Deedub's Lyrics & Apparel Line Radiate Pure Love

Courtesy Of: Deedub
Deedub & KLB à la "Pure Love"
He opened for legends like Snoop Dogg and Eek-A-Mouse, he's learned production skills from Young Guru (producer for Jay-Z) and Khaliq-O-Vision (producer for Michael Jackson), but where Deedub's true bragging brights reside are in his positive lyricism. In 2012, the rapper released his first solo album titled Organic; a word that rings true for Deedub's mission being that he founded Deedub Records to conduct and nurture his reggae beats and hip-hop hooks. His most recent album, released in 2014 titled Liberation meditates on bliss, being conscious of how we interact with others in the world, and less abstract ideologies like drinking in his cabana, "like its pura vida". This month the artist steps into unchartered territory as he debuts two silk-screened t-shirt's that promise a 5% donation to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund for the month of April. "We'll probably donate around 25% when its all said and done" Deedub adds and their partnership with Sweet Relief and other non-profits like Camp Southern Ground (Zac Brown Band's non-profit that enables kids to attend summer camp) will continue far beyond this months merchant sales.

Sweet Relief is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to musicians suffering from illness, disability, or old-age. The organization's supporters are somewhat endless, Beyonce and U2 (unsurprisingly), The Smashing Pumpkins, The Temptations, Wu-Tang Clan, Nick Valensi & Fabrizio Moretti (of The Strokes), Lou Reed, Lorde, the list goes on. Deedub notes,"A friend of mine introduced me to the partnership. I looked into it and immediately thought this is awesome. Being a musician it's only natural that I feel empathy towards other musicians and out of respect for music and what's its given me in my life, passion, drive, and just a motivation to do something everyday I decided to get involved." He also spoke about a former music partner, unable to pursue music because of his illness, yet another significant reason this partnership is dear to his heart.

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Lemur Music Proves There's Still Nothing Sexier Than An Upright Bass

Courtesy Lemur Music
"People want to come in and play the basses. I hear this over and over, they say 'I've always wanted to come,' or 'this is the shop! I've always imagined what it looked like,'" says Toni Buffa, who has run Lemur since she and her late husband Jerry purchased the company in 1995.

Players of the upright bass - also known as the standup bass or double bass - know Lemur as the gold standard for the instrument in the western U.S. The company provides basses, bows, amplifiers and accessories to a worldwide clientele.

"When we took over the business in '95, it was the beginning of what I would call a golden age of bass. Buffa says. "It was just booming - our business tripled in less than two years."

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DC Shoes + Wu Tang = Awesome

Courtesy DC Shoes
DC and Wu-Tang: Together at last
With the wave of awesome '90s album anniversaries, it's about time a group did something besides releasing the super duper gigantic deluxe edition of their classic release. Who better than New York's Wu Tang Clan to think of something creative? Joining forces with DC Shoes to release a limited edition collection that commemorates their debut Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) that introduced the hip-hop collective to the masses, inspiring an entire generation of up-and-coming rappers. Yet outside of hip-hop heads, Wu Tang found fans in an entirely different group: skateboarders.

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OC Weekly's Best Of Mobile App: Now Even Better!

Shiny! New!

Want to know where to go and what to do in Orange County? Your essential mobile guide--also known as our Best Of app--just got better. You already know you can count on the Best Of app to offer restaurant, shopping and nightlife recommendations from the Weekly's expert critics. Now the app has been redesigned to be faster, sleeker, and packed with even more carefully curated local content.

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Producer Jon O'Brien: "I have no desire to record a reggae band or a metal band"

Jon O'Brien Recording

Producer Jon O'Brien's portfolio is busting at the seams, having produced and engineered OC's most prominent indie acts, from Nicole Vaughn and Her Lovely Band, Moostache, Parker Macy, The Gromble, to Young the Giant. Working out of his home studio in Irvine, Jon O'Brien Recording is quickly becoming the go-to studio for local musicians.
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OC Weekly iPhone App: Your New Guide to Everything Orange County

Need to find the best restaurants, bars, concerts and events? There's an app for that: We're very much excited to announce the launching of the brand new--and free!--OC Weekly iPhone application.

It's here for you when you've got nothing to do. It's here for you when you're hungry. It's here when your Friday night plans fall through. That's already better than, like, 70-percent of your friends, right?

 Get the app here or just search the iTunes store for OC Weekly.

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NAMM and Nerds: And So It Begins!

We're heading out to the weekend-long NAMM Show extravaganza starting today. We'll keep an eye out for the latest gear, software, nerdy musician types, announcements that only the nerdy musician types would enjoy/care about at all--and, most importantly, the burnt out mega rockstars and even the sorta rockstars.

On our grocery list for tomorrow: Ace Frehley, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ted Nugent, Alan White, Dick Dale, Weird Al Yankovic. HELL. YEAH. (ETA: Just found out Sublime, or what's left of Sublime, will be at the Cole Clark booth from 2 to 3 p.m.)

Be sure to follow us on @OCWeeklyMusic for some live tweetin' action, TwitPics and more. We'll also have slideshows of photos by the always awesome Andrew Youssef up here on Sunday night. NAMMMMMMMMM!

Gadgets and Gear: Checking in on CES (Consumer Electronic Show), Las Vegas (Part 5)

Editor's note: Correspondent Nathalie Voirin has fired off her fifth update from the CES show in Las Vegas that took place Jan. 7-10. Stay tuned for more of the must-own and ridiculous stuff she spotted!

Nathalie Voirin
Now your phone can look like a douchebag too!

Ed Hardy is now in the phone accessory biz with seven tatooed iPhone covers. Don't have an iPhone? Their rhinestone stickers have you covered.

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Gadgets and Gear: Checking in on CES (Consumer Electronic Show), Las Vegas (Part 4)

Editor's note: Correspondent Nathalie Voirin has fired off her fourth update from the CES show in Las Vegas that took place Jan. 7-10. Stay tuned for more of the must-own and ridiculous stuff she spotted!

Smootheeby Tiffen.png
Nathalie Voirin
The Smoothee by Tiffen
If you're an avid iPod videographer, get your hands on one of these. The Smothee is a portable handheld steadicam that takes the nausea factor out of your videos. Other models are also available for flipcam, DSLR and camorder users. Its not available in stores yet, so you have some time to save up.

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Gadgets and Gear: Checking in on CES (Consumer Electronic Show), Las Vegas (Part 3)

Editor's note: Correspondent Nathalie Voirin has fired off her third update from the CES show in Las Vegas. She's kicking knowledge and taking pics all through the event. Stay tuned for more!

Nathalie Voirin
Meet the Zikmu Parrot by Starck. This sleek home stereo system connects to your PC or iPod via WiFi or Bluetooth. At 100 watts its powerful enough to immerse you with your fave tunes. What you need to pay to play: $1600.

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