Damien Blaise of Blok's Guide to Making the Best Halloween Costume

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Rae Threat
With a stage show that already features prominent uses of costumes and trippy images, it should come as no surprise that Blok is headlining the Zombie Prom at the Wayfarer this Friday night in celebration of Halloween. Unlike the group's previous show, which was at Disneyland, Damien Blaise promises that the duo's set will be amplified and a more intense experience. He attributes this partially due to the way they'll will dress and that they'll be doing something special to celebrate October's final day.

With that in mind, Blaise offers his tips to how make the best costume possible ahead of everyone's favorite day of madness:

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Beat Theatre Brings Experimental Film + Beats to the Frida Tonight with Santa Sangre

Antonio Brown/ Courtesy Tony Damico
Gabonano scoring The Shining with fresh beats
The aural, visual experience of a Beat Theatre show is unlike your typical cinematic live re-scoring event. You take a classic art house/avant garde film and pair it with the sounds of original beats made by underground beat producers, and you get a hypnotic, ultra-sensory experience that connects sight, sound, and mind.

While the beat scene remains fairly under the radar from its mainstream-EDM counterparts, local beat artists consider Beat Theatre to be a space for inspiration and connectivity to other artists, while for the performers themselves it's a place to give their bedroom compositions some exposure.

Dating back to 2013 in Long Beach, Beat Theatre shows have always taken place at smaller venues like houses, cultural centers and dive bars, but tonight they'll be making their actual theater debut at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana with a grand pairing of the 1989 Alejandro Jodorowsky film Santa Sangre, featuring the musical talents of DJs Afta 1, AshTreJinkins, Eludem, Gabonano, and Memesy.

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Soulific Records Brings Rare Funk, Jazz and Latin Vinyl to Long Beach

Sarah Bennett
Rodi Delgadillo inside his 4th St. shop.

Long Beach's Soulific Records isn't your typical record store. Inside the second-floor, 12-foot-by-12-foot converted office the 5-month-old store calls home, a few wooden racks hold impeccably maintained vinyl copies of funk, jazz, soul and Latin albums so obscure that most of the producers, collectors and DJs who care about them would only find them after years of digging through the proverbial crates.

Among the selection is an original pressing of Roy Ayers' 1976 album, Vibrations; a private pressing of Bobby Guajardo y su Orquesta's La Marranita; and a pristine specimen of Larry Young's jazz fusion album, Fuel--all rarities that would be more commonly found overpriced on eBay or specialty websites such as collectorsfrenzy.com.

But here at Soulific, the crates have been dug for you, and each item on display has been personally selected, cleaned and reasonably priced by owner Rodi Delgadillo, a local record collector and veteran all-vinyl DJ who co-founded the seminal Long Beach funk-and-soul club the Good Foot.

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For Rapper Hopsin, Winning Fans Is Easy. Everything Else Is Hard

Courtesy of Adapt Clothing

By Rebecca Haithcoat

Hopsin ran away in January. Deeply depressed, he was on tour in Fort Collins, Colorado, when he decided he couldn't perform that night. Other rappers might booze it up, pop a Xanax or bed groupies to cope. But Hopsin doesn't drink, do drugs or cheat on his girlfriend.
His only escape was to escape -- literally. So he removed his signature white, glow-in-the-dark contacts, tightened the strings around his black hoodie, switched off his phone and slipped out the back door of the venue.

"I pretended I wasn't Hopsin," the 29-year-old rapper says. "Something bad was going to happen at that show. I felt like I would've gone onstage and peed on all the fans or something."

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R.I.P. Agent Orange Bassist James Levesque

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Sad news has come through the Orange County punk rock dispatches this last week: James Levesque, one of Agent Orange's original bassists, passed away on October 19.

Levesque joined the Fullerton-based band -- which all but defined the skate-punk genre -- in 1981 after Steve Soto (of the Adolescents) left, and stayed with them until 1988, when he was replaced by Brent Liles. Levesque performed on Agent Orange's biggest album, 1981's Living in Darkness, and helped write the record's first single, "Everything Turns Grey," among other songs. The album was released on seminal local indie label Posh Boy Records.

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Yvonne Gage's Halloween Classic "Doin' It In a Haunted House" Turns 30!

CBS Records, Scan Courtesy of Popdose.com
Yvonne Gage Has a Song For You...

Yvonne Gage is a Chicago-based singer who is best known for the '80s funk and R&B favorites "Garden of Eve" and "Lover of My Dreams." She's also known for being both a prolific session musician, singing for everyone from Celine Dion to R. Kelly. But this time of year, to a very loyal cult following she's known as the voice behind the Halloween playlist essential, "Doin' It In a Haunted House."

Released in 1984, the response record to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and third single from her album Virginity has had quite a tumultuous legacy. We spoke to Gage about the song's history, looking back on it after three decades of demonic decadence.

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Put Your Big Boy Britches on for Tom Leykis's "Be Funny!" Live From the Laugh Factory

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Nanette Gonzales Photography

Tom Leykis has made quite a long career out of saying what he wants, staying true to himself, and fighting for his right to do just that. The ever growing popularity of The Tom Leykis Show verifies that his hard work has beyond paid off because now, he's even more successful than ever. With an upcoming live version of his "Be Funny!" segment at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood this Thursday October 30, we figured there'd be no better time to get him on the horn for the details of the event and of course, to find out what he really thinks about our very own Gustavo Arellano.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): We actually have history because back in 1998, I interviewed you when I was in radio broadcast school. Clearly I didn't take your advice though because I'm a journalist and not a radio host. Either way, it was pretty awesome for me.
Tom Leykis: Oh yeah? Well I like to say yes to interviews because back when I was in school, someone said yes to me. The person I met was Imus. I was in New York, wanted to go to college, and wanted to ask him what I should do. He invited me to come to 30 Rockefeller Plaza. So at fifteen, I got on the train with my camera, and there I was sitting with Imus at 6:00 in the morning in studio. It was pretty amazing stuff. I always want to pay it back so when people ask me for advice, I want to give it to them.

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Top 8 Skinny Shaming Songs

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Meghan Trainor video.
We're not one to follow asinine, trendy linguistic trends (sorry, not sorry: yes, we are, brah), but we love how fired up everyone is over so-called "skinny shaming," and justifiably so. For those who don't know: skinny shaming is when a person who isn't skinny insults a person who is skinny and it's become prevalent in today's pop culture.

In the wake of recent, semi-controversial hits like Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" and Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass," the following terms have saturated the media: size oppression, reverse sexism, skinny-prejudice, reverse fat-shaming, and anti-feminism.

Like skinny shaming, these terms create wonderful headlines, but only convolute the real issue behind these insulting lyrics: nothing about bashing another person's body type is empowering or will change your own body image. It may feel good for a moment, but haters are still going to wind up unhappy with themselves (and their body types) in the end.

Skinny shaming lyrics are more often just women shaming, and isn't that something the artists -- especially the female singers -- should be ashamed of? We don't need encouragement from celebrities to make women feel like they need to compete with each other, when the media already makes women feel they need to look like the celebrities du jour.

Here are the Top 8 songs that disrespect skinny girls:

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SoCal Reggae All Stars Talks Supergroup Status, New Album and Weekly Wayfarer Shows

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Karyn Bond
From left to right: Gerald Couchman, Pius Oyebanji, Jelani Jones, Michael Ortiz, Daniel Lopilato, Kitaka, David "Cirious" Elecciri Jr.
Reggae lovers looking for a weekly fix can convene at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on Tuesday nights, where the stage bustles with a rotating lineup of musicians known as the SoCal Reggae All Stars. Comprised of members from Steel Pulse, Common Sense, and Big Mountain, the super group views the weekly gig as a way to keep Southern California's reggae community engaged and growing.

Lead guitarist and producer David "Cirious" Elecciri Jr. anchors the group, and considering he's also a member of reggae staple act Steel Pulse, he's more than qualified. With an album featuring Baruch Hind and members of No Doubt pegged for release in early summer, the SoCal Reggae All Stars are poised to keep Orange County's reggae reputation flourishing. We sat down with Elecciri who shared his thoughts on the band, the new album, and the state of Southern California's reggae scene.

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Knotfest - October 24-26, 2014 - San Manuel Amphitheater

Rachael Mattice
Corey Taylor of Slipknot at Knotfest

October 24-26, 2014
San Manuel Amphitheater

Thank the Dark Lord the temperature in San Bernardino was only in the 80s on Saturday, as an estimated 50,000 metalheads, campers and revelers flocked to the San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore for Knotfest -- three days of camping and a dark carnival/heavy-metal music festival curated by Slipknot (who were inspired by European metal festivals) to bring a musical and cultural event of this magnitude to San Bernardino. For three days, fans explored dark art, fire, carnival rides, roller coasters music, and more.

The party got started Friday evening with Suicide Silence and The Black Dahlia Murder opening a nighttime show. Combined, Saturday and Sunday featured over 20 bands on a total of five stages per day. Saturday included bands such as Carcass, Testament, Fear Factory, Prong, Butcher Babies and In This Moment. Sunday offered bands like Napalm Death, Devildriver, Miss May I, Of Mice and Men, Killswitch Engage and Whitechapel.

Both nights were headlined by Slipknot, and night one featured main stage acts Black Label Society, Hatebreed, Black Label Society, Anthrax and Danzig. Night two also featured main stage acts Hellyeah, Atreyu, Tech N9NE, Volbeat, and Five Finger Death Punch.

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