The People at NAMM Are Weirder Than Most of the Instruments

Daniel Kohn
The gentlemen of Blue Felix
Prior to parking my car on Day 2 of the NAMM convention (which incidentally was my first time ever), I'd already pumped myself up for a day full of musical exploration in this temporary gearhead paradise. But after scanning the parking lot on a rainy afternoon on my way into the Anaheim Convention Center, I realized that this trip would offer more than just a look into a world of crazy ass instruments and technology. It would be a look at the crazy ass people who are obsessed with it. The chance to see folk from all walks of life in an amplified state of music geekdom would prove to be far more interesting than then the convention itself. More »

Top Five Worst Places to Get Your EDM News

EDM Fans 7698719.87.jpg Matt Oliver
Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
The Typical "EDM Fans"

With EDM garnering so much spotlight in the music world lately, plenty of media outlets, businesses conglomerates and showbiz types have turned to EDM as if it just came out of nowhere. Popping up all over the US through music festivals, YouTube sensations, blogs and sold out amphitheaters, it's understandable why everyone (including us) seems to be vying to capture a piece of this audience nowadays. However, whenever you have an influx of reporters, bloggers, TV anchors and social media whores delivering content about the genre, there are always going to be a few attempts that really make us cringe. Whether its an out-of-touch news anchor, or a hipster blog that's long on party pics and short on content, there are some outlets that any EDM lover worth their kandi bracelets should avoid like the plague. For that reason, we've put together a quick list of the top five worst places to get your EDM news.

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Tonight: KISS


KISS plays tonight at the Honda Center. And while I've always wondered what in the hell anyone sees/hears in this shitty band, I do have to respect grown men who've taken some of the worst rock songs of all time and turned it into a franchise.

For example, for those of you going to the show tonight in your KISS t-shirts, I hope you bring your KISS Kondoms in hopes of meeting a KISS fan. Then, maybe you can take said KISS fan to the KISS hotel, where you'll jump on the KISS mattress and, if you're lucky, engage in a KISS kiss. From there, it's time to take off your KISS underwear and get down to KISS business. Let's just hope that by the end of your romp you don't die and wind up in your KISS Kasket because if you perish, that means less cash for Gene Simmons and company and God knows he don't want that.

Ranking Owl City Among Rock's Most Egregious Ripoffs

Pamela Littky

There are many reasons to dislike Owl City, the electro tweepop project spearheaded by Owatonna, Minnesota 23-year-old Adam Young. For one thing the moniker is horrible. You can name yourself after a town or a continent - say, Boston or Chicago or Europe - but you can't name yourself after a city with the word "City" in the title. That's why there are no bands named "New York City" or "Oklahoma City." The fact that it's a pretend city makes it worse.

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OC Music Fest: Did We Miss Something?


We first learned of the OC Music Fest 13 months ago, when then-music editor Dave Segal blogged about its "Be The Shirt band/artist T-shirt design contest." No word on if a winner for that was ever announced, since the festival, once scheduled for May 8-10, clearly never happened.

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OC Music Magazine Hold 'Locals Only Showcase,' Write About Walk-In Medical

I wrote about Walk In Medical (pictured here in a now-outdated lineup) back in late November, in our Locals Only section. I though their EP, The Recluse, was promising, and am glad to see that they're still going and got some coverage from another publication, newly debuted local start-up OC Music Magazine. The article is here, and details the band's songwriting process and lineup changes. Only one weird thing: when writing about this year's addition of new bassist David Sachs, it neglects to mention that it is, in fact, the same David Sachs that is the "Publishing Editor" of OC Music Magazine.

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Videos come back to MTV

Well, kinda...

For those who can stay up late, MTV has announced a novel concept called AMTV. The show, which airs from 3-9 a.m. Monday through Thursday, does nothing but air music videos for six hours. Call me crazy, but this might be the start of something new. I mean, I could even see this expanding into hours when people are actually awake.

I'm not sure if AMTV is going for something particular because two nights ago I saw Billy Idol's "White Wedding" followed by some Kelly Clarkson song. Some maybe it's the shuffle method. Whatever. At least it's not another reality show.

In related news, does anyone remember when MTV2 was supposed to be where videos were shown? The first (and only) time I ever watched that channel, I got a killer back-to-back of Public Enemy and Weezer. Two weeks later it was "The Real World San Jose" or something like that.

And no, I'm not linking to MTV's site. They don't need the help.

"Ten" is still "Alive"

Holy shit! Last night I saw a commerical for the deluxe edition of Pearl Jam's debut Ten. I've been on this Earth for a mere 29 years, but suddenly I feel very, very, very old.

This re-issue includes a remastered version of the record and a remix done by long-time PJ producer Brendan O'Brien, six bonus tracks and a DVD of the group's 1992 performance on "MTV Unplugged."

By the time Ten came out in 1991, I was by no means a music novice. My tape collection (yes kids, there were these things called tapes) was pretty rad thanks to a healthy dose of Alice in Chains, Metallica, Guns n Roses, MC Hammer, the Beastie Boys, the Beatles, Living Colour and Nirvana, but I never liked those bands enough to buy a t-shirt.

Ten changed that.

I begged my mom to take me to the mall (cut me some slack, this was the 8th grade) to buy the band's infamous "nine out of 10 kids prefer crayons to guys" shirt. When you're in junior high, that's not just a cool band slogan, it's a fucking political statement. I didn't know then what statement I was making, nor do I know now, but I was definitely saying something.

By the time Pearl Jam's follow-up Vs. came out, my fandom was running pretty rampant. In fact, my cassette copy is called Five Against One, the album's original title. I listened to Vs. or Five Against One a handful of times and thought it was a solid come back to Ten.

But all was not well for me and Pearl Jam. In an ironic twist of fate, the grunge hype that I was spoonfed led me to check out other bands, those who were loosely or directly associated with the grunge all-stars of the early 1990s. So in a matter of weeks, Pearl Jam was out and Mudhoney was in. From there it was Black Flag, the Germs and the Descendents and I haven't thought about Pearl Jam since (although I never lost my love of Nirvana -- for some reason, they remained cool while Pearl Jam became really lame).

But I digress. This Ten reissue seems like a pretty good deal, unless you consider every motherfucker in America already owns this album. Seriously, I'm going to stop buying records and just wait a decade later until the re-issue comes out. Then I get what I want plus a whole lot more. Or wait...since the world's gone tech crazy, why not just gives record buyers (assuming those still exist) these complete packages from day one?

I know, it's wrong of me to take out my re-issue hate on Pearl Jam. They didn't start the fire and I'm sure it will continue to go on and on and on and on.

And let me go on record as saying this: All you fellow early '90s grunge rockers out there need to understand that music trends work in 20-year cycles. This means flannel and Big Muff pedals are about to make a major comeback, which leaves us with two options: Embrace this and frolic like we are young and dumb again or recognize how old and lame we've become and do our best to not jump off the nearest tall building.

Obligatory Irish Music Post, Because it's Calendar-Appropriate

Hey, so I guess it's St. Patrick's Day. Yay?

I've never been much for the holiday--I don't really see the point in an occasion when the only point is to drink, and yet it frequently falls on a weeknight. See also de Mayo, Cinco. Plus, there's unpleasant memories due to a St. Patrick's Day cover story I had to write two years ago at a different paper. So many shitty St. Patrick's Day events. Blarf. (It doesn't bother, me, though that it's basically a meaningless excuse to party--those are great, as long as you don't have to work the next day, like say, New Year's Eve.)

Anyway, I figured we'd celebrate this time with some Irish bands that don't really sound like Irish bands, because the whole fake-Celctic thing has been down to death by the insufferable likes of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. So, how about the Thrills? They sound like the kind of sunny pop that could come from right here in Orange County! Heck, they were actually on The O.C. Here's a live version of "Whatever Happened To Corey Haim," from 2004's Let's Battle Bohemia. I'd include the regular video, but embedding has been disabled. By request, even.

Another Irish band after the jump!

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The Prospector: Truth In Advertising?

The Prospector in Long Beach is a cool place: good shows, good folks, good fun. But it seems that they're not above false advertising. Shame. Terrible, terrible shame.

In a shocking bit of chicanery, they posted a MySpace bulletin late this afternoon, saying only "KARAOKE TONIGHT WITH REID AND WADE!!!" in the subject. And the body itself was only this video:

Why is this a problem? Well, I was at the Prospector last Friday, for the same karaoke night being advertised here. It was my first time there for karaoke and I had only one goal in mind: singing the above song, "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden, off of their seminal 1982 The Number of the Beast album. But in all of their books that I looked through, it was, quite tragically, nowhere to be found. I had to settle for "Ballroom Blitz," which as consolation prizes go is pretty stellar.

But still. Either they're luring in patrons with false hopes of getting their Bruce Dickinson on, or (and this is perhaps more likely), I just missed it somehow. Or maybe they just added it this week. Point is, I want to sing "Run to the Hills" there.