Speaking to The Voice Behind vōx

Ax + Apple.
Vōx (pronounced wohks, and usually spelled all lowercase) is the new moniker of Los Angeles-based musician Sarah Winters, who possesses the vocal inflections of Imogen Heap with the quiet forcefulness of Lorde--minus the pseudo pop-goth vibe. Winters caught the internet's ear with her melodic covers of Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools" and Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love."

"I've always felt like my music speaks for itself," Winters told us. "Either that, or it's the curse of a musician and you never really know how to sell yourself."

Winters must have been doing something right because her talent caught the ear of Yoni Wolf, the lead singer of Why?, which led to a year-long international tour with the band as their keyboardist and opening act.

Here's what the 23-year-old musician divulged about her forthcoming debut EP, Put The Poison In Me, and her mesmerizing NSFW music video for the EP's lead track, "Better".

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10 Songs to Celebrate the Defeat of DOMA

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Big Freedia
According to my Facebook feed, apparently the gays can get married. Or something like that (I didn't read any of those posts). I'm excited not only because legalizing gay marriage is the right thing to do, but because I've learned weddings are the best way to pick up chicks. So, more weddings means more girls, which is totally not gay (not for me, anyway).

Even more importantly, the term "holy matrimony" is single-person code for "massive party" where everyone gets wasted and has a blast. And you know who throws the best parties? The gays, which means gay weddings are going to be fucking awesome.

So hooray to all my homosexual brethren and sistren! You've now earned the right to be as miserable as every one of my married friends. But before you can be miserable, go weeks without sex, get hit with under-the-cover farts, feel the frustration that comes from your husband/wife's lack of dishwashing ability and sit through countless uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinners, you need to get wild.Here, to help you get wild, are 10 gay-friendly songs sure to make any party fabulous.

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Long Beach Rapper Joey Fatts Releases 'Choppa' with ASAP Rocky and Danny Brown

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If we are to take what rappers rap about even somewhat seriously, then rising Long Beach artist Joey Fatts is, like he says, "Michael Vick with clips." That's easily one of the most violent football references we've heard an emcee spit all year, and judging by the block-battering sound of Fatts' new track "Choppa," he's most likely right.

Fatts' newest chamber depleter, "Choppa," is the latest cut from the young LBC representer, and clocks in right over three minutes. The production plays out like the soundtrack to a horror-themed nightmare of a video game, and boasts appearances from superstar ASAP Rocky and gap-toothed underground king Danny Brown. It's another track in a growing line of records that makes it that much harder for the month of May and the release of Fatts' upcoming Chipper Jones Vol 2 mixtape.

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Singularity Teams With Nilu For 'Horizon' EP, Title Track Goes Viral!

Michael Trewartha
Both DJ/producer Singularity and singer Nilu are pretty much blowing up these days, so what happens when you put both of them into the musical mix? The answer is revealed upon first listen to "Horizon," their collaborative effort released earlier this month. The song is the title track and lead single from Singularity's forthcoming EP. "Horizon" blends his knack for creating compelling electronic soundscapes with Nilu's sultry, Feist-like vocals.

Singularity originally found out about the Irvine-based songstress the same way many initially did. "My friend posted a video of Nilu singing," he says of "Sing For You," her viral YouTube hit. "Since then I'd always wanted to have her on a track," the Fountain Valley native adds. "When I saw that she lived so close to me, I sent her an email and eventually we made it happen." From the number of downloads and plays, music lovers are happy that they did!

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La Santa Cecilia's New Immigrant Song "El Hielo (ICE)" Could Melt a Know Nothing's Heart!

Humberto Howard
Bubbles yes, deportations no!

The debate over immigration in the United States is too often mired in doublespeak and the vitriol of xenophobia. As musicians, La Santa Cecilia chose a humanizing and harmonizing tone for their new single "El Hielo (ICE)." The Los Angeles-based Latin Grammy-nominated band tackles the issue head on with verse vignettes lyrically telling the story of Eva, a domestic worker, Jose, a jardinero, and Martha, an undocumented student aspiring to higher education.
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Aston Matthews and Joey Fatts Get Graphic on New Track, "Nina"

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Aston Matthres (left) with

Lakewood rapper/gun-enthusiast Aston Matthews and Long Beach's new hope Joey Fatts (two-thirds of the Cutthroat Boyz) link up once again for their brand new record, "My Nina." This ain't a sentimental track with someone waxing poetic about their sweet, kind-hearted Nina; this is an acrobatic back-and-forth sound-off between two of this area's best up-and-coming rappers that delves into trap-rap, gunplay, and how they can turn your block into Bosnia.
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10 Punk Albums to Listen to Before You Die


Coming up with 10 punk albums to listen to before you die is a lot harder than you'd think. For starters, it's a morbid thought, which makes you start asking yourself why in the hell you're thinking about punk albums when you're only gonna die, so who cares?

Second, the best material of many (if not most) punk bands is featured on singles, not full-length records. That's why you won't see Minor Threat on this list because even though they are punk rock royalty, their sole album (1982's Out of Step) isn't as good as their EPs. Or, on the flipside, you got a band like Red Cross, whose first EP is
unfuckwithable, but EPs aren't albums and therefore not included in this list.

That said, there are still plenty of full-length punk records that everyone should most definitely hear and more than likely own.

Here, in no particular order, are 10.

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Remix Exclusive: Boys Noize - XTC (MMM REMIX)

Courtesy of Bjorn Jonas
Alexander Ridha, aka Boys Noize

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Today Boys Noize premiered it's remix of "XTC" by MMM in the UK a couple hours ago and now in the US here. The remix amplifies the classic Boys Noize old school disco house sound elongating the intro and allowing for a more electrifying banging in-your-face punch when the robotic "ecstasy, one for me" lyrics surface. The remix gets even more delightfully strange as it goes on and is sure to rock dance floors everywhere.

The original song "XTC" was released as a preview two days ago and will be officially released on August 6th on Boys Noize Records. The song was first heard as he opened his sets at last years Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York and apparently at the festivals all around the world. A year later, the techno gem has finally surfaced and the German DJ/producer fans couldn't be happier.

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[UPDATED w/ World Premiere] Preview an Excerpt of Lupe Fiasco's first single off 'Food & Liquor II'

Brian Moghadam
UPDATE MAY 21 5:00 P.M.: Hip-hop heads can now check out the full version of "Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)" as Lupe Fiasco linked the YouTube world premiere from his Facebook page only a half hour ago. The track is as on point as the excerpt suggested and better yet, by the video's end a drop date is given for the first installment Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album. Mark your calendars for September 25, 2012.

For rapper Lupe Fiasco, there's no major label drama with Atlantic Records over his artistic endeavor this time around. When he presented his completed forthcoming album Food & Liquor II, a sequel to his acclaimed debut, it was received with approval. There was no impasse, no 'Fiasco Friday' protests, no leaked tracks or self-financed music videos like all that which came to define and ultimately characterize, if not compromise, LASERS, his previous embattled effort.

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Six Songs with the F Word in the Title for Valentine's Day

Ladies, I've got a secret for you: Men don't like Valentine's Day.

I mean, we just got over the pressure of the holidays and now we're expected to come up with more gifts to show our love and appreciation. And do we ever get it right? Of course not. We're guys and we suck.

But we know if we play our cards right, tonight's almost a slam dunk in the bedroom. With this on our minds, we're acting all soft and cute with our roses, cards, teddy bears and chocolates, but what we're really thinking about is getting naked with you. (To be fair, we're also thinking about how to get you naked on the other 355 days of the year, but tonight, the odds of that happening are much higher and we like when the odds are in our favor.)

So while you're thinking about how he went to Jared or how every kiss begins with Kay, plain and simple, we're thinking about fucking you. Just so you can't say I didn't warn you, here's the soundtrack to what's going through our minds as you gorge yourself on chocolates and white wine spritzers.

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