They Said it Couldn't Be Done

Tickets are on sale now for a show April 11 at the House of Blues. Headlining the bill is a group called Tragedy. What's interesting about this is the venue says the show is a heavy metal tribute to the Bee Gees.

I don't know where to begin. For once in my life, I am at a loss for words. Never before have I thought that the disco-friendly Bee Gees would ever get a heavy metal makeover, but maybe Obama's right: change is on the way.

Please click their MySpace page for what is definitely the most unique version of "Stayin' Alive" I've ever heard.

Wait...I'm no longer at a loss for words. Since this is a mix of disco and metal, what drugs do I bring? Weed? Coke? Cheap booze? And how should I dress? Dirty long hair or clean flowing long hair? Jean jacket or vest? Do I bring my bros and try to pick up wasted hesher chicks or bring my bros and pick up wasted disco chicks? Dancing shoes or shit-kickers?

Oh, that's right. Neither. I can't stand the Bee Gees or metal (or tribute bands), so I probably won't be there.But you should go and tell me all about it.

Always Be Wary of MySpace Bulletins

Picture 6.png


That was the subject of a MySpace bulletin posted last night on Detroit Bar's account; now, I don't think they actually thought anyone would be fooled into think that the Queens of the Stone Age would be playing there free tonight, but it is kind of funny. Some would say false advertising, but those people should probably seriously lighten up.

What that subject did refer to, though, was the show tonight with Sweethead, featuring Troy Van Leeuwen, who plays a variety of instruments for Queens of the Stone Age. It's a show that we might have missed if not for that cleverly worded MySpace bulletin. Who's the real fool now?