The Do LaB Premieres Woogie Weekend Teaser Video

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Brian Erzen
The Do LaB folks are at it again, bringing transcendent beats to weekend revelers for the inaugural Woogie Weekend.

The three-day festival spans July 17-19, and will take place at Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado. The fest is an offshoot of Lightning in a Bottle's Woogie Stage, known for its affinity toward techno and heavy house grooves. Vibrant art installations and tree house DJ booths will also echo LiB's vibe, but in the intimate environment of Oak Canyon's campground. And while Woogie Weekend is a first-time event, it's arguably a homecoming considering LiB was held at the same outdoor venue in 2011 and 2012. There'll be no shortage of campground camaraderie or yoga, and the lineup includes Adam Freeland, Marques Wyatt, Nick Warren and many more artists from the underground dance music scene.

To celebrate the upcoming three-day dance party, organizers premiered a new video capturing what they hope will be the essence of Woogie Weekend. Check it out after the jump.

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Culture Comes Alive at the East End Block Party This Saturday

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east end downtown santa ana
Dominic De La Riva/Santanero
Last Year's East End Block Party brought the house down
The much-hyped event known as East End Block Party returns once again this Saturday, echoing the same large-scale music, art and culture festival vibe of last year's event and colliding with the monthly downtown Santa Ana art walk. Whereas last year's Party was hosted by Obey Radio and LA/Pomona-based music promotional company Moon Block Party, this year's festival looks to be bigger and better, spanning as wide as French to Bush streets and featuring multiple stages of music happening simultaneously throughout the day brought by local collective Konsept, OC Music League and DIY music arm Top Acid.

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Do LaB Announces Lineup for Woogie Weekend at Oak Canyon Ranch

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Lightning in a Bottle
We knew they'd be back!
Today, the Do LaB announced the lineup of their newly-minted mini festival Woogie Weekend, which returns to their old OC stomping grounds at Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, July 17-19. If the name alone conjures images of the company's main event Lightning in a Bottle, you're not too far off. The entire event is inspired by LiB's Woogie Stage, from the technicolor vibes and deep house/techno to the treehouse DJ booths.

LiB's Woogie stage originated as the Woogaloogie, the main stage structure at 2006's rendition of LiB. An early design of fellow Do LaB co-founder, Josh Flemming, it eventually became a smaller stage dedicated to house music and gained the nickname "the Woogie."

Performers at the festival include Marques Wyatt, Adam Freeland, J. Phlip and many more in the underground dance music scene. There will be two stages, ample amounts of yoga and vendors. But organizers say the capacity will be 25 percent the size of LiB (so roughly 5,000 capacity). Hopefully the crowd who just got back from LiB a couple weeks ago are ready for round two. See the full lineup after the jump.

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Ink-N-Iron Leaves Long Beach After This Year

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John Gilhooley
Suicidal Tendencies performing at Ink-N-Iron last year
Thirteen years is a long life for any festival, and in that time, Ink-N-Iron Kustom Culture Festival has left its mark on local tattoo culture in more ways than one. While master ink slingers have always been the anchor of the convention-turned-festival since it began in 2003, it's the bands, cars, clothes, motorcycles and fans that have allowed this summer event to set the pace of many such conventions to follow.

But even in a world that thrives on permanent ink, nothing lasts forever. Organizers of the event told the Weekly that this year marks the final Ink-N-Iron in Long Beach, as the festival prepares to move to Nashville. The June 12-14 bash--headlined by Pennywise (Friday), Killswitch Engage (Saturday) and Peter Murphy (Sunday), and featuring more than 280 tattoo artists from 30 states and 25 countries--will be Ink-N-Iron's last to buzz nonstop inside the hull of the Queen Mary.

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How Fullerton's New Music Festival Was Inspired By the French

Day of Music Fullerton window display at Mo's Music in Fullerton. Photo by Scott Feinblatt

Once upon a time, Fullerton's Hillcrest Park was the setting for celebrations that carried the youthful spirit of the Turbulent Sixties. Unfortunately for the disenfranchised, local residents didn't take all that rock and roll rubbish too well, and the City of Fullerton passed an ordinance which outlawed the use of sound amplification in the park. Due to the complaints and subsequent legislation, the park has remained relatively quiet since 1971. On June 21, all of that will change as a result of some inspiration that Glenn Georgieff brought back from France.

Approximately 25 years ago, Fullerton resident Georgieff and his family lived in France. It was there that he discovered FĂȘte de la Musique, a citywide celebration of music. This was no mere travelling (or stationary) festival containing a number of stages filled with pop rock musicians; Georgieff recalls, "it was one of those things you would forget about until the day of the event. Then you were just pleasantly surprised when you walked out and there was music playing in different parts of town that you weren't expecting. And there was just that festival feeling."

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Doom Fills the Observatory During the Psycho California Music Festival

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Mammatus performing at Psycho California Music Festival. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
Psycho California
The Observatory

On the five year anniversary of legendary heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio's death, metal fans travelled from all over the United States in order to pack the Observatory and immerse themselves in sludge (and other subgenres of heavy metal). In his preview of the Psycho California music festival, Jason Roche suggested that the worst band in the three day festival's 50-plus band line-up was "very good." If the 20 acts that performed on Saturday were a decent cross-section of the talent playing over the entire weekend, then Mr. Roche's assessment proved accurate and the pilgrimages that the numerous metalheads made paid off.

Though Friday's attendees were not going to let a few hiccups ruin their overall experience of this musical and cultural feast, several recalled a couple problems from the opening day of the event. Specifically, they said that the Constellation Room (one of the Observatory's two performance areas) had been double booked with the indie rock band The Wombats, and this resulted in the programming for the "Grizzly Stage" being relocated to an outdoor stage, which allegedly had bad sound. The other main gripe was in the arrangement of the merch area, which was also located outside. This issue hadn't been resolved satisfactorily by Saturday, as fans wanting to buy t-shirts and sundries had to wait for prolonged periods of time, in a long line that stretched through the courtyard behind the venue, in order to reach the tent of the coveted merchandise.

See also: The 10 Best Bands at Psycho California

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The 10 Best Bands at Psycho California

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Diana Lee Zadlo
This weekend, the Psycho California festival will engulf the Observatory in a thick wall of stoner-rock, doom-metal, psychedelics, and other sorts of caustic riffage. Over 50 bands will besiege the venue Friday May 15th through Sunday May 17th, all arriving with the goal of melting your face and leaving your eardrums a little worse for wear.

Psycho CA's organizers have done a fantastic job of curating this year's festival, an expansion on the "Psycho De Mayo" single-day events of previous years. The worst band on the bill is still at worst, "very good." But we recognize that at a festival that lasts for three days from 2pm-2am each day, you will need to take a smoke break, eat, or engage in other activities in the quest to maintain a killer buzz. The bands below are our picks to budget all of these breaks around so you don't have to miss a single minute of their sets.

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How Weenie Roast Helps to Redefine Where KROQ is Headed

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Courtesy of KROQ
Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy hotdogging for the crowd at Weenie Roast
Attending her first Weenie Roast as a fan in 1999, 106.7 FM KROQ DJ Kat Corbett has seen the show evolve with the times. Though she'd rather not remember the "Limp Bizkit-Creed year," Corbett points to the show's largeness and loyalty to the station as one of the key reasons why it's succeeded and resonated.

"It was weird to me that a radio show would put on a show that's so big," she says. "It is a large scale that it took me a while to get my head around what it is. It wasn't just another show; it was actually bands who were appreciative of the station spinning them, and it's a cool experience to feel that love."

Over the past 22 years, the Weenie Roast has become the preeminent radio rock show. Despite other markets playing catch up, the Weenie Roast (officially called the Weenie Roast Y Fiesta because of it's proximity to Cinco De Mayo) has built enough cache to become the unofficial summer kickoff concert for rock fans in Southern California. Of course the definition of what a KROQ band sounds like has changed quite a bit if your look at this year's lineup touting pop powerhouse Florence + The Machine, soulful crooner James Bay and indie gods Death Cab for Cutie.

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Get Your Tickets For Summer Fest 2015!

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Through the Roots will headline this year's Summer Fest
Beach. Bands. Booze. Bites. Babes. The five elements of the Weekly's annual Summer Fest never change. And who would want them to?! Particularly the babes part--the faithful readers who come out to help us celebrate our massive Summer Guide issue are always the sexiest people in our eyes. That's why we're calling on all of you to join us at Newport Dunes on June 20 from 12-5 p.m. for our all-day seaside party featuring amazing live bands paired with the best local food and drink we could find.

This year, headliners Through the Roots are coming up from San Diego, bringing with them the perfect mix of Jamaican riddims and infectious party anthems to cap off their latest national tour.

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Dustin Lynch is Pleasantly Surprised By Southern California's Country Scene

Justin Nolan
Dustin Lynch
Country music fans will be knee deep in tunes and twang at the inaugural ShipKicker festival, set to storm the Queen Mary's Waterfront Park May 23 - 24.

Dustin Lynch tops Saturday's lineup, and there's no mystery behind his success in the country music realm. The Nashville-based singer's velvety voice is suited for lovesick ballads and country pop anthems alike, all laced with a wise-cracking sense of humor. Lynch first garnered attention for his syrupy, down-tempo track "Cowboys and Angels" but his light-hearted nature was revealed with the fiddle-laden, jukebox charmer "She Cranks My Tractor." His down home demeanor and sing along hooks gave country fans something to cling to, and judging by his growth in popularity over the last two years, they're not letting go anytime soon.

Lynch is currently riding a wave of success from his sophomore album, Where It's At, which was inspired during his time on the road with Keith Urban and spawned his current gig touring with country music heavyweight Luke Bryan. In between dates, Lynch will mosey over to lead ShipKicker, along with the festival's day two headliners Parmalee. We caught up with Lynch over the phone to discuss his headlining gig, when to expect new material, and whether or not Southern California is prime territory for country music.

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