Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Judge Has a Bone to Pick With Lady Gaga

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Every time the strange saga of the Real Housewives of Orange County seems like its over, it only gets more annoying. Just take a look at what transpired recently in Real Housewife land after Lady Gaga foolishly decided to feature the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in her video for "G.U.Y."

We won't discuss the merits (or demerits) of the video or Gaga's album for that matter. But we do pass judgement former RHOC cast member Tamra Judge for her response to the video. Joining Ryan Seacrest on his morning radio show, Judge voiced her disappointment with the pop star's casting of the video saying, "Why were they in it and we were not? We are the originals, Gaga ... I'm so disappointed!" She continues by saying that Gaga broke her implants on Andy Cohen's show (whoever that is). Oy vey.

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Courtney Love Fan Art You Really Must Own

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HelloMountains on etsy
Mrs. Courtney Love Cobain kept it classy at Nirvana's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony last Thursday.

"I have a big speech, but I'm not gonna say it," Love said. "We all start bands when we're kids and this is my family I'm looking at right now."

She later tweeted kind words to and about Krist Novelselic and a photo of the exact moment when the hatchet was buried between her and long-term adversary Dave Grohl...

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Fred Armisen Brings a Live Portlandia Viewing to the Observatory

Charles Lam/OC Weekly

It's hard to name one other television show that has brilliantly crystallized the humor and absurdity of contemporary lifestyle trends than Portlandia. Created by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein--veteran musicians and close friends--the two pooled together their collective experiences of Portland and have generated a successful format for satirizing some of the most innocuous quirks about the city and the millenial generation as a whole.

Four seasons since their debut in 2011, Portlandia has become a cult hit with its iconic one-liners ("Put a bird on it!"), awesome guest stars, and various recurring characters played by Armisen and Brownstein, like the gender-swapping roles Lance and Nina, aging punks Spike and Iris, and of course, feminist bookstore Women & Women First owners Toni and Candace.Last Saturday night, Armisen came down to the Observatory in Santa Ana to extend to fans an exclusive first look of this season's upcoming episode 8, and engaged audiences in a hilarious Q&A session full of memorable moments and insightful answers.

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The Best of Coachella 2014

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Timothy Norris
Round one of Coachella is over and damn, was it a good one! We're all sore, sunburned and smiling. Here's the best of what we saw during another memorable weekend in Indio.

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The Worst of Coachella 2014

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Timothy Norris
Coachella's first weekend was amazing this year! Except when it wasn't. Here are the parts of the festival that rubbed us the wrong way.

Saturday Night dust storm (above)

Conditions may not have been as bad as they were during last year's Red Hot Chili Peppers set, but Saturday night's dusty conditions were still pretty awful. The winds starting picking up when the sun started going down, and by dusk, the sky had turned a coffee-stain brown and festivalgoers were wiping desert residue from their eyeglasses and exposed skin. Dust gets everywhere -- in the cracks of your smartphone, for starters, and then, later, in your scalp, nose and bronchial tubes. It's a disgusting affair and a reminder to bring a handkerchief next time. -Adam Lovinus

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Twitter Had a Fun Time Talking Shit on Coachella

Christopher Victorio
Pharrell stays happy...and hot.
The first weekend of Coachella is officially over. As always the Tweetosphere had plenty to say about it.

It's becoming common that Twitter keeps it vocal during any type of show and while there were a TON of tweets bitching that they weren't partying in the desert this weekend and constantly fawning over Vanessa Hudgens wardrobe choices (mostly from the hipster youth of America), the best of the best came from the cynical peeps who know better. Here's some of the best Twitter commentary about Coachella 2014.

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The 50 Most Beautiful People of Coachella

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Colin Young-Wolff
So many Coachella-goers spend months before the festival working on their tans, their outfits, their figures, and their breezy poses.

There's a real glut of fabulousness, we have to say, both among those in attendance at the Polo Grounds and the parties surrounding the festival. Here are the 50 most beautiful people we saw at Coachella.

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Cutest Couples of Coachella

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Timothy Norris
There are certainly plenty of single people wandering around the Coachella grounds; the volume of Craiglist "casual encounters" can attest to that.

But there are also ten tons of couples, the vast majority of whom are completely adorable. Here are the cutest we saw.

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The Best Acts at Coachella Weren't Even on the Bill Last Night

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Nate Jackson
GZA destroying bros with his lyrics at the Heineken House
Special guests at Coachella are about as ho-hum as over-priced beer at this point. It's just something you're bound to expect when you set foot on the polo fields. Coachella goers are spoiled like that. But how rare is it that on a Saturday night , which sadly could've been a slow one for plenty of people, turned out awesome because of the artists we saw who WEREN'T on the bill?

Traipsing around the festival ground, it seemed many of the artists were locked into a game of "Guess Who I Brought?" starting with Diddy's cameo with Guy Gerber at the Yuma Tent about an hour before sundown. Okay, we know, the two have that 11:11 album together, so it's not that crazy that the king of Bad Boy would show up. But for Diddy (or is it Puffy again? P. Diddy? Who can keep up?) to humble himself enough to pop up on a small stage like the Yuma was nice to see, even if you secretly want him to stay the hell away from EDM.

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Female Artists Are Killing It at Coachella This Year

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Chris Victorio
As a dusty wind whipped behind her in hazy stage light, Solange and her ultra slick backing band brought serious chops and swagger to the polo fields as nighttime fell over Coachella. And then Beyonce showed up on stage dancing to "Losing You." It was the first celebrity big surprise (before Pharrell's start-studded performance) of a festival characterized by strong sets turned in by female artists.

The musical pretext for the Solange set was laid out by two prominent bands on the LA scene, which now more than ever, in terms of bands, food, beer, style and attitude, dominates Coachella. This was illustrated by sunwashed afternoon sets by HAIM and Warpaint Friday and Saturday.

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