We Still Hang People in Orange County

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The Hangman and The Lawman get ready for a hangin'! Photo by Scott Feinblatt
The Halloween season fills a very important need in America. It is a time when society collectively derides its lasting Puritanical bent and celebrates demonic imagery. With the season come haunted attractions; some, like Knott's Scary Farm, are SoCal institutions, and in addition to the mazes and rides tricked-out with Halloween decor, the theme park hosts a variety of interactive attractions and traditional shows. One of those shows is "Elvira's Big Top," and the other is "The Hanging."

On top of being a highly theatrical and musical theme park show, "The Hanging" is foremost a roast of celebrities and of society, in general. It is an anomaly which transgresses almost every boundary of taste. While nudity and profanity do not factor, no topic is sacred from ridicule. Thus, "The Hanging" occupies a very special niche in Orange County culture -- one that is almost as important as Halloween is to the US.

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Pornhub Penetrates the Record Industry With Help From Coolio

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YouTube Screen Capture
Coolio Takes It To The Hub
Have you ever taken in a quiet evening at home, enjoying some pornography, when suddenly a song plays that deeply resonates with you and stays in your head for weeks? Popular adult entertainment website Pornhub is hoping that's the case and is looking to strengthen the bridge between porn and music with the launch of their new record label Pornhub Records.

Outside of those funky 70s "bow-a-chicka-bow-wows," not a whole lot of XXX fare has spawned signature music moments. Despite this, Pornhub vice president Corey Price thinks the connection between streaming erotica and music is a can't miss prospect. "We've managed to realize the reach our platform has," Price told us, "and we feel we can leverage that to attain success in this particular industry."

See also: Five Porn Stars Who've Attempted Careers in Music

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The Best Concerts in OC This Week

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Neon Trees--See Tuesday
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Monday, September 29

Bicycles and Jazz
Saddleback College
Well, it's pretty clear what Taylor Ho Bynum's two favorite things are. Currently winding down his 1800-mile Acoustic Bicycle Tour, Bynum makes a stop at Saddleback College's McKinney Theatre for a jazzy duet with local bassist Mark Dresser. Cycling down the West Coast on a "composition journey," the cornetist/composer's physically intensive musical trip started with a sunset solo performance in Vancouver and will soon come to an end with a sunrise solo concert in Playas de Tijuana later this week. Bynum is a modern jazz vet with more than 30 years experience--he's heralded as a leading influence in avant-garde jazz. So cycle over to Saddleback tonight (or drive or walk if you can) for an evening of contemporary jazz--spandex riding shorts may or may not be dress code. (Erin DeWitt)

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My Dad Says the New U2 Album Sucks

Categories: say what?

My father, the Rooster, going for a casual evening ride.
By: Jimmy Eberle

Once, during high school, I was woken up early on a Saturday by my dad, the Rooster (self-named after the Alice In Chains song) with a loud, repetitive knock. As I stumbled into the living room in my underwear, he bellowed, "Jim! I found this great new band."

I rubbed the sand out of my eyes with a look that must have said "I'm very interested in this; prove it," but actually just said "It's 8 a.m." He pointed at the stereo. I lumbered forth and pushed play, then heard the somber whispers of "Let the bodies hit the floor" erupt into the scream-filled, deafening chorus of Drowning Pool's "Bodies." I turned around and the Rooster was playing air guitar on a broom at our old dog Claire, named after Clarice from Silence of The Lambs.

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Karen O Talks About Love, In Illustrated Form

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Jena Ardell

Contrary to popular belief, decent, single men in OC are not mythical creatures, like unicorms. (But here are 10 OC Dudes You've Probably Dated).

If you're still striking out in singles scene, have no fear--Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen Orzolek will help soothe your broken-hearted soul.

Orzolek's first solo album, Crush Songs, was written when the YYY's singer was 27 and crushing a lot during "an ever continuing love crusade."

The eccentric singer-songwriter has been married to longtime love Barnaby Clay for three years. Here's what Orzolek had to say about falling in love and having the guts to sing about it.

Quotation above via thequietus.com.

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The Best Concerts in OC This Weekend

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Thumbnail image for dieantwoord31.jpg
Die Antwoord--See Friday
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Friday, September 26

Die Antwoord
The Observatory
Die Antwoord brought zef to the United States, a South African counterculture that simultaneously embraces and rejects luxury. If that doesn't make any sense to you, then perhaps seeing a live performance by Die Antwoord -- comprised of emcees Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek -- will solidify the counterculture's meaning. Trance-y, rave-like music is the backdrop for Ninja and Yo-Lani's rapid-fire flow, with Yo-Lani's voice often rising into falsetto raps and yelps. The duo raps in Afrikaans, English, and Xhosa, so don't expect to understand everything they're saying. Just expect to have a roaring good time with these stylish, punk-esque enthusiasts. (Tara Mahadevan)

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Why Isn't Janet Jackson in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Categories: say what?

Courtesy of the artist
Janet Jackson
By: Brittny Pierre
So what if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a bunch o' hooey? People still care about its inductees, and it's perhaps the highest achievement a musician can have on his resume.

Or her resume. Of course, the Hall is very light on women, not to mention women of color.

But there's always a chance to get it right when it comes to Janet Jackson, whose career as a trend-setter and hitmaker should speak for itself.

Here's the shocking thing: Despite being eligible since 2007, she has never even been nominated.

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Charles Fullwood Is Mr. Soultronica

Categories: Locals Only

Haila Fullwood
By: Christine Terrisse
A young man plugs in his guitar amp and gets ready to play. The acoustics are good in the lobby of the Santora Arts building in downtown Santa Ana. A few of his friends slouch against the wall. He has dressed the part of a stereotypical OC dude: plaid shirt, board shorts and a beanie. Sometimes, he ditches the beanie, and a mass of tawny curls frames his symmetric face.

His voice starts slowly as he plucks a few chords. Then comes the jolt in a piercing raw-edged tenor: "I need this much! I need you, oh/I need you here/I need you right now."
That voice belongs to 24-year-old Charles Fullwood, and the lyric is from "This Much," off his five-track EP. In his bedroom studio, he specializes in a sound dubbed soultronica: an aural cocktail combining the neo-soul of Maxwell and the raw energy and synth of a Dirty Mind-era Prince.

A big part of his sound is the Korg Kaoisslator Pro synthesizer, which he dubs "kawesomelater."

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JEFF the Brotherhood Cover Classics In a Coat of Grunge

Categories: Bands We Like

Jo Mccaughney
Total party music. That's what JEFF the Brotherhood's songs are. Crunchy, guitar-driven singalongs, tub-thumping drumrolls--if you were old enough to remember the heydey of grunge, their sound is eerily reminiscent of Weezer/Nirvana/Mudhoney/Teenage Fanclub's early days. Yup, totally fun!

Their self-produced EP of covers called Dig the Classics includes JEFF the Brotherhood's versions of songs by the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Fanclub.

The two-piece band made up of brothers Jake and Jamin Orrall are actually too young to remember grunge when it was all over MTV, but their psychedelic punk-garage-pop leanings (that LA Record's Chris Ziegler dubbed "heavy Wipers-guitar-meets-Thin Lizzy-rhythms") took root during David Geffen's high times.

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This Epic Production Refuses to Let Audiences Stay in One Place

Categories: Culture, Theater

Call it the most ambitious theater initiative in Orange County history. The most striking community outreach in Orange County cultural history. An ode to the turbulent, dense, culturally diverse city of Santa Ana.

It's all those things, but in its premiere performance,The Long Road Today/El Largo Camino de Hoy is also something else: realllllly long.

Clocking it at about two hours and 40 minutes (about twice the time listed in the program) the length isn't terminal. There's enough going on in this movable feast--from dance and music to puppets and video projections--to hold your interest. But considering the audience is split into four groups and travels across a good chunk of Santa Ana's civic center to four site-specific areas, where four scenes are enacted, there's an awful lot of moving and standing around (unless you were one of the lucky few to get the memo to bring your own folding chair).

Then again, when a play takes a year to write, when more than nearly 1,000 people are interviewed, and their cumulative recollections and insights are distilled into a play, it's a monumental task keeping things concise.

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