Darkness Creeps into Disneyland on Bats Day Weekend

Photo of Bats Day in the Fun Park courtesy of ThemeParkAdventure.com
It was only a matter of time, but dark imagery and creepy subcultures have irrefutably infiltrated pop culture. From fans of music genres like death metal and industrial to adherents of retro and retro-futuristic art movements such as Edwardianism and steampunk, folks who wear predominant amounts of eerie clothing are everywhere, but short of gathering in their respective niches for concerts and conventions, there are few events that bring the black masses together for a grand hootenanny.

Bats Day not only does this--for what has grown into a three-day event--but the event cuts right into the heart of the most genteel of pop culture icons; for, the culmination of Bats Day is a swarming of creatures of the night into Disneyland for "Bats Day in the Fun Park." The two days which precede the dark wave are filled with varieties of events, which have included concerts, contests, a marketplace, and a masquerade. Noah Korda, who goes by "Noah K," is the heart of Bats Day, and he was happy to shed some light on this celebration of darkness.

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The Five Most Devoted Types of Music Fans

Categories: Fandom

Photo by Tom Hilton
Deadheads... Sigh.
By: Chris Lane

The root of the word "fan" is fanatic, and that certainly applies to some music lovers, particularly the extreme admirers of certain bands or types of rock music. Some people live for the music they love, and in the case of certain bands, there are enormous fandoms and cultures for the more extreme among their ranks.

To those of us who aren't fans of a particular band or musical style, such extreme fans might seem a little crazy, or even scary. Let's take a look at some of them.

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I Survived Being a Jimmy Buffett Fan For a Day

Categories: Fandom

Tony Nelson
Some actual Parrotheads at the Jimmy Buffett show
Beginning the night of December 2, 2013, I embarked upon a foolhardy and ill-fated mission to spend 24 hours straight converting myself into the biggest Jimmy Buffett fan in the Twin Cities metro area.

For the uninitiated, Jimmy Buffett is the undisputed champion of wearing Hawaiian shirts and celebrating drunk, bacchanalian behavior, and his tribe is known as the Parrotheads. For more on his musical exploits, read my review of Tuesday's show at the Xcel. As a pop culture figure, he sits on a throne of golden calamari, and his Margaritaville brand produces clothing, frozen food, and alcoholic beverages.

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Six Nerdy Groups With Annoying Fans

Categories: Fandom

Press Photo

Surfer Blood. Vampire Weekend. Imagine Dragons. Bowling for Soup. Slightly Stoopid. I've ignored every single one of these bands for one reason and one reason alone: terrible band names. In this culture, we have so many things competing for our attention at all times that your brain naturally has an override mechanism that steps in and sorts things out. You'll ignore an advertisement for something you actually want because it's the wrong color scheme. Or ignore a band over something as trivial as its name. Or, in some cases, on account of its intolerable fans.

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Six Terribly Upsetting (and Erotic) Musical Fan-Fiction Stories, Illustrated

Categories: Fandom

Dave Watt
Avenged Sevenfold forces "Michael" to eat tacos.

Last week at my warehouse job, I sat in a forklift and hoisted a wooden pallet to prepare for shipping. As the dust particles scattered from the machine's exhaust, a thought settled into my brain that I could not rid myself of:

"Gavin Rossdale fan fiction."

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Big Freedia - The Constellation Room - July 24, 2013

Hope Lee
Question: In the history of this blog, how many writers can say they got the headlining act to leave the venue, walk into the parking lot and get into a 1960 Ford Starliner on Cragars to take photographs?

Answer: One. Me.

The event in question happened with Big Freedia last night at The Constellation Room.
All week my friend Gabe had been telling me how he wanted Big Freedia (aka the Queen Diva, the Dick Eater, the Late Night Creeper -- ya besta buhleeva!) to take pictures in his car. I told him it wasn't happening. He showed up in the afternoon and was denied. At this point, I figured he'd drop it. He didn't.

See Also: Big Freedia Brings Bounce-Fueled Ass Battles to OC

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Seven Codes of Conduct at Sold-Out Shows

Categories: Fandom

John Gilhooley
By: Gavin Cleaver
Now, I'm no fireman, obviously, but it seems to me that when some standing-room-only venues sell out, they really sell out. I mean, you couldn't fit another person in there with a really big shoehorn. Sometimes, these experiences can be traumatic. Other times, they can be fantastic. Maybe you can make the difference. Here's how:

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The Top Five Rappers We'd Like To See At Coachella This Year

ASAP Rocky in the midst of one of the best performances of Coachella 2012

It's the dawn of a new year, which for those of us who love music means a whole new year of live shows and another Coachella. Speaking a bit more specifically, it means another period of buzz surrounding possible Coachella lineups, rumors, definite answers, and photoshopped posters. This list is none of those -- we know, you're probably about to exit since we have yet to mention Daft Punk or something -- but it is a wishlist of sorts regarding hip-hop artists that need to be showcased on the level of Coachella. We have a full year of new, (hopefully) exciting sounds ahead of us, and hip-hop as a whole is in better health than it has been in years. It's 2013 now, and it's time to match the recorded strength of modern hip-hop and the quality of live hip-hop.

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Let's Talk About the Crazy Names For Musician Fan Bases, Like "Beliebers"

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Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 2.05.15 PM.png
Wannabe singer Amber Rose calls her female fans "Rosebuds" and her male fans "Rosestuds"

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*Octomom Releases New Topless Album Cover for 'Sexy Party'
*Christina Aguilera and YUM! Brands Team Up to Fight Hunger. Seriously?

As Jerry Seinfeld might say: What's the deal with all these crazy names for musician fan bases, like Lady Gaga's "Little Monsters" and Justin Bieber's "Beliebers"?

It's all wrapped up in the tradition of fan clubs, which have been around at least since 1960 musical Bye Bye Birdie coupled an Elvis-inspired heart throb with a swooning contest winner. But it probably wasn't until the 1970s that fans of a particular artist were given their own special names; it seems to go back a mailing list shouted out on the sleeve of the 1971 eponymous Grateful Dead live album referring to the faithful as "Dead Freaks." A "Dead Heads" newsletter followed, and thus we now have something to call the uncles of young people who like Phish.

But the more recent, and more ludicrous, onslaught of fan base names took off in the late aughts, and if this Wikipedia entry on the Beliebers is any indication, they mean business: "Many beliebers [sic] strictly defend and support Bieber and may resort to extreme methods to protect him against anything they deem as a threat, such as issuing death threats to women connected to Bieber."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Below are five even more preposterous fan base monikers. More »

Five of the Biggest Thrice Fans We Know

Categories: Fandom, contest
Ashley Vinck Thrice Contest Merch.jpg
Back in September we held a contest asking Thrice fans to tell us why they considered themselves the band's biggest fans. After reading a liberal amount of submissions about the glorious experiences of fandom, we can safely deduce that Thrice fans take pride in their emotional connection to the band and take their role as Thrice supporters very seriously.

From their debut album Identity Crisis to the most recent Major/Minor, the Orange County natives have accumulated a kingdom of die-hard fans from all around the world that agree on one thing: Thrice's music changes lives. Here are a few of the most uplifting, funny, romantic and Thrice obsessed excerpts written by contestants explaining why they are the ultimate Thrice super fan. 

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