Five Classic West Coast Rap Albums Turning 20 in 2015

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Interscope Records
2Pac was Against the World in '95

While 1994 was undeniably a great year for hip-hop, fans have plenty of 20th anniversaries to celebrate this year as well. Whether getting "Sumpin' New" from the mainstream or seeing boundaries pushed until they "bounce" in the underground, 1995 had something for everybody and its influence is still being felt today.

Here are five classic West Coast rap albums turning 20 in 2015.

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The Melvins' Commitment to Oddity Makes Them Influential

Categories: Bands We Like

Mackie Osbourne
Just after 2014 became 2015, the Melvins' drummer Dale Crover experienced one of his proudest moments in the band. Though their New Year's show was canceled, he and Buzz Osborne, the band's co-founders, decided to play an acoustic set at Permanent Records in Los Angeles. The duo were expecting a crowd and a nice showing; they didn't expect to have to play two packed shows in order to meet the demands of a line of rabid fans who circled an entire block to see the short set.

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New Plays Push Boundaries at STAGESTheater

Categories: Culture, Theater

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A lusty chorus of huzzahs to STAGES Theatre! The county's longest-running storefront (going on 20-plus years) has chosen two new, or relatively unfamiliar, plays to local audiences, to begin 2015. And why should you give a shit? Well, new plays mean new voices, new stories. And while the umpeenth production of Dial M for Murder or the Pirates of Penzance might be great for a theater's bottom-line, it does absolutely nothing to grow the medium, or to suggest why people who aren't already into it should care in the slightest.

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Cambodian Rockers Dengue Fever Dug Deep to Reclaim Their Sound on The Deepest Lake

Categories: Bands We Like

Marc Walker
Dengue Fever thrives on the alchemy of old music. Derived from Cambodian pop of the 1960s and '70s, their style is a danceable, delightfully mutated mix of American surf, garage-rock psychedelia and the emotive, snaky crooning of Khmer folk songs. It's a style of music that was almost lost during the Khmer Rouge regime of the late '70s. Prior to the release of their latest album, The Deepest Lake(released today), the band feared that they might also be in danger of losing their sound.

"We were a bit disappointed with Cannibal Courtship," bassist Senon Williams says of the band's 2011 release on the heavyweight Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group label. "A lot went into making that record, and the label didn't do a great job. They said a bunch of stuff about how they knew what to do with us, [but] they had no clue, and that became apparent very quickly."

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The First Shot Photo Contest Winner Is...

Categories: contest

Heather Feibleman
Over the last couple months, we've been in search of a winner for our inaugural First Shot Photo Contest in memory of late Weekling photographer Andrew Youssef. Back in December, we put a call out to all aspiring local photographers to see who had the skills and the ambition to represent Youssef's attitude and work ethic (not an easy task for any photog, let alone a beginner).

Today we congratulate winner Heather Feibleman, a senior at Corona Del Mar High School. We gladly interrupted her study time during finals week to deliver the news. Not only can she tell a pretty good story from behind the lens, she also has an interesting one of her own.

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Nuclear Comics Still Caters to Today's Comic Book Fan

Categories: Locals Only

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Kenny Jacobs
Nuclear Comics in all its glory
At 24 years old, OC native Kenny Jacobs acquired a small business loan, enabling him to buy the barebones of a local comic shop. It hasn't been an easy journey, selling comics over the last two decades. The first year and a half that he owned the store, he worked at Trader Joes and when the economy crashed in 2009 he began working there again to keep the store alive. Despite the ups and downs, Jacobs still lives and breathes comics. Feel like having a stimulating conversation about characters, plot and art? Jacobs is the man to see.

On Dec. 1, Nuclear Comics in Laguna Hills officially celebrated 20 years in business. In honor of the shops big birthday, Jacobs talks with us about the resurgence of OC comic book lover's in the last decade and what makes a good comic preparing us for Wonder Con, coming to Anaheim in April.

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Musink 2015 Lineup Announced: Rancid, Bad Religion, Blink 182 Headlining

Categories: Musink

John Gilhooley
Musink just announced the lineup for its annual tattoo and music festival at the OC Fairgrounds Costa Mesa. Headliners include Rancid, Bad Religion and Blink 182 with guitarist Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio instead of Tom Delonge who apparently just left the band indefinitely. The three day festival in Costa Mesa (March 20-22) presented by Blink's drummer Travis Barker also includes performances from Sick of It All, The Interrupters, Ignite, Yelawolf and Prayers. And of course you're encouraged to actually get some ink and Musink from one of the dozens of celebrity tattoo artists from around the world. Tickets go on sale January 30 at 10 a.m. See the full flier of artists and acts below.

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NAMM 2015:10 Things We Learned

Categories: NAMM

John Gilhooley
That's a wrap on NAMM 2015, and like every year, the world's largest music gear convention has left us glazed over after four days of thorough overstimulation. As media, we're just there to take it all in and make sense of it, and while that's a daunting enough task, it's nothing compared to the actual work taking place there. The chasing down of contacts, the putting of names to faces, the handshakes and deal making--NAMM is where, for four winter days at the Anaheim Convention Center, the entire music-making ecosystem meets to plan out the year ahead. That's the major underlying gist of the story. Here are 10 other lessons we learned at this year's NAMM.

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Night Demon Brought an International Metal Gathering to Fullerton

Categories: Metal

Alex Distefano
Night Demon

Night Demon
Riff Haus

While the masses of big name metal musicians, retailers, musical tech geeks, and groupies all gathered in Anaheim for the annual NAAM show over the weekend, hundreds of fans flocked an industrial corner of Fullerton on Saturday night for the CD Release party of up and coming Ventura heavy metal trio, Night Demon.

By 8:45 p.m., the hidden rehearsal space known as the Riff Haus was packed with fans, at least 100 deep inside and another hundred outside. The only downer of the evening was the sound system of the venue. From Blade Killer, on through the headliners, the microphones, amps and speakers kept cutting out during the set, causing distractions and frustrations among the musicians and crowd, but the bands all managed to pull right through it, and never once stopped a song. However, there were a few things that fans in the crowd couldn't overlook, like the fact that in between bands there was no music playing, and hearing the silence and random conversations was a bit disorienting. To top it off, this place didn't sell beer.

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Bad Suns - The Observatory - January 25, 2015

By:Taylor Morgan
Bad Suns
The Observatory

L.A. band Bad Suns received an unprecedented amounts of "I love you" screams, immediately following an intense lyrical devotion to "Transpose" the groups first song of the night at the Observatory.

Christo Bowman (vocals), Miles Morris (drums), Ray Libby (guitar) and Gavin Bennett (bass), released their debut album Language & Perspective last July and are quickly elevating their profile in the indie rock scene. Their bouncy beats and hook heavy chorus' recently landed them a performance slot on Conan O'Brien as well as three sold out shows, in Southern California, to kick off their 2015 tour.

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