Can a Sober Biker Festival Still Have Hell-Raising Fun?

Freedom Coalition Fest 2015 photo by Scott Feinblatt
What would rock 'n' roll be without booze and drugs? That depends upon whom you ask. For some people, intoxicants are part and parcel of the rock lifestyle. For others, a clean and healthy lifestyle comes first, yet this does not prevent them from rocking; for, one doesn't have to hallucinate or artificially alter one's physiology in order to enjoy freedom -- especially if the freedom that's being celebrated is from dependence to such impairments.

This past weekend, Rock-N-Recovery Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to raising funds for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs and treatment centers in California, held its seventh annual Freedom Coalition Fest. The event took place at the scenic Irvine Lake, in Santiago -- a location known by most southern Californian bikers, as it resides along one of the few great motorcycle / bicycle canyon roads in Orange County, Santiago Canyon Road. The festival featured live music, barbecue, a bike show, a kid zone, and vendors. Camping and fishing were available for additional fees.

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Fishbone Need Your Help to Pay Their Legal Bills

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Lina Lecaro
Angelo Moore of Fishbone
No one should be surprised at the litigious nature of our society these days. No one is immune from it, even rock bands. Granted, there's infamous story back in 1996 where members of the New England Patriots stage dived at an Everclear concert and injured some fans, but that doesn't hold a candle to what happened to the gentlemen of Fishbone.

For those of you who don't recall, back in 2010, Kimberly Myers was injured during a performance at WXPN's World Cafe Live. After Angelo Moore did one of his customary stage dives, he accidentally knocked Moore to the ground where she subsequently lost consciousness and the band soldiered on. For her trouble, Myers was awarded $1.4 million in 2014 and that should have been that.

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East LA Band Quetzal Brings its New 'Animal Style' to Santa Ana

The brightly colored feathers of the guacamaya in flight inspire son jarocho musicians in Veracruz, Mexico. But what animals do jarana-strumming Chicanos sing of when they live in LA's mass urban sprawl? The question sparked Quetzanimales, the first concept album for Grammy-award winning East Los band Quetzal.

"Son jarocho has been a huge part of the music that we've created over many years," says singer Martha Gonzalez. The centuries-old tradition has always been lyrically informed by the natural world around it. "We started thinking about our landscape, nature, and the animals that we cohabitate with."

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Glorious Wondour's Bass-Heavy Music For The New Age

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Courtesy of Glorious Wondour
Trying to fit Glorious Wondour into the typical taxonomy of local rock bands is a little difficult. It's partly because their presence online leaves a lot to the imagination. Any hints about the new songs they've written for their forthcoming album are non-existent as far as the Internet is concerned. But considering we've heard them play alongside the now-defunct band Mt. Ossa (including at the Weekly's Summerfest bash last June), we realize that even when you have them playing right in front of you, you're not always sure where the music is gonna go. It's the sort of music you can imagine on a slow climb toward euphoria, stopping every once in a while to dance your ass off. Imagine a Day Glo infused of indie pop with a psychedelic bent, tons of effect-laden bass and vocals dripping with delay.

Recently joined by Mt. Ossa drummer Tony Tancredi, the band's original duo Matt "Zigzag" McKenzie and Tommy Dumont are now adding a loud new layer to their sound. Tancredi also helped co-engineer their forthcoming record. Next Wednesday, they take the stage at the Weekly's Plugged Into Local showcase next week at the Wayfarer, alongside The Gromble and Tapioca and the Flea. We spoke with Tancredi about the band's mysterious new sound which will hopefully be a glorious surprise.

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Set Your Boners to Hyperdrive: Star Wars-Inspired Burlesque Show Coming to Santa Ana!

Photo of Audrey Deluxe by Maarten Deboer
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, comic book geeks and science fiction nerds were among the least likely social groups to be associated with sexuality. However, anyone who has attended a comic book or sci-fi convention in the past 10 years, give or take, has observed that flesh, cosplay, and nerd chic have become as part and parcel of the cons as getting autographs from artists & celebrities, buying campy memorabilia, and geeking out over trailers to upcoming superhero movies. That being said, on Saturday, July 12, the girls of Devil's Playground Burlesque, in association with Yadi, will be taking all Orange County comers -- nerdly fetishists as well as civilians -- to the next level of galactic experience with their Star Wars-inspired show, "Star Girls."

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Santa Ana Celebrates the Latin American Harp

Courtesy of OCCTAC
De la Rosa with Tlen-Huicani
From the coastal port of Veracruz, Mexico to landlocked Paraguay, the harp in Latin America has accentuated traditional music with its sonorous melodies for centuries. The grown out fingernails of musicians pluck the instrument's numerous nylon strings that vibrate its sophisticated sounds. Four such master harpists from Latin America are lending their superb talents for days of events culminating in a concert performance this weekend in Santa Ana.

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Rap Shirts for White People is Hip-Hop Hilarity!

Whole-Foods Clan ain't nothin' to fuck with!
What do you get when you mix Stuff White People Like sensibilities with hip-hop? The answer comes in the form of a hilarious new clothing line! Rap Shirts for White People puts a twist on famous lyrics while having fun at the expense of the world of whiteness. Can we all really picture Method Man's raspy voice declaring "Cats Rule Everything Around Me?" or Biggie saying "It was all a dream, I used to read Highlights magazine?" (Although we'd say the Kelis spoof 'My Self-Respect Brings All the Boys to the Yard," is a rap shirt for all women, not just whites).

Proceeds from satirical shirts started by Tim Blount go to related charities. They've caught the eye of The Source and HipHopDX. The Whole-Foods Clan shirts are already out of order! But the sampling below are just a few that are still game.

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La Santa Cecilia Return to Santa Ana for Delhi Center Zocalo Fundraiser!

Humberto Howard
La Santa Cecilia has popped up in some very unexpected places recently. La Marisoul, frontwoman of the alt-Latin act, performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a duet with Elvis Costello backed by The Roots. Then they hit the airwaves of NPR for its Tiny Desk Concert. The band just played the Lincoln Center and dates await in Mexico next month. But when La Santa Cecilia returns to Santa Ana for the Delhi Center's annual Zócalo Fiesta fundraiser, it will be on familiar ground.

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First Ever 'Ladies Rock Camp' in OC Happens This Weekend!

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Mayra Rodriguez
The push for an inaugural Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls in Orange County continues! This Saturday in SanTana, young women ages 18 and up will be taking on an extensive weekend of songwriting workshops, drum circles, self-defense classes, and instrument instruction. Hosted by El Centro Cultural de Mexico, the first ever Ladies Rock Camp will conclude in a Sunday night showcase at Original Mike's.

"The women are going to learn how to write a song in two days," says Mayra Cortez, Board Member for OC Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls. "It's a safe place and safe environment for them to express themselves."

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Insomniac Donates $115,000 From EDC Sales

Pasquale Rotella_Tom Donoghue.jpg
Courtesy of Tom Donoghue
Insomniac CEO and Founder Pasquale Rotella Addresses the Crowd

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For all the crowds, freakish costumes and profits that Electric Daisy Carnival attracted during its second round in Las Vegas, we've also learned that the event's promoters at Insomniac Events did some solid good outside the EDM community when we weren't looking.

For every one of the dance music fans who attended throughout the three-day festival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from June 8-10,  Insomniac's charitable donations gave $1 per ticket transaction and $10 per guest list attendee to charitable organizations in the Las Vegas communities for a second time in a row.

The Clark County School - Community Partnership Program, Emergency Medicine Resident Research Fund, Speedway Children's Charity - Las Vegas Chapter and Injured Police Officers Fund all benefited from the $115,000 donation including an additional initiative with Rock the Vote called Spin the Vote. Representatives from all of these organizations as well as Insomniac's CEO and Founder Pasquale Rotella were in attendance at the official check presentation held yesterday at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

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