The Best Local Halloween Rock Shows

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Tiger Army's October Flame at the Observatory
This year, for all you party animals, Halloween falls on a weekend. Saturday the 31st, will be full of parties, scary movies, haunted attractions, wild costumes, trick or treating with the kids, and of course rock concerts. What better way to celebrate the hedonism and darkness than with heavy metal or punk rock? Luckily, as the witches and goblins hit the streets, the LA/OC area has a myriad of options available for all live music loving, cool ghouls. Here are some of the best we found

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The Wayfarer Brings Bands Together For Tricks, Treats and Cover Tunes

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Courtesy of the band
Big Mosta cover Nirvana in next weekend's Tricks and Treats series
Halloween is a funky time of year for local bands. It often involves doing something obligatory, like throwing spooky-themed gigs, or covering "Monster Mash" with the whole band dressed up as zombies or something. Sure, it's fun, but it's also pretty repetitive. So when the Wayfarer's talent buyer Eric Keilman had a shot to change things up this year, the requirement for band's playing the two-night Tricks and Treats series was to breath new life into the work of rock'n'roll royalty.

On October 28 and 29th, OC acts like Big Monsta, Purple Mountain Majesties, and Robert Jon and the Wreck will inhabit the souls and the sounds of Nirvana, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Harry Nilsson. Each night, three local acts are assigned to cover a famous band. Keilman says the idea was largely inspired by tribute band nights at  LA clubs like The Satellite that does something similar with full night dedicated to covering one artist.

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The Science Behind the Scare at Knott's Scary Farm [VIDEO]

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Jessica Peralta/OC Weekly explores the science of fear at Knott's Scary Farm for OC Weekly. Why do we keep willingly returning to the park year after year - or even night after night - when it scares the crap out of us? The park's maze designers and a Chapman University fear expert have some answers. Most importantly, prepare to be scared.

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Dark Harbor Descends On Queen Mary

The Fire Fiends Perform at Dark Harbor. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
Although the Queen Mary cruise ship has remained stationary for some time, the ship's annual Halloween haunted attraction, Dark Harbor, has pulled into shore for another season of ghoulish delights! This year the Dark Harbor website promises to complement the event's usual accoutrements of sliding spooks, perennial mazes, and fairground entertainment, with more monsters, attractions, and a terrifying new maze. Guests of former years and newbies will be delighted to discover that Dark Harbor fulfills its promise to keep them on their toes.

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Spirits Haunt the Pasadena Convention Center during ScareLA

Photo of ScareLA 2015 by Scott Feinblatt
Attendees of this year's ScareLA will now have to wait another two months until they can once again immerse themselves in the trappings of Halloween. This past weekend, the third annual ScareLA Halloween convention showed that there are no signs that interest in the spookiest of American holidays is dwindling. The decision of the convention's creators and programmers to move ScareLA from the LA Mart to the more sizeable and accessible Pasadena Conference Center, so they could add more events and activities to the cauldron, has paid off as Halloween aficionados responded by showing up in even greater numbers.

Naturally, as ScareLA expands and becomes more colorful, a few hitches are to be expected, but the eerie atmosphere that filled the convention center was generally one of joyful eeriness. As the doors opened at 11, on Saturday, some of the motley dressed folks in the slow-moving line of ticket holders, which stretched around the block, grumbled as they could not get in fast enough. Meanwhile, some of the performers and classroom presenters in the convention center's second building shuffled their feet wondering why their 11:30 programs had few to no attendees.

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ScareLA Opens the Gates to Halloween

Sasha Wheatcroft with Trick or Treat Studios. ScareLA 2014 photo by Scott Feinblatt
Many people believe that it is tragic that every day is not Halloween. Sure, one can always pop in [or click on] a horror movie, and throughout the year there are periodic horror film festivals or the occasional Monsterpalooza for fans of make-up, monsters, and masks, but Halloween is really about much more than that. It's about candy; it's about haunted mazes; it's about carving jack-o'-lanterns; it's about dressing up; it's about celebrating dark imagery; the list goes on. This weekend, Halloween enthusiasts from near and far will congregate at the Pasadena Convention Center for the third annual ScareLA, which will once again provide them with a healthy dose of their favorite holiday months prior to All Hallows' Eve.

Like most dreams that become realities, ScareLA started small. After the Halloween season of 2012, horror industry professionals Lora Ivanova (DELUSION, HAuNTcon) and David Markland (CreepyLA) were depressed that Halloween was over and that they'd have to wait 12 months until the next one, so they started throwing ideas around, reaching out to their network of industry connections, especially Rick West and Johanna Atilano of Theme Park Adventure, who shared their vision of an off-season celebration of Halloween. Ivanova told the Weekly: "It was really the inspiration of 'Halloween doesn't come early enough for anybody that actually loves that holiday,' and we were confident that if the four of us thought that way, then so do a lot of other people in the Los Angeles area."

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10 Best Costumes at HARD Day Of The Dead

Timothy Norris / LA Weekly
Borgore in a Onesie at HARDDOTD2014

This weekend, HARD's Day of the Dead celebration took place at a new location at the Fairplex Pomona Saturday November 1 through Sunday November 2. Way better than its old home at the LA Historic Park, the new venue gave attendees plenty of space to explore the five stages, attractions and revel in the Halloween weekend hoopla. With one of the most staked line-ups of the year, the fest brought out a diverse crowd ready to see everyone from Deadmau5 b2b with Eric Prydz, Pretty Lights, Calvin Harris, Bassnectar, to Jamie Jones and RL Grime with Cam'ron.

With plenty of real womens' restrooms with toilet paper, warm beer gardens and free charging stations, everyone was in happy spirits and the good vibes were infections. But the best thing were the costumes. Stepping away from the usual sexy raver outfit that we see at most EDM events, the HARD Day of the Dead crowd really stepped it up with creativity and humor. Here were the 10 best people we saw over the weekend:

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Five Best Things at Escape All Hallows' Eve

Alex Perez for Insomniac
Escape All Hallows' Eve 2014

Escape All Hallows' Eve
NOS Events Center
October 31 - November 1, 2014

This weekend more than 90,000 Insomniac fans attended the 4th annual Escape All Hallows' Eve, which used to be known as Escape from Wonderland. With the new re-branded name came the expansion of two days of pulsating dance music featuring over 80 world renowned artist from Moby, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Richie Hawtin, Steve Aoki, Oliver Heldens and more. The sold-out event felt like a mini Electric Daisy Carnival reunion with a dark eerie twist to go along with the holiday celebrations.

Here's the five best things about this year's Escape All Hallows' Eve.

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The Music of Clive Barker's Horror Cult Classic Reunited for Halloween

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Shout Factory
Narcisse of Nightbreed

Even horror fans with a passing interest in the genre are familiar with writer/director/innovator Clive Barker. The man responsible for iconic legends like Hellraiser and Candyman, he's given viewers fantastical images they're sure to never forget.

Unfortunately, even the most vivid of visionaries sometimes get their visions vivisected, which is what happened with the theatrical release of Barker's 1990 film Nightbreed. Originally envisioned as something of a "horror Star Wars" studio Morgan Creek had the film dramatically recut as less a fantastical epic and more of a thrill-a-minute slasher.

Barker's original vision had been lost for decades until this week when pop-culture preservationists Shout Factory's Scream Factory imprint released an against-all-odds definitive director's cut of Nightbreed.

...and did we mention there's a musical number?

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8 Scariest Musical Halloween Costumes

Rob Zombie

Halloween is that awesome time of year where you can be completely creepy and simultaneously showcase your musical obsessions with costumes that turn you into your favorite singers and band members. So forget the sexy nurse and boring pirate costumes. Why not make yourself into one of the guys from GWAR? Or a fuck-all punk rocker who has possibly returned from the dead? Who needs a pimp costume when you can mix it up with old school break dance moves and some Jheri Curl?

Need a guiding light on how to incorporate your favorite musicians into your Halloween alter ego? Read on:

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