Dinner In Five Parts Pairs Quality Food With Amazing Music

Courtesy of Jim Colombo
In the last 50 years, the way that we consume food has drastically changed. Take Buffalo Wild Wing's for example, you're offered an iPad to play games as you walk in the door. Sports stream throughout plasma's just about everywhere you look and contests for eating dangerously hot wings commence here and there, as well. Maybe you're more fond of staying in and whipping up a delicious, gluten-free, meal as you binge on Orange Is The New Black, but either way it's evident that the world is in need of a culinary renaissance. People are not only craving a richer dining experience, they're expecting it.

Wednesday, July 29th at 7p.m. Five Crowns will delight and entice attendees as they present Dinner In Five Parts. It's time to be present, taste that subtle hint of mache as it flirts with ricotta salata in your mouth and bare witness to how the dining landscape can shape your sensory experience.

Five courses, five pairings, five musicians, five sets, and five senses amiss the charming Corona Del Mar, English garden. Creative genius Allen Moon, of Santa Ana Sites, has brought together Chris Roundtree, of wild Up, to curate a live set list composed by Missy Mazzoli, Morton Feldman, Andrew Tholl, J.S. Back, and Jodie Landau.

The conventional setting of musicians gathering before attendees will be stripped as performers intersperse throughout the space. Moon explains, "When you're able to break down the barriers it can become a very powerful experience. [Roundtree] breaks down formality and address' accessibility, allowing the audience to experience it in a personal way, that only can happen in this sort of environment."

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Phish Remind Us Why We Keep Swimming Back to See Them

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Scott Dudelson
Trey Anastasio of Phish (file photo)
The Forum

Phish made its return to The Forum in Inglewood Saturday night, their second show there in the span of nine months, a one-off evening in a string of two dozen concerts starting in the Pacific Northwest, down though California, across to Texas and the South, then up through the midwest before turning back East for the Magnaball festival in upstate New York.

For those keeping score at home, and many do, the Forum show is the one to beat this year--and might be for a while to come. The bar has been set, and it is a high one.

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Skapeche Mode Lead a Glowing Local Roster at Slidebar

Skapeche Mode performs at The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
The great thing about seeing local bands perform at a local venue (apart from the likelihood that the concert will be free) is that you really get to weigh the band by its musical and performance merits instead of by its popularity or any major buzz that it may have developed. Even in the case of The Radioactive Chicken Heads and Skapeche Mode, which already have developed enough of a following to pack the back room at The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen, in Fullerton, the bands must truly shine in order to cultivate, maintain, and expand their fan bases. On Friday night, Slidebar hosted the aforementioned bands as well as Tiktaalik and MELTED, and each band subsequently showed what they could do given around 30 minutes of stage time.

Tiktaalik performs at The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
The first up was Tiktaalik. This high-concept, "post-core," three-piece outfit sounded like the soundtrack of someone who was being chased through a junkyard by wind-up robots. The lyrics were not that clearly discernible, but the guitarist / lead singer's Cobainesque shouting at one point seemed to reveal something about voluntary exile into disenfranchisement. The bassist laid down the solid tracks of this roller coaster ride while the drummer's vicious percussive attacks cleared the roller coaster's path with the relentlessness of a wrecking ball.

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Aloe Blacc Brings the Soul to Wayfarer Benefit Concert

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Josh Chesler
He's the man. He's the man. He's the man.
Aloe Blacc
The Wayfarer

Saturday night at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa was one of those nights you don't see often enough, regardless of location or music scene.

People of all backgrounds, races, and walks of life filled the small venue. Preppy white guys boat shoes rubbed elbows with cholos in snapbacks as Coby Smith's mom and sister thanked everyone for coming out to the benefit concert his brothers at Abstract Workshop were holding for him. Hipsters with man-buns peered over cornrows and afros to get a peek of Exile working the turntables on stage, knowing that the biggest performer of the night was soon to take the stage.

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MxPx Spans Catalog for Live Recording at the Observatory

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Josh Chesler
MxPx has been around for decades, but they're not as old as you might think.
The Observatory

Time and time again, one thing in the music industry has always held true: a post-prime rock band is really only as good as their aging frontman. Thankfully for MxPx, 38-year-old Mike Herrera hasn't lost a step in his musical ability or his stage presence.

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Badflower Hold Tight to Their Rock Roots at the Slidebar

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Jason Leonti
By: Alexander Vincent
The Slidebar

We stopped by Slidebar in Downtown Fullerton last night to catch Los Angeles locals Badflower put on a set presented by KROQ Locals only. The show was opened up by Ghostel, an Indie pop band who's ace in the hole is their female backup singer with a surprising set of pipes. Next in line was Swimm, a poppy folk rock band, akin to Foals.

The headliners took the stage at 10 p.m. As they dive into their first song, it's clear the singer's microphone isn't working, but fortunately the couple dozen loyal fans in the audience are able to hold down the vocals to "Animal" until it starts working at the top of the first chorus. When it comes to rock n roll, these guys are by no means re-inventing the wheel. They've stuck by the tried and true formula: two guitars, bass and drums. What they lack in memorable verses they make up for on their choruses ...though what is important to note is that the band proves that this formula still works pretty damn well.

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Words From Wayne Coyne's Lips

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Jena Ardell

We want some of the Kool-Aid Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne is drinking with his 20-something-year-old girlfriend and their BFF Miley Cyrus! Haters can spread the mid-life crisis jokes, but we're glad Coyne has found his muses.

"[Miley Cyrus] just goes a million miles an hour and doesn't have much insecurity about it. She has no filter, no limits..." Coyne told Billboard. "Because she influences the way I sing and then I influence the way she sings, we're either ruining each other or helping each other (laughs)."

A dozen pieces of Coyne's artwork will be included in the "The Big Hope Show" exhibit at Baltimore's American Visionary Art Museum on October 3. The exhibit features artwork from several artists who survived personal traumas. This marks the first museum showing of Coyne's artwork, according to a press release from The Flaming Lips' label, Warner Bros. Records.

Here's what the eccentric, psychedelic frontman has said about art and creative expressionism. Quotation above via stereogum.com.

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Thee Commons Are an East LA Rarity With Their Psychedelic Cumbia-Rock Sound

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Thee Commons and thee cactus!
Thee Commons are living proof that the creative musical soil of East Los Angeles is still richly fertile. Bands have emerged from its epicenter for decades reshaping the sounds of each coming generation. Brothers David and Rene Pacheco are making sure that new groups can still catch a buzz by offering up an energetic blend of cumbia, pysch and rock. Inspired by a tireless work ethic, Thee Commons are making their mark on the scene in the short time they've been together.

"What makes us a little different is that we are a three-piece," vocalist/guitarist David Pacheco tells the Weekly. "We've learned to embrace it because antes we were trying really hard to fit in to that traditional cumbia sound."

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Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls Raises the Next Generation of OC Rockers!

Photo by Lorena Ortega
Little girls file excitedly into classrooms at Carr Intermediate on Wednesday morning in Santa Ana. School's out, but these kids are reveling in a different kind of summer camp, one that rocks! The intense Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls Orange County one-week program is fully underway in its mission to transform sixty-five girls into seasoned, confident musicians. The OC experiment is in its third year and the experience of past camps motivates volunteers to give it their all.

"After the first year, everybody felt the camp was amazing and needed to happen again," says camp co-coordinator (and Weekly contributor) Candace Hansen. "We try to mix it up so the girls get a musical education but also give them informational workshops that they would never have access to outside an environment like this."

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What to Look For at the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos

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Psychopathic Records
They're Throwing Another Party!
Grab the facepaint, Faygo and flagrant disregard for civilization, the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos is upon us. For 16 years now, Insane Clown Posse and the good people clowns at Psychopathic Records have amassed a long weekend of sheer Dark Carnival absurdity, and this year's looks to be no exception. Emanating from Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio, the 2015 installment's theme of "The Year of the Juggalo" could imply that this year's has some can't miss shenanigans. Here's our list of Five Things You'll See at the 2015 Gathering of the Juggalos.

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