Get Your Discount Tickets For Decadence 2014

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Do you hear that? It's the sound of your stomach growling as we get closer Decadence, the Weekly's most anticipated bite-and-sip bacchanal of the year. On September 5 from 7-10 p.m. at the Hilton in Costa Mesa, the Weekly celebrates our annual Eat+Drink Issue. Over 40 different local restaurants, craft food and spirit brands will descend on our party with their best bite-sized samples ready to serve while we entertain you with a night of culture and, of course, music. This year, the Weekly brings you performances from soon-to-be-huge SoCal reggae act Seedless along with great sets from indie pop wunderkinds Bent Jetty and the raspy soul of Adam Lasher. And right now we've got a great last-minute deal for those looking for a discount on tickets. Follow us after the jump to learn more.

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The Last: South Bay's Criminally Underrated Punk Legends

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Stacie Stevenson
The Last are nothing if not punk rock survivors. The group's seminal album L.A. Explosion! may not have garnered the attention nor accolades that other South Bay outfits received over the years, but it made a lasting impact in shaping the area's musical identity. The ferocity of that sound combined hardcore punk with a splash of surf pop that became the area's calling card, even if others made it more popular. Now 35 years after its release, the band is ready to revisit that album, even its activity has been sporadic at best over the past two decades.

Led by the brother duo of Joe and Mike Nolte, The Last has been through many incarnations over the years. Nicknamed the "Godfather of the South Bay punk scene," Joe Nolte formed the band in 1976 in his family's Hermosa Beach garage. The Last's first shows were at local house parties, which became the blueprint to how many Southern California punk bands hone their craft today. Their South Bay pedigree may not have spread as beyond the area like their contemporaries, but the impact of L.A. Explosion! remains a strong part, and one of the defining records that can still be heard in the local scene.

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Phantogram Laughed Through the Dark Times, Now They Party With Rap Stars

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Press Photo
"We toured the country multiple times, just the two of us," says Josh Carter, one-half of electropop duo Phantogram. "We'd sleep in Wal-Mart parking lots. Playing for five people every night was a success then. The first time we sold out Bowery Ballroom--that was a huge success. It's constantly building, and for that, I'm really grateful."

Vocalist Sarah Barthel looks back on those early days fondly, when she and Carter were forced to grind it out. Their highest point, she says, was their first tour. "We realized we were going to tour, and it was the smallest tour ever," she says, laughing. "We went to Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pittsburgh, and we played in front of the other band, but we were so pumped--like, it was great, so crazy. We had to sleep in our car that night, but it was awesome because we were doing it."

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10 Best Music Videos To Inspire Your Road Trip

The best road trips are usually the most improvised. (It's about the journey, not the destination, right?) That being said, there's still time to plan an impromptu trip this Labor Day. We think these music videos will inspire you to grab a friend, or two, or five--so that the cost of gas is cheaper--and hit the road! We even provided travel suggestions based on each video. Consider this a jump-start to your playlist, and don't forget to send a postcard!

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How BRGRTV Became a YouTube 'Zine For Burger Records

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Moss Perricone
Jack Sample, Steele O'Neil and Lee Rickard watching some BRGRTV
Jack Sample is scrolling through a reel of '80s commercials. He's got footage of a bizzaro wood puppet pumping up a hot air balloon. There's a voiceover, calm and vaguely sinister -- "just when you thought we couldn't go any higher." Cut. Jack stops the clip before any context, any hint as to what the ad was selling. He splices it between live footage of Tomorrow's Tulips and a new Beachwood Sparks music video.

This week 1500 kids from all over the world will tune into BRGRTV.

It's a weekly show. Ten minute episodes play out like Youtube 'zines. Think of it as the propaganda arm of Burger Records -- the ruling party in the Orange County music scene. Go to any local venue: the Observatory, the Yost, your stoner buddy's sweaty garage, hell, go to James Franco's instagram -- you'll see a Burger pin, a t-shirt, that catchy pop slogan "I'm a Burger bitch."

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The Best Tweets During the 2014 Emmy Awards.

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Hosted by Seth Meyers, some of the 2014 Emmy Award winners included Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Jim Parsons, Allison Janney, Ty Burrell, Stephen Colbert, Anna Gunn, Jessica Lange, and Aaron Paul. While Seth did a decent job with his hosting duties, he in fact said it best when he commented, "Jokes are like nominees, they can't all be winners."

Winners (and lose-bags) aside, the festivities also included Billy Crystal telling a sweet story about Robin Williams, Chris Hardwick giving a PSA on "internet trolls," we saw a funny "Billy on the Street" skit from Billy Eichner, witnessed a sexy PDA fest between Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston, and watched an interesting performance by "Weird Al" Yankovic. While, some of your personal favorites got robbed at the Emmy's and you just sat there and groaned, our Twitter feed was lit up with comments from those who live to spout off. And trust, the "spout" was on high flow mode during the 2014 Emmy Awards.

See also: Best Tweets During the 2014 VMAs

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10 Best Black Empowerment Songs

Categories: Culture

As we come up on the 50th anniversary of the MFDP (Mississippit Freedom Democratic Party) and the Freedom Summer, we find ourselves in the midst of the Ferguson debacle, a situation that has disarmed the pundits claiming we live in a post-racial country. This musical highlight of the Black Experience from the middle of the last century until now illustrates that though things have changed, much progress is still in order before we're all free. Calibrate your moral compass and throw up a fist as we take you through our list of the 10 Best Black Empowerment Songs.

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Nine Inch Nails - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - August 22, 2014

Categories: live review

Christopher Victorio
Nine Inch Nails and Sound Garden
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

After 20 years from both of their breakthrough albums Superunknown and The Downward Spiral, both heavily popularized '90s- scene leaders Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails proved their relevance in 2014 at their joined tour stop at Verizon Amphitheater on Friday, August 22.

While focusing on their 80 and 90-minute sets respectively on their star albums, their featured songs off of Soundgarden's 2012 King Animal and Nine Inch Nails' 2013 Hesitation Marks kept the momentum of the two bands rolling. Nine Inch Nails' elemental industrial rock proved more apocalyptic in the age of technological-produced music, infusing the movement of the crowd with a kinetic set of sound and visuals from the previously stone-statue crowd during the grunge set.

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Yes - The Greek Theatre - August 24, 2014

Yes performing at The Greek Theatre (photo by Scott Feinblatt)
The Greek Theatre
August 24, 2014

It seems to be a trend of late for legendary bands to dust off and perform their legendary albums. Last night, Yes performed two of theirs, Close to the Edge and Fragile. The band's extensive current tour began just a few days before the release of their latest album, Heaven & Earth, but it is not curious why their set only included two songs from the new album, which they played in between the vintage albums. The new album has not been receiving great praise, but perhaps this is because it has been 40 years since the progressive rockers began charting new cosmic territory.

Since that time, the band has seen numerous permutations in its line-up, and it is no surprise that it has never encapsulated so pure a manifestation of vision and virtuosity as it did on those two albums. Nevertheless, all history, drama, and art versus business speculations aside, there was something incredible happening on stage at the Greek Theatre. By taking a potent magical spell and casting it with aplomb, able magicians can easily entrance their legions and adherents.

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The Best and Worst of FYF Fest 2014

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Debi Del Grande for FYF Fest
Another FYF Fest has come to an end. It's likely one that people will remember for a host of reasons, good and bad. After all, it's hard to forget those times in our lives when we've encountered a major growth spurt. That's exactly what Sean Carlson's annual festival endured over the weekend after moving from LA State Historic Park and settling on a newer, bigger location at the L.A. Sports Arena and Exposition Center. It doesn't take more than a few seconds on social media to see how the crowds and the press reacted to the changes. And while there's much to be discussed regarding how things went, we narrowed our praise and complaints down to a select few. Here's our recap of the Best and Worst of FYF 2014.

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