ Weenie Roast was almost one of those days.

Let me start off by saying that the in-city-musical-festival-lite style of festival is my favorite. You don't have to drive too far, traffic isn't horrible, you can shower and sleep in your bed, and I honestly believe it puts people in better moods. The Weenie Roast is quite possibly the largest such event, with enough history and draw to showcase multiple headliner-worthy bands. It's a special event. And that was plainly obvious when you were there.

See also: How Weenie Roast Helps to Redefine Where KROQ is Headed

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Funniest Tweets from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

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EthanMiller/Getty Images North America
"Live" from Las Vegas and co-hosted by Ludacris and one of our favorite people in life and on Twitter (fall back haters) Chrissy Teigen, the 2015 Billboard Music Awards were once again shown to the west coast THREE HOURS LATE. And no, we won't stop bitching about it until we are on an even playing field with the east coast. Work it out. OK, venting aside. Missing the Mad Men finale meant that you got to see David Lee Roth's happy face along with Van Halen, Taylor Swift winning a shit ton of awards and "stepping out" with Calvin Harris, Mariah Carey probably regretting not jumping on the lip-sync train, Kanye's over editing because ohhh what will Kanye say next, ohhhh he's sooooo scary, and a Simple Minds/Breakfast Club tribute to make your parents (and some of us) feel like they belong.

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Doom Fills the Observatory During the Psycho California Music Festival

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Mammatus performing at Psycho California Music Festival. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
Psycho California
The Observatory

On the five year anniversary of legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio's death, metal fans travelled from all over the United States in order to pack the Observatory and immerse themselves in sludge (and other subgenres of heavy metal). In his preview of the Psycho California music festival, Jason Roche suggested that the worst band in the three day festival's 50-plus band line-up was "very good." If the 20 acts that performed on Saturday were a decent cross-section of the talent playing over the entire weekend, then Mr. Roche's assessment proved accurate and the pilgrimages that the numerous metalheads made paid off.

Though Friday's attendees were not going to let a few hiccups ruin their overall experience of this musical and cultural feast, several recalled a couple problems from the opening day of the event. Specifically, they said that the Constellation Room (one of the Observatory's two performance areas) had been double booked with the indie rock band The Wombats, and this resulted in the programming for the "Grizzly Stage" being relocated to an outdoor stage, which allegedly had bad sound. The other main gripe was in the arrangement of the merch area, which was also located outside. This issue hadn't been resolved satisfactorily by Saturday, as fans wanting to buy t-shirts and sundries had to wait for prolonged periods of time, in a long line that stretched through the courtyard behind the venue, in order to reach the tent of the coveted merchandise.

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The Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Mary Bell
Sweet and Tender Hooligans--See Friday
Don't forget to check out our constantly updated OC Concert Calendar

Monday, May 18

Rocky's Revival
If you've frequented local venues like The Coach House and House of Blues these past few years, you might've come across Rocky's Revival, a music duo of sisters Kalina and Kiana Campian. Inspired by The Beatles and Johnny Cash among others, they describe their sound on SoundCloud as "folk/pop/rock/indie/retro/sometimes-blusey." At live performances, you'll usually find one of them with an acoustic guitar, keyboard, or banjo--and because their primary focuses are on vocals and the craft of songwriting, they oftentimes keep their sets simple as to highlight them. Fun fact: their recent gig was opening for '80s pop group The Bangles (yes, the ones who sang "Walk Like an Egyptian")--an indication of the big places they're going in the future. (Kristine Hoang)

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