Is Hip-Hop Culture Gentrifying Santa Ana?

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Brian Feinzimer
A graffiti mural splashed with color and the words Santa Ana looms from the rooftop over the courtyard between Fourth and French streets. In the left-hand corner of the piece, the artist tagged the phrase "East End"--the new name of the area known for decades as Fiesta Marketplace. The brick layered walkways of Plaza Santa Ana used to be home to El Faisan, a collection of kiosks offering Westernwear and Mexican imports before disappearing like many other immigrant businesses before it.

Nowadays, the sights and sounds of traditional Latino culture are surrounded by clubs and outdoor shows pumping heavy bass and boom-bap. Clothing shops sling expensive caps and designer sneakers, as shiny cowboy boots and tejanas fade into the background. As the market expands in the plaza, it's natural to believe hip-hop culture is becoming one of the strongest elements in the city's continuing gentrification.

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Are Zines Making a Comeback?

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Dustin Ames
Jesse La Tour: Fullerton zine master
This story could've been titled "Everything Old Is New Again," but that isn't necessarily accurate. Still, when you look at what pop-culture aficionados are digesting these days, it's easy to think so.

Records. Cassettes. Betamax tapes. Typewriters. Rotary phones. Wristwatches. Something about our all-touchscreen, right-here-right-now, all-digital lives has people fetishizing the tactile and the physical, which is evident by the resurgence of vinyl (according to Nielsen SoundScan, vinyl sales reached $6 million in 2013), the fact that labels such as Burger Records are releasing new music on tape, and zines.

Yup, zines.

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Michael Jackson Fan Art You Really Must Own

Nesting Doll Set by artmatryoshka on etsy.

It's hard to believe Michael Jackson tragically left this earth four years ago. This year, why not honor Jackson by splurging on handmade art instead of getting emotional while watching This Is It with your cat? Here are our favorite etsy items:

Hide your MJ in this impressive Five-Piece Nesting Doll Set by artmatryoshka (above) because you're bad, you're bad... you know it.

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Devendra Banhart Hangs Out at In N' Out Post-Observatory Show!

Instagram user @michaeldarcell
Last night at the Observatory, freak folk superstar Devendra Banhart played an excellent set of acoustic wonder to a more than receptive audience, capturing hearts with his Mick Jagger-esque preening on the stage and lilting vocals. And then everybody went home.

But if you happened to be at In N' Out across the street after 11:30pm, then you would have seen Devendra Banhart stroll in with his music entourage in tow. His backing band-including Strokes drummer Fab Moretti, opening act Rodrigo Amarante and fiance Ana Kras were all there, hungry and famished after their performance. Never was I ever happier that I decided to indulge my inner craving for In N' Out than I was at that moment.

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S.S. Coachella: Top Five Moments of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll on Board

Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly
The S.S. Coachella was held on the Celebrity Silhouette

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Goldenvoice's week-long music festival cruise to the Bahamas and Jamaica titled the S.S. Coachella anchored back in the Port Everglades of Fort Lauderdale Florida yesterday. It was only natural that the Coachella brand would jump ship on the cruise festival trend such as Mayhem Festival, Groove Cruise and Holy Ship and bring the festival experience to the high seas. Just like our OC and LA natives have been making the pilgrimage every year to the Indio desert for a weekend of scorching heat, outrageous partying and music madness since it's launch in 1999, plenty took part in the first ever S.S. Coachella. Sure, we wrote about how the line-up was a sinker a couple of months back, but we still couldn't help having FOMO (fear of missing out) if we didn't join on the inaugural cruise to the Caribbean.

Though it may have looked like hipster hell, it actually was one of the wildest times I've had this year since I lost my playa virginity at Burning Man. In a way the S.S. Coachella was like the Burn with an infinite array of possibilities - the only difference was this adventure took place on one of the most luxurious cruise ships and shared more of the eclectic music tastes of the Coachella crowd (and it's values). The Celebrity Silhouette is a 122,000 ton ship with everything from premiere suites, pools, basketball courts and grass on the top deck (yes both kinds of grass). Throw in some bands, DJs and you have a recipe for a lot of debauchery. We broke down the five highlights from our S.S. Coachella escapade while still nursing a massive hangover and attempting to get over the sea legs.

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10 Best Hipster Halloween Costumes From the Growlers' Beach Goth Party

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growlers ghost.jpg
Matt Oliver / OC Weekly

Over the weekend, the Growlers' Beach Goth Party blessed us with the union of two amazing things...Halloween and a day on the playa. In celebration of their newly-released album Hung at Heart, the OC psych/surf tribe brought out a slew of bands to the Observatory including Audacity, Thee Raincats, Tomorrow's Tulips and many more. Despite not having actual sand between our toes during the show (Santa Ana is a long way from Trestles, bro), the gothic vibe was definitely in full effect. With a wide array of mask-wearing blood-spattered, gimmicky guises, we saw a spooky side of hipsterdom that certainly warrants a recap--and trust us, it's not just a whole bunch of shots of zombies with ironic mustaches. Here are some of the best ones we saw. All images by Matt Oliver. See the rest of this slide show here.

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[Slide Show] The 20 Worst Hipster Bands: The Complete List

The Decemberists
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If you've somehow managed to avoid the Internet entirely for the last week or so, you probably don't know how bad your musical taste really is. Hate to break it to you, but all those bands you love so much--Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, the Decemberists, Wavves--turns out not only are they unoriginal hipsters, but they're just, well, kind of annoying. So says our sister paper L.A. Weekly, anyway. And in more ways than one, we tend to agree with them. After all, how many of us have finally realized the top 20 bands in our Spotify playlists sound like the same five acts repeated over and over with different members that look like Buffalo Exchange threw up all over them? In the spirit of angering a few Millennial keyboard warriors before their first morning sips of chai tea, we invite you to see where your favorites stack up on this viral canon of the top 20 worst hipster bands. Click here to see the slideshow. Happy trolling!

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Tamara Sky & Light Year - La Cave - 8/22/12

Ryan Donahue / Le Cave Wednesdays
Tamara Sky

Tamara Sky & Light Year
La Cave

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Last night La Cave, the sultry restaurant in Costa Mesa, hosted it's weekly La Cave Wednesdays party now promoted by the Modern Disco Ambassadors with Tamara Sky and Light Year as their headliners alongside resident DJ Kedd Cook. The cool venue resembles a speak easy and has been open for 50 years now. For seven years Wednesdays were meet by Jazz aficionados until Brendan Thomas and his hipster crew took over four years ago. Giving it a New York underground vibe, they have been bringing dance music to Orange County week after week with a slew of covert DJs and artists who share the same passion for electronic music.

After parting ways with the Sun Group, who focuses on bringing indie live music to Orange County, Brendan and his crew decided to form the Modern Disco Ambassadors, not meant to be taken literally, to promote dance music as a whole and create a real dance scene in OC. In a time when everything is ticket sales driven, big "headliner" DJs are the main attraction and all clubs care about is selling out and booking bottle service tables La Cave Wednesdays is a refreshing breath of fresh air still bringing world renowned talent like Aeroplane from Belgium and Bag Raiders from Australia while sticking to a $5 cover charge and underground scene.

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Coachella Jumps On Board the Floating Festival Trend, But is This New Cruise a Sinker?

SSCoachella Flyer.jpg
The S. S. Coachella Flyer

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Yesterday the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival promoters announced they will be setting sail on a new festival titled the S. S. Coachella as early as this December 16th - 19th in the Bahamas and Jamaica December 19th - 23rd. With other music festivals cruises like Hard's Holy Ship and Groove Cruise already sold out it only made sense that Coachella would capitalize on their brand and bring their festivals to the high sea as well, or does it?

The line-up is nowhere near as good as the Coachella line-ups (which have been getting worse and worse throughout the years) and in a way left fans a little confused. "Why does this even have the Coachella name" tweeted fans and posted comments on the new Facebook Page. It seems more like a way for Goldenvoice to profit on the already popular Coachella brand rather than bring together like minded people on a festival cruise experience that moves and changes lives.

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Coachella Spotlight: The Midnight Beast

"We're just another boyband/The girls are underage but we don't care/And when you throw your panties at a boyband/After the shows we keep your underwear," or so the trio from the Midnight Beast sings in "Just Another Boyband."

These young lads from the U.K. are a comedy musical group, and will be at Coachella, so pack some clean undies.

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