Flier of the Week: Gestapo Khazi at Five Star Bar

Long Beach natives Gestapo Khazi are halfway through their month-long residency at Five Star Bar in downtown Los Angeles. With a slew of EPs and seven inches under their belts, the guys recently released their first full-length album, The Jewel of the Land. The flier for their show makes them seem scarier than they really are, because in truth, as they've told the Weekly before, "We just try to connect with people and fuck shit up."

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Flier of the Week: Benefit show for Japan at Alex's Bar

Ever since the major catastrophe in Japan, people have been wondering how they can help the victims, who are just starting to put their lives back together again. For musicians, the best way to help is to put on a show and invite as many bands and DJ's as they can.

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Flier of the Week: Telomere Repair at the Prospector, Aug. 5

Telomere Repair.jpg
Most people would be a bit nervous about moving into tilting bachelor pads like the ones on this flier.  But rocking out inside a chaotic house of sound on shaky ground is exactly the kind of thrill you get, watching the angular prog of Telomere Repair

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Flier of the Week:The Gears and Gestapo Khazi at DiPiazza's Aug. 1

FTW Gears.jpg
This is the second week in a row that we've chosen a flier that looks like some kind of sadistic, Hardy Boys book cover. But if a band is willing to sift through endless 50-cent novels to find one that will catch your attention, then by golly, they deserve a salute every now and then. This week's flier--featuring old school punks the Gears--narrows our visual interests down to the bare essentials: devils, horse whips and lingerie.  

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Flier of the Week: Punk Rock Night at Malone's, Thurs. July 22

Malones FLier 1.jpg

Talk about an awesome way to die--mauled by two braless sex kittens wielding machetes. We can tell by the look on Mr. Mustachio's face over there that he's more aroused than terrified. As a matter of fact, the line-up on this week's flier has us a bit excited as well. 
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Flier of the Week: The Toleys Farewell Show at The Bomb Shelter, July 17

Wouldn't it be great if all mediocre LA rock bands could bow out with such panache? 

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Flier of the Week: West Coast Wednesday at The Crosby, TONIGHT

If you don't know why this glorious portrait of revered West Coast rap legends was picked for flier of the week...you betta' ask somebody.
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Flier of the Week: Hard Days Night at Proof Bar, Jun. 23

FTW-Hard Days Night.jpg
He might've just popped the champagne, but thanks to the strategically placed bottle between Mick Jagger's legs, this thick-lipped legend puts the "hard" in this week's Hard Days Night at Proof Bar in Santa Ana.  
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Flier of the Week: Hanky Panky at Que Sera, Jun. 19

Hanky Panky flier.jpg

The weekend is almost here and you'd be lying to yourself if you denied having hanky panky on the brain. It's only natural. Sex and weekends go together like bands and babes. Which is why Que Sera's rock-a-billy and burlesque-inspired Hanky Panky night does it's damnedest bring both to you in the most arousing way possible. And there's spanking involved!More »

Flier of the Week: Jameson and Voxhaul Broadcast at the Gypsy Lounge, Fri. June 4

Thumbnail image for Gypsy Lounge Flier.jpg
We know what you're thinking. How did this Eared Grebe, an industrious and enchanting species of water fowl, manage to put on a suit and gloves?More »