Southside 808 Mafia Promises to Get Wild at LA's Game Day Tour

Courtesy of Southside
Joshua Luellen might not be a name you're familiar with but his discography of produced tracks, on the other hand, is something you most definitely are. Artists include Waka Flocka, Future, Drake, Travis Scott, French Montana, Jeezy, G-Eazy, Young Thug, Meek Mill, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Birdman, Big Sean, Kanye-- and the list goes on. The 27 year-old, Atlanta-based artist, that goes by Southside or Sizzle is the founder of 808 Mafia and he continues to push boundaries, both in terms of the beats he produces and the rap career he's began to forge for himself. The release of his third mixtape, Free Agent 3 is slated for imminent release (keep your eyes peeled).

This weekend, Southside and 12th Planet will host the Game Day Tour (which is said to be the best tailgate party of the season) before the USC Trojans & UCLA Bruins game, in Los Angeles. We asked Southside what we can expect from his performance and he left us with the simple yet profound, "it's going to be some real wild shit"-- we'd expect nothing less. See our interview below, with Southside, about the first big break in his career and how he continues to motivate today's ATL youth.

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Womyn In Hip-Hop Gathering Channels Feminine Energy As a Fifth Element

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M. Corey Whitted
No matter the era, the struggle over the coveted rap crown is all too often between would-be kings. While the brothers try to best one another, a sisterhood of queens takes center stage at the second Womyn In Hip-Hop Gathering in Santa Ana this weekend. The event showcases the four elements of the culture--emceeing, graffiti, breaking and deejaying--from a woman's practice and perspective.

All of the scheduled performers have dabbled in different aspects of hip-hop before honing in on their chosen craft. "It's part of our nature to try a little bit of everything," says West Coast underground legend and self-proclaimed "Gangsta Goddess" Medusa, as she sips coffee on the patio of the Gypsy Den in Costa Mesa. "In hip-hop, I started pop-locking, but even before that, I sang in a choir." The rapper counts her aunt Billie Rae Calvin, a vocalist with the Undisputed Truth, as a major songwriting inspiration; the '70s Motown group added a psychedelic flair to soul, complementing their sound with their unique fashion.

Medusa herself sports a modest Mohawk fin sculpted in her auburn Afro. She wears an unzipped sports sweater draped over a bikini top, and a four-fingered ring shines with her stage name. The passion for "word power," as Medusa puts it, led her to become an MC, but she spent a brief stint popping-and-locking as a student at Buena Park High School. "I was one of three black people [at the school]," Medusa says. "It just so happened two of them were pop-lockers. I fell in better with the cholas than I did with anybody else, so that's who I hung with. . . . We used to go to Knott's Berry Farm all the time. Every weekend, I was at Studio K!"

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For Freddie Gibbs, Fatherhood Means Grinding Harder (And Owning More Guns)

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Nick Walker
Freddie Gibbs
By: Jeff Weiss
Fatherhood hasn't softened America's best gangsta rapper. It's merely made him more armed.

"I had 50 guns; now, I have 100," says Freddie Gibbs--maybe joking, but probably not. "I've bought two guns for every month that [his daughter has] been alive. It's brought out the protecter in me." Gibbs credits his newborn, Irie, and his fiancée, Erica Dickerson (daughter of NFL hall-of-famer Eric Dickerson), for making him a better person.

Then he presses play on his upcoming album, which sounds as sinister and nihilistic as any murder music ever plotted. He raps about homicide the way Hemingway wrote about deep-sea fishing or Kobayashi eats hot dogs.

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KILLcRey Calls Out Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence With "Fly" New Video

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"I only wonder as a man but I'm lost."

Rapper KILLcRey sums everything up with one line on "Fly," his newly released song grappling with the epidemic of violence against women. Hip-hop is often taken to task, and rightly so, for its own lyrical lashings on the ladies. But a beat is a blank slate and KILLcRey had to speak on an issue that kept coming up again and again in his inner circles.

"I was talking to a friend of mine and she was saying that she was seeing a counselor dealing with sexual abuse that happened when she was a kid," the rhymer says. "I don't why, but at that moment I realized that almost every woman that I knew had dealt with that at some point, it wasn't like some of them, it was like all of them."

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Zacky T is a Seaside Rapper Who Stays on The Grind

Courtesy of Zacky T
It's not often that you see an up-and-coming rapper repping Laguna Beach. But for 21 year-old Zacky T, seaside life informed his flow and style in ways that set him apart from a wave of local emcees tripping over themselves to prove their street cred. You won't see too much blunt smoking, gun toting or other trap music tropes coming from this guy. Instead, cliff-side views, blue water and sunsets are a more suitable backdrop for his effortless and positive lyrics woven over Drake-inspired beats on music videos for "Glow" and "Django." Maybe it's not the toughest setting in the world for a rap video, but you can't argue with the idea of a rapper keeping it real and still coming off looking cool at the same time.

His flows are also dripping with humility on tracks like "Float," a warning about not getting caught up in a fabricated world of earthly possessions. Then there's "Blessed Up," a hip-hop mantra for Laguna's youth who live with heavy hearts after seeing friends pass away far too young behind the Orange Curtain. His sensitive and retrospective approach to rap helps his rhymes ring true on his new mixtape, The Final Touch, currently available on Datpiff. We had the chance to interview Zacky T about his journey to create this album, the adversity he faces making a name for himself, dream collaborations, and his role models in the industry.

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The JabbaWockeeZ Scheduled to Wake the Dead at Universal

JabbaWockeeZ publicity image
As Halloween season creeps closer, SoCal's theme parks begin to stir with their various haunted motifs. One of the biggest beacons of grand scale, seasonal production comes from Universal Studios Hollywood, which will open its gates to this year's Halloween Horror Nights on Friday, Sept. 18. In addition to the park's various scare zones, rides, and horror film inspired mazes, guests will have the option of getting their groove on with an all new performance by the world-renowned hip-hop dance group, JabbaWockeeZ.

The group, which won on the first season of America's Best Dance Crew, has been busy performing their Las Vegas show, PRiSM, at Luxor for the past two years. Now, they are taking a little break to add a few twists and turns to Universal's fright fair. When the season is over, they will return to Las Vegas, where they will be performing at their new location, MGM Grand. In the meantime, the Weekly had a chance to speak with one of the founding members of JabbaWockeeZ, Kevin Brewer, about the crew's involvement with Horror Nights.

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The Five Types of OC Rappers

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David Watt
Juice County!

What does it take to be an MC from OC? A lot of determination, skill and undying belief in the cause. Where punk rock and ska have launched legendary groups nationwide, Juice County is still waiting for its movement and moment. There's plenty of hustlers on the scene trying to make it happen. We take a look the five types of OC rappers putting in work in the lab and onstage. As for the sixth? That's easy! The "Hey I Read Your Article Here's My Mixtape" Rapper!

Dave Watt
5. The OG Veteran

The OG Veteran can't kick down with Lil' Wayne's whinny, obnoxious flow nor his skinny ass jeans. It's representative of his overall difficulties adapting to the changing times, ever resisting by maintaining a love for the gritty East Coast boom bap beats and West Coast Gangsta Funk he grew up on in the early '90s. No one can really throw shade; that was the Golden Age of hip-hop after all. The nostalgia doesn't just extend for preferred beats, but to the closet as well. Oversized baggy pants are still in style, just not like MC Hammer's. Gangster beanies are a must. Unlaced Timberland boots? Still cool. Saddled with a couple of kids, the OG Veteran is now a family man and can only get some studio time or catch a show at the Observatory on the rarest of weekends. Don't fuck with him, tho! Rhyming is like learning to ride a bike and he'll still kill you on the mic!

See also: The Five Types of OC Punks

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Rapper Phora Injured in Pasadena Drive-By Freeway Shooting

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Thumbnail image for phorasigning1.jpg
Nate Jackson / OC Weekly
Phora during a meet-and-greet at Pachuco Tattoo earlier this year
An unknown assailant opened fire on a car driven by rapper Phora just after midnight Tuesday in Pasadena. The Anaheim-bred rapper's brush with death happened when he headed home with his girlfriend to Corona on the 210 freeway.

Another vehicle pulled next to him near Lake Avenue in the drive-by shooting with bullets striking Phora's car multiple times. He suffered a wound to his neck in the incident.

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N.W.A. Have A Movie In Theaters...Deal With It, Rap Revisionists

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Universal Pictures
The World's Most Dangerous Biopic
As you've probably heard, for the second week in a row the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton was number one at the box office. Director F. Gary Gray's film has been inspiring passionate responses across the board. While many have celebrated one of hip-hop's greatest legacies exploding across the silver screen, like any successful piece of art the film has no shortage of detractors. But while there are some valid criticisms of the film, a surprising number of even self-described hip-hop fans are taking issue that Straight Outta Compton even got greenlit.

Again, we at The Weekly aren't saying the film is flawless. Like most music biopics, arguments could be made about the omission of the subject's treatment of women as well as the condensing of several separate life events into one big event under the guise of "poetic license" or "artistic liberties." For those who demand 100% accuracy and thorough exploration of the major moments from art based on historical events, we see where you're coming from and respect your issues with the motion picture.

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The Top Five Films of Master P

Mikamote via Wikimedia Commons
The Bout It One Himself, Master P

Hip-hop and Hollywood have combined to create the biggest story in all of entertainment at the moment as the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton is dominating the box office and receiving rave reviews for bringing rap history to the silver screen. Its success has already caused quite a number of moves to be made in the industry, including the announcement of a biopic for No Limit Solder and iconic rap entrepreneur Master P. But if you've ever been bout it bout it, you'd know this wouldn't be the first time P's solid gold tank would roll into the celluloid canon.

No Limit Films was actually a pretty groundbreaking division of P's No Limit Records, paving the way for rappers to star in their own direct-to-video films and prove there's a market to see them act. From ambitious but humble beginnings shooting on VHS to getting some actual big name stars under P's direction, there's quite a lot to "Hoody-Hoo" in your popcorn about. It is in anticipation of more P cinema that we bring you The Top Five Movies of Master P.

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