Yvonne Gage's Halloween Classic "Doin' It In a Haunted House" Turns 30!

CBS Records, Scan Courtesy of
Yvonne Gage Has a Song For You...

Yvonne Gage is a Chicago-based singer who is best known for the '80s funk and R&B favorites "Garden of Eve" and "Lover of My Dreams." She's also known for being both a prolific session musician, singing for everyone from Celine Dion to R. Kelly. But this time of year, to a very loyal cult following she's known as the voice behind the Halloween playlist essential, "Doin' It In a Haunted House."

Released in 1984, the response record to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and third single from her album Virginity has had quite a tumultuous legacy. We spoke to Gage about the song's history, looking back on it after three decades of demonic decadence.

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Our St. Francis of Assisi Feast Day Playlist!

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Wikimedia Commons
St. Francis, as painted by Jusepe de Ribera

If you grew up Catholic, chances are you're familiar with the great St. Francis of Assisi. For many Catholic school children, he's a longtime favorite. There's a good chance this is because of St. Francis' well-documented love of animals and, when you're a kid, that's a pretty strong shared interest to have. Even the current leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, takes his name as a tribute to twelfth-century friar who devoted his life to helping those in poverty. This Saturday is St. Francis' official feast day, a celebration marked during the Catholic school year by the all-school mass where students are encouraged to bring their pets from home in order to be blessed. It is with a bird in our hand that we bring you our St. Francis of Assisi Day playlist!

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Chow Down with our Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Championship Playlist!

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The Fat Boys
Along with being our nation's birth, July 4th is also the day all eyes will be on Coney Island for Nathan's world famous Hot Dog Eating Competition. Yes, competitive eating's biggest day of the year goes down tomorrow as the biggest names in consumption will attempt to out-devour each other in a morning of intense voracious fun! Whether you're watching the competition from home or making the trek to Coney Island to see it live, you're probably wishing you had the perfect soundtrack. Well fear not as we at the Weekly have assembled the ultimate Hot Dog Eating Contest playlist!

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Top Five Patriotic Alternatives For Your 4th of July Playlist

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Bob Odenkirk as "C.S. Lewis Jr."

It's almost the 4th of July, and you know what that means! Cook-outs, neighborhood get-togethers and all-around joyous celebrations of being American. Fireworks, streamers, bald eagles and red-white-and-blue color schemes will be in full force today! Of course, just as important in celebrating the absolute greatest country in the world (we checked, it's true) is having the right music. You don't want to be caught being the person who completely misinterpreted "Born in the USA" and bummed everybody out by playing it, right? Therefore, here's five alternative patriotic songs to get your 4th of July off cookin' right!

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It's Canada Day! Here's Six Favorites From Our Neighbors Up North

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Pick up a hockey stick and pour maple syrup on something at your local Tim Horton's because today Canada turns 146 years young! Celebrating the enactment of their Constitution Act, Canadians coast to coast have the day off to reflect on their own Canadian-ness. Along with Wayne Gretzky, Cirque du Soleil and Norm MacDonald Canada's contributed a great deal of wonderful music to the world as well. While many stateside today may be thinking of Rush, Barenaked Ladies or Bryan Adams, we at the Weekly thought today would be a great day to look at some of Canada's finest lesser-known exports. After all, this is a country that has produced some of the most legitimately kick-butt children's television music ever broadcasted well as is the home of the greatest music journalist on the planet so, with our best pair of Bret "Hitman" Hart glasses on we take a look at five of our favorite Canadian produced jams.

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NYE EDM Festivals in 2012: Which One Was the Best?

Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly
EDM fans ready for NYE

Who would have thought five years ago that super star DJ's like Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Andy Moor, Sebastian Ingrosso, Laidback Luke, Calvin Harris, Avicii and Nero would be headlining separate major EDM festivals right here in California on New Years Eve? Since Insomniac Events and Go Ventures ended their partnership, the infamous Together As One NYE massive which was held in LA for 13 years has ceased to exist and major EDM events and festivals have been popping up in the surrounding cities for the past couple of years. This weekend we took a stab at attending OMFG! NYE at the San Diego Sports Arena on Sunday December 30th and then rushing back to OC for White Wonderland at the Anaheim Convention Center Monday December 31st in an attempt to compare which party was the best! Take a look at our notes and decide for yourself.

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The Top Five EDM Parties on New Year's Eve

Courtesy of Matthew Little / Insomniac
The crowd at last years White Wonderland

The end of the year snuck up on most of us this year with all of the fun we've been having week after week and the plethora of electronic dance music events that surged the music scene this year. It seems like every month there has been a major EDM festival or event and we're still recovering from the madness. But now that the Christmas gifts are open and you can't even stand to look at leftovers it's time to think New Years Eve. Some have been planning their midnight festivities for a while now (or maybe just who they plan on smooching at midnight), but we kept seeing EDM events pop up like Starbucks on every corner. Yet we still managed to break down the top five EDM NYE parties in Orange County and it's surrounding cities for your convenience of course.

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Five More Hip-Hop Holiday Renditions We Would Love to Hear

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dmx rudolph550.jpg
DMX of Ruff Ryderz and "Rudolph" fame

If the sugar plum fairies dancing in your head this week have started to stop, drop, shut 'em down and open up shop, that's likely because they're still beaming from DMX's absolutely spellbinding cover of the children's Christmas classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." We at the Weekly consider the clip to be one of the best things we've seen this Holiday season and, in the fine tradition of quickly spreading hip-hop trends, really hope more rap artists give us their take on the great seasonal standards. It is with that in mind we present our choices for five more hip-hop holiday renditions we would love to hear!

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Five Ways to Celebrate Elvismas

Christmas is a lame holiday celebrating the fake birthday of some guy who probably never even existed. And that's just one reason why it sucks, which is why January 8 is a way better day to get your party on.

For those who don't know, January 8 is Elvis Presley's birthday. Depending on which camp you reside in, either Elvis would have been 77 years young this Sunday or he is turning 77 years young (by that, I mean either you think he died Aug. 16, 1977, or you think he is still alive). Personally, no straight man on this planet loves the King of Rock 'n' Roll more than I do (although rumor has it Elvis is even more popular on Uranus), but even I don't think he's still living. I sure as hell wish he was, but that's another story. 

A few years ago, some friends coined a term called "Elvismas" and instantly I knew they were onto something. As a total atheist-leaning agnostic who hates standing in crowded lines at the mall even more than he hates all the religious aspects of Christmas, instantly I knew that Elvismas was something I could get behind.

I understand this holiday is new to you, so to help I'm offering these five tips that will get you in the Elvismas spirit. And if none of these work, you could always fall back on the unspoken sixth rule, which more or less equates to getting shitty drunk until you pass out. But I guess you don't really need Elvismas to do that.

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Top Five New Year's Parties in Orange County

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Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
So many big names, so little time. Have you ever seen this many gigantic parties in Orange County happening on the same weekend? Sure, the OC Fair's annual New Year's Eve block party is always loads of fun, but Tiesto is performing in Santa Ana. White Wonderland (with Paul van Dyk and Kaskade) will be at Anaheim. Even KCRW's Jason Bentley will be deejaying at the Detroit Bar! What the heck? Check out what else is happening this weekend after the jump. 

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