Deedub's Lyrics & Apparel Line Radiate Pure Love

Courtesy Of: Deedub
Deedub & KLB à la "Pure Love"
He opened for legends like Snoop Dogg and Eek-A-Mouse, he's learned production skills from Young Guru (producer for Jay-Z) and Khaliq-O-Vision (producer for Michael Jackson), but where Deedub's true bragging brights reside are in his positive lyricism. In 2012, the rapper released his first solo album titled Organic; a word that rings true for Deedub's mission being that he founded Deedub Records to conduct and nurture his reggae beats and hip-hop hooks. His most recent album, released in 2014 titled Liberation meditates on bliss, being conscious of how we interact with others in the world, and less abstract ideologies like drinking in his cabana, "like its pura vida". This month the artist steps into unchartered territory as he debuts two silk-screened t-shirt's that promise a 5% donation to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund for the month of April. "We'll probably donate around 25% when its all said and done" Deedub adds and their partnership with Sweet Relief and other non-profits like Camp Southern Ground (Zac Brown Band's non-profit that enables kids to attend summer camp) will continue far beyond this months merchant sales.

Sweet Relief is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to musicians suffering from illness, disability, or old-age. The organization's supporters are somewhat endless, Beyonce and U2 (unsurprisingly), The Smashing Pumpkins, The Temptations, Wu-Tang Clan, Nick Valensi & Fabrizio Moretti (of The Strokes), Lou Reed, Lorde, the list goes on. Deedub notes,"A friend of mine introduced me to the partnership. I looked into it and immediately thought this is awesome. Being a musician it's only natural that I feel empathy towards other musicians and out of respect for music and what's its given me in my life, passion, drive, and just a motivation to do something everyday I decided to get involved." He also spoke about a former music partner, unable to pursue music because of his illness, yet another significant reason this partnership is dear to his heart.

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Cutlass Represents Real Beach Culture With Style Cool Enough to Steal

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Courtesy of Cutlass Clothing
Left to right: Martin Stern, Dean Bradley and Casey Sullivan
On a recent weekday morning, local graphic designer Dean Bradley arrived to his brand new clothing shop to find his front glass door almost completely destroyed. Almost. The would-be burglars who tried to break in during the wee hours of the morning failed to shatter the glass to get inside. Instead, icy crystal spiderwebs radiated from the points where their hammers had smashed, waking the neighbors who scared them off.

Even for being tucked away in a small storefront just off the coast of the sun-soaked Newport Beach peninsula, it appears that Cutlass Clothing is already proving that makes clothes good enough to steal--or at least try to.

"We posted a photo of the door on Facebook and said 'the new Cutlass line is so hot people are trying to break down the door,'" Bradley says. "Seriously though, those dudes must've really wanted our t-shirts."

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Today's Band T-Shirt Trends Are Getting Ridiculous and Awesome

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By: Jamie Lees

Band shirts used to be a way to easily identify other members of your tribe. It was a method of claiming allegiance without saying a word, a way to help find other like-minded people. People wore their love on their sleeves, quite literally. Back in the day you couldn't just creep on somebody's FaceSpace profile or look up their online playlists to find out their tastes in music, so kids who wanted to rep their favorite band had to wear the dang shirt. I know when I was a young lass, I was certainly intrigued by any gentleman wearing a Dinosaur Jr. t-shirt. (Bad move. Most dudes who like Dinosaur Jr. are emotionally damaged beyond repair. I am prepared to argue this point at length.)

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The Fashion of Stadium-Folk Bands, Ranked Worst to Worstest

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Fashion offenders Mumford & Sons
By: Luke Winkie
We all know the current trend of snotty white-people stadium-folk sucks. That's something near-universally agreed upon within critical circles. It's hard to take a single note of the stuff seriously, enough to make you reconsider the entire influencing legacy of Bob Dylan. But one thing that's been underrated in our anger is just how poorly these bands dress. It's not just bad style, it's bad style with an attitude. It's statement-fashion as nuanced as a 15-year old in a Jack Skeleton hoodie. This free pass stops right here, as we've ranked all the bands associated with Nickelback-folk by their attire from worst to worstest.

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Rave Fashion Is a Mess These Days

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Matt Oliver
By: Mary Grace Cerni
Anyone who's been to giant electronic dance music parties knows that "rave fashion" is something of an oxymoron.

Traditionally, raves are a space people can be free to wear whatever they want. That's great! Except, not really, because it makes horrible fashion mistakes acceptable. And so you see Rastafarian colors mixed with nipple pasties mixed with Hello Kitty gear and tutus. You see Hindu symbols mixed with Native American headdresses, fuzzy boots and neon. And somehow people manage to be naked on top of all that.


Below, we run down some specific raver fashion faux pas and tell you how to fix yoself.

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Six Handmade Mens Rave Accessories You Really Must Own

Custom Mouse Head Costume by creativemind88 on etsy.
The summer rave season will be here before you can charge your LED hula hoop! Here are some of our favorite handmade accessories for our O.C. men to wear. Be sure to check out last week's Raver Girl Accesory post.

You'll be a hit with fellow deadmau5 fans in this Custom Mouse Head Costume by creativemind88 (above).

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Six Handmade Raver Girl Accessories You Really Must Own

Music festival Flower Crown by BudgetWeddingBouquet on etsy
The summer rave season will be here before you can charge your LED hula hoop! Here are some of our favorite handmade accessories for our O.C. ladies to wear. And men, don't worry--we'll post rave wear and accessories for you next week.

Bonus: You can sport this daisy flower crown by BudgetWeddingBouquet (shown above) at raves this summer and at Coachella 2014.

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Halloween Costumes You're Guaranteed to See This Year

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psy - jenaardell.jpg
Jena Ardell

Story and Illustrations By: Jena Ardell

Each Halloween you see scads of folks wearing the same costumes. Last year it was the damn black swan, and meanwhile Slash and the LMFAO guys seem to turn up annually. So this year we're handicapping the proceedings. You can pretty much bet you'll see some of the following music-related costumes when you hit the town. And, just in case you want to jump on the bandwagon yourself, we've also included some pros and cons of each.

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Audrey Napoleon, EDM's Electro Queen, Went From Performing in Malls to Producing Her Own Clothing Line

Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
Audrey Napoleon

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*Eric Prydz & Audrey Napoleon - Yost Theater - 8/16/2012
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The LA-based DJ/producer Audrey Napoleon is one of the few females on the Identity Festival roster and in the electronic dance music scene today. Following the release of her debut EP Ornamental Egos in July, Audrey has been on tour for the past four-and-a -half weeks playing the album for fans and bringing her underground pop sound to the stage. She played at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana right before the legendary Eric Prydz took over OC on Wednesday evening. We caught up with her backstage before the show to talk about the tour, her fans and future projects.

"Art came to me as a child," says Napoleon. "I grew up in a very creative environment. My dad plays trumpet and drums." She used to sing and do performances at the mall and it was only natural for her to continue into performing and becoming an artist. "I grew up listening to Depeche Mode, The Cure and Kraftwerk," says Audrey. She explored progressive dance music, minimal and many other genres before arriving at her signature sound. "Underground Pop is the dark side of techno that I really love and everything I love about pop music fused together," explains Napoleon.

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Ten Things Your Lollapalooza Outfit Says About You

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Photo by Erik Hess


Now more than ever, Lollapalooza is a mélange of different fashion decisions to accompany the varied musical offerings crammed together throughout Chicago's Grant Park. When EDM butts up against metal, alt-country, and whatever the hell you'd call Die Antwoord, there's really no wrong way to dress. Still, too many attendees tend to stick to boring, functional attire to them through the weekend. None of those folks are rewarded here.

Here are ten examples of really letting your clothing do the talking, and we did our best to interpret.

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