Future User: Rage Against the Machine Bassist Tim Commerford's Futuristic New Band!

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Dana Klein
Jordan Tarlow and Tim Commerford
A masked man began appearing in politically charged music videos nearly half-a-year ago. The band he fronted called itself Future User. Its music mixed prog rock sounds with EDM providing a backdrop for visual critiques of police brutality, torture at Guantanamo Bay, NSA spying and GMO foods. But who was this mysterious propagandist? A fourth video, "Mountain Lion" came roaring last month when, suddenly, Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford appeared...and lit himself on fire!

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Video Premiere: Ceschi and Sage Francis are "Barely Alive"

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Dan Abernathy
Ceschi's Ready To Perform For You
If you've heard the name Ceschi, chances are you're familiar with him as either the fearless MC/multi-instrumentalist leader of indie hip-hop label Fake Four or you may have heard tell of the Free Ceschi campaign that saw friends and fans of the artist come to his aid during the trial that subsequently saw him serve a year in prison due to a controversial alleged marijuana "Christmas Bust" which made headlines in 2010.

Released since late 2013, Ceschi's hitting the road again in support of his new album Broken Bone Ballads, and is giving us the exclusive premiere of the first single "Barely Alive" which features indie rap icon Sage Francis. On Thursday April 2nd, Ceschi hits San Clemente's OC Tavern.

We spoke to Ceschi about this new video (see below), his new album and readjusting to being a touring indie artist after being in prison.

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MOVE's Ambitious Tribute to George Harrison on His Birthday

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Courtesy of Jon Zell
Jon Zell (bottom right corner) with the members of MOVE
It takes an ambitious band to recreate an ambitious album live. Especially when that album was written by a Beatle. When it came out in November of 1970, George Harrison's All Things Must Pass not only declared his independence from the Fab Four, it solidified his genius as a solo artist.

Hits like "My Sweet Lord," "What Is Life," and "Isn't It a Pity" were the bonus marks on an album that introduced Harrison's signature slide guitar, eastern religious themes, Phil Spector's Wall of Sound and other brilliantly overlayed tapestries of sonic material. The album credits include giants like Eric Clapton, Badfinger, and Billy Preston and influences from Bob Dylan. So yeah, you could say that Long Beach band MOVE had their work cut out for them when they decided they were going to perform it at Fingerprints tonight in honor of what would have been 72nd birthday. No pressure.

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Psychobillies Prepare to Take Over Knott's Berry Farm

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Courtesy of Remy Casillas
(Left to right): Pizza Beat Ent. is Tawney Estrella and Remy Casillas
Remy Casillas still remembers when the subculture of psychobilly grabbed him from beyond the grave and refused to let go. The allure of badass standup bass players, mosh pits, B-movie gore, hot rods, creepers and pomade made the raucous celebration of the undead seem eternally cool.

"I went to [Katella] high school, and all of the jocks listened to Sublime and Kottonmouth Kings," Casillas says. "I was this skinny, nerdy kid, and I heard songs about riding in a Batmobile or about zombies, and I knew that psychobilly was my kind of music."

Casillas is dedicated not only to the music that nurtured him, but also to the tight community of his ilk, those who live for the hellified combination of punk, rockabilly and appreciation for the undead. And there are now enough of them to take over an amusement park.

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Stick to Your Guns Reminds Outsiders Not to Fuck With OC

Categories: Locals Only

Jonathan Wiener
Stick to Your Guns
Stick to Your Guns singer Jesse Barnett will always take delight in demolishing people's false perceptions of Orange County. He finds that crowds in other cities sometimes need to be reminded that a land of sunny beaches, Botox and Disneyland is not reality for a band of surly hardcore veterans who are fully capable of ripping your face off.

"There are misconceptions about bands from OC; people think we're all stuck-up, that there's not enough street cred out here or whatever, but it's all bullshit," he says.

Of course, there are rough neighborhoods here, just as in any other area of Southern California, and back in the day, for the hardcore punk scene, it got crazy. "Even Roger Miret from the band Agnostic Front attested to how nuts the OC punk scene was in its heyday," Barnett says. "If you don't know anyone from OC or have never been here, then your only window is the media's version."

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Half Goon Terrorize the Local Hardcore Scene

Categories: Locals Only

Alix Johnson
Half Goon
By: Candace Hansen

Half Goon are a weird, hardcore hybrid that's tough to put your finger on. Sporting a more visceral sound than most bands coming out of Long Beach or OC lately, the fiery four piece have been tearing shit up since playing their first 15-minute set at Alex's Bar in August of 2013.

The band started out with bassist Erik Varho and drummer Colin Knight "jamming on some weirdo heavy noisy stuff because that's what we figured out we actually enjoyed playing" says Varho. Zach Willett came in shortly after, bringing his one of a kind grating-spaced-out guitar tone, solidifying their sound. The three wrote "TERRORIZER" as an instrumental before asking vocalist Adam Sepulveda to join. "We wanted him because he was one of our best friends from high school and [we] had a feeling he could go really wild. We didn't have a PA when we would practice so we pretty much had no idea what Adam sounded like or was saying until he recorded vocals for the first EP."

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Five Survival Tips For an OC Country Band

Categories: Big Country

Courtesy of Front Porch Rodeo
Front Porch Rodeo
By: Laura Insley

It might sound hard to believe, but Orange County has always had a stronghold in the world of country music. Even in the land of punk rock, ska, and reggae, several of our local bars are hosting Country Nights and clubs are teaching people how to line dance. And these days, new country bands are popping up everywhere as well. One such outfit is Front Porch Rodeo, a talented group of musicians currently making its way around the circuit with high energy sets and Top 40 Country Hits. You can find them rockin' out places like The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen in Fullerton and On The Rocks in Garden Grove. After a couple years together, FPR's got this 'Country Band in OC' thing down, and they want to give the aspiring Lady Antebellums and The Band Perrys some advice for the long, hard road they're about to embark on. Courtesy of Brendan Flannery, Jordan Roepke, Kyle Matthews, and Jeremy Devore of Front Porch Rodeo, here are five survival tips for an OC country band.

See also: OC's Country Bands Are Sick of Being Ignored

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Come Check Out the Oscars of OC Comedy

Categories: Awards, comedy

Despite what most of the outside world's perception of Orange County, we're not all dry and boring out here, and some of us are even funny on purpose. We've cultivated a sweet crop of comics behind the curtain and The 2015 Orange County Standup Awards is putting them in the well-deserved spotlight for the second year in a row.

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Saba Continues Making Music Outside of His ComfortZone

Categories: Hip-Hop

Courtesy of Saba
Since his acclaimed ComfortZone project hit the Internet last summer, 20 year-old Chicago rapper Saba continues to build his buzz by the month. His mix of acrobatically-structured verses, soulful production and instrumentation, and maturity as a writer has captured the attention of media outlets across the blogosphere and an eager base of listeners who have attached onto the substance of fellow Chicago rappers such as Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and Mick Jenkins. Undoubtedly, national tours like this outing with Mick Jenkins, Pro Era up-and-comer Kirk Knight will help further his career too.We spoke with Saba before his show tonight at the Constellation Room to talk about making music that pushes his artistic boundaries far beyond ComfortZone.

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Phobia - Alex's Bar - February 22, 2015

Categories: live review

Alex Distefano
Phobia lead singer Shane MacLachlan
Alex's Bar

A small crowd of devoted grindcore fans gathered at Alex's Bar in Long Beach last night to support beloved OC band, Phobia. The wet drizzly weather wasn't a deterrent for the group of less than a hundred which really only began to show up as the second to last band, Bellflower based Flatbush, was half-way done with their set.
When Phobia took the stage at the end of the night, immediately the buzzing razor sharp riffs and voluminous heavy bass distorted the entire room and made the bar rattle.  The blast beats were full of rage, precision and the speed of an assault rifle. Combined with harsh, guttural vocals, Phobia's brand of DIY ethics and a skillful blend of death metal and hardcore punk have earned the band a loyal fan base of fans into the underground extreme metal/punk scene. Since 1990, the band have kept pummeling along in the world of underground grind core, with a focus on anarchism as lifestyle and philosophy.

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