Santa Ana Noise Festival Returns to OCCCA

+DOG+ performs at SANF4. Photo by Stephen Anderson
It is a right of passage for nearly every generation to experience the music of their youth getting filed under "oldies," and to interpret the music of the following generation as a bunch of noise. While this is a general truism, some folks embrace the concept of noise in a whole other way. This Saturday, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) will host the seventh Santa Ana Noise Fest which will feature performances by 14 noise music acts.

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Outpost Fest Finds Its Step in Downtown SanTana

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Dick Slaughter
Cold War Kids
Outpost Fest
Downtown Santana

The first year is a time of uncertainty for any festival. What are the expectations from the audience? How will the organizers vision translate from blueprint to reality? How many people are gonna show up? Who's playing? Obviously that last question is usually the most important and in the case of the inaugural Outpost Fest, it was the key to everything else that transpired on the streets of Downtown SanTana on Saturday night.

Curated, co-organized and co-headlined by OC-faves Delta Spirit (mostly with the help of bassist Jon Jameson) the band were tasked with creating the lineup, the food and drink options as well as the vendors--the kind they would want to see if they bought a ticket to a festival. On Saturday, the event's vibe was decidedly clear: an OC indie rock bonanza with a pinch of nostalgia.

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Hustle's Eclectic, Three-Day Free Music Festival "Keeps Long Beach Awesome"

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Courtesy of Hustle Fest
Bobby Blunders
With Kanye headlining FYF and Tinariwen flying from West Africa to play Coachella, Southern California's most popular music festivals started as local rock and art fests but today sport increasingly diverse lineups.

Hustle, a new grassroots music festival happening for free this weekend at multiple venues across Long Beach, needs no conscious effort to incorporate multiple genres. Everyone on the three-day bill -- from Mexican-American rapper 2Mex to psych-folk singer-songwriter Dustin Lovelis -- comes from the city, which has spent the last 30 years as place where hip hop, rock, folk, jazz, funk and more all effortlessly mingle.

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Delta Spirit's Hands-On Approach Makes Outpost Fest Their Own

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Matthew J. Pandolfe
Delta Spirit curate a festival of "rad"
There are a handful of hard truths a band learns to accept when becoming a successful touring act. One of them is that the majority of festival gigs suck ass. Most fans jumping up and down in the pit are probably wondering how that could be. After all, rock stars complaining about playing for thousands of fans does sound a tad ungrateful. To hear bassist Jon Jameson of Delta Spirit speak on it (or just about any musician for that matter), that's the part most worth getting out of bed for.

"Festivals are usually not very fun for bands," says the bearded, long-haired San Diego native. "And I can't even imagine being an attendee at a festival. It's just, like, noise assaults and shitty food and no vibe, and the bands are just all over the place."

This year, instead of slogging through yet another megafest, Delta Spirit chose to use their clout and resources to create their own event. But it won't be a smorgasbord of 30 random acts. It's designed to be something loud and exciting yet thoughtfully curated, communal and, above all, local. As Jameson says, Saturday's Outpost Fest is meant to be "rad."

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