We Survived EDC Mexico. So, How Did it Go?

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Courtesy of BSK Photos
EDC Mexico Main Stage
Over the weekend, the grandiose Electric Daisy Carnival made its way to Mexico City to what became the largest dance music festival in Mexico's history! 80,000 EDM lovers filled the Autodromo (speedway) Hermanos Rodriguez over their holiday weekend from Saturday to Sunday. Proving that dance music's stadium-filling popularity stretches far beyond the borders of the states, Mexico's capital embraced the culture as they immersed themselves in an experience they would have never imagined. From babies, kids, teenagers, to parents and even old school techno loving grandpas - everyone wanted to experience what El Carnaval de la Margarita El├ęctrica (EDC) is all about.

We made the journey to the inaugural EDC Mexico to see how it compares to EDC Las Vegas and get a glimpse on how Mexico views dance music culture. As we roamed the festival grounds, enjoyed some of the top names in EDM, rode the carnival rides and even shuffled our way across the dance floor, we couldn't help but feel like we were at our first ever EDC all over again. Here's what caught our attention as we joined the all around elated festival-goers.

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EDC Vs Ultra: Which is Better?

Eric Kabik / Insomniac Events
EDM fans at EDC

Though Electric Daisy Carnival has been around for two years longer than Ultra Music Festival since it's inception in 1997, for many years Ultra has been considered the largest and best electronic dance music festival in the United States. It won the International Dance Music Award for "Best Music Event" for almost six consecutive years only to be beaten out by Tomorrowland in Belgium in 2012 and 2013. However, EDC promoters Insomniac Events have won the "Best Event Promoter" title for the past two years and are reaching new heights with a recent Live Nation partnership. Today EDC is a touring festival like Ultra with stops in New York, Chicago, Orlando, Puerto Rico, London and it's main event in Las Vegas. We made the pilgrimage to Miami in March for UMF and Las Vegas for EDC a couple of weeks ago and decided to take a stab at the question on every EDM devotee's mind. Which is better EDC Las Vegas or Ultra in Miami?
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The Best and Worst of Electric Daisy Carnival

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Josh "CuriousJosh" Reiss

If there is any lingering question about the mass popularity of electronic music, one need look no further than Electric Daisy Carnival. We'd be remiss to call EDC the "Woodstock of EDM," because even one of rock's most iconic festivals doesn't hold a candle to the production, logistics, and near incomprehensible grandeur that is Insomniac's flagship rave. To call it a party would be diminutive and downright disrespectful. For three days at the end of June, EDC is an ephemeral nation unto itself with a population of more than 300,000 whose primary export is bass.

We were among the masses at Electric Daisy Carnival over the weekend. Here is the best and worst of what we saw, heard, smelled, touched and felt:

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The Gorgeous Girls of EDC Las Vegas 2013

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Chris Victorio
After 16 years of combining thumping bass, fantasy worlds and exposed flesh, the presence of absurdly beautiful women in costume is as much a part of EDC as the music. And that's probably just as much of a draw for the festival when it comes attracting bigger and bigger crowds every year. While partying down at the the Las Vegas Motor Speed way for the third year in a row, it was readily apparent that last weekend's talent pool in the beauty department had just about reached its peak this year so we decided to document it for you. Does creating an entire list dedicated to the glorious female form make us perverted? Well, we'd rather use the term "appreciative." Here now is our look back at the Gorgeous Girls at EDC Las Vegas 2013. More »

Five Reasons Why Electric Daisy Carnival is Completely Mind-Blowing

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Credit: Josh "Curious Josh" Reiss
Electric Daisy Carnival is crazy, guys! We're all out here scorching in the heat of the desert by day and trekking out to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway (16 miles north of the Strip) at night to experience the full-on sensory overload that is EDC. The event has come a long way since its days as an underground dance party in the dank warehouses of downtown L.A. Now in its 17th year, the festival is huge, loud, crowded and completely mind-blowing.

Here are five reasons why:

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Ten Questionable T-Shirts Seen at Electric Daisy Carnival

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Because one idea is synonymous with the other.
Electric Daisy Carnival started yesterday in Las Vegas, bringing the EDM generation out en masse to celebrate its love of sensory overstimulation and all things electronic. Last night the scene inside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where the festival is being held, was a sight to behold, with fireworks, complex stage productions, lights, carnival rides, lasers, art installations and music on seven stages.

Nothing about this festival is subtle, clothing included. While the look for ladies erred on the side of mostly naked, many of the dudes went with a frat rave look via statement t-shirts. Here, some of the most eyebrow-raising messages spotted at the first day of EDC.

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How Local DJ SAY MY NAME Got Handpicked to Perform at EDC

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By: Rishabh Bhavnani
Imagine going from being a virtually unknown local DJ making beats in your bedroom to performing in front of thousands at EDC all within the span of a month. That's basically what happened to Dayvid Sherman, a Chapman University senior better known (well, maybe not quite yet) as SAY MY NAME, winner of an worldwide talent scouting contest called the EDC Discovery Project, hosted by Insomniac. Entries for EDC contest were submitted last month via Mixcloud. Once the mixes were sent in, if they get the right amount of response and traction online, the DJ who put it together will play at the EDC Discovery Stage in Vegas. SAY MY NAME, the winner of the competition, will be performing on Sunday at 3am.

SAY MY NAME sports a unique, emerging style of production known as trapstyle-- conjuring dark, up-tempo trap progressions with a slick dose of some hardstyle untz. Dayvid's trapstyle productions first gained popularity with his remixes of Showtek, The R3bels. He has performed at various events at Chapman University and opened for Carnage at Ten Nightclub in Newport. He is also a huge fan of bacon, something that he incorporates in his everyday musical production diet. We sat down with SAY MY NAME to loop us into his life, leading up to his set this Sunday.

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EDC Las Vegas 2013 Lineup is Here!

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Hottest Girls of EDC 2012 - Matt Oliver 10
Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
After leaving fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation for the sold out 17th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway -- Insomniac finally revealed the diverse lineup of musical "conductors" as founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella likes to call them. This year's list includes musical acts, artists and theatrical performers. Yesterday we told you that HARD events will also present a stage at this year's festival, which takes place June 21-23 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway from 6p.m.-6 a.m. The full lineup is listed in alphabetical order below.

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PeaceTreaty Are Enjoying EDM Stardom as Part of the Dim Mak Family

Angelo Patino-Patroni and Josh Anaya of PeaceTreaty

It's hard to believe all that the Chino Hills duo PeaceTreaty has achieved in the mere couple of years they have been making electronic dance music together. Since we last spoke to Josh Anaya and Angelo Patino-Patroni they have continued their momentum on the OC native Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Record Label touring the world including at Insomniac's Nocturnal Wonderland in San Bernadino and Electric Zoo in New York. With remixes for artists like Robbie Rivera and Hot Mouth out now their primary focus is to finish their full length debut album which has been in the works since they released their EP in 2011. Tonight they are bringing their eclectic big room house sound to White Rabbit's Havoc Thursdays at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana. We caught up with Josh, Angelo and their cute pug Ziggy at their studio in Newport Beach where the two reside, to catch up on what life has been like for the OC duo as a part of the well known Dim Mak family.

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EDC 2013 Dates Announced, Limited Pre-Sale Nov. 7

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Matt Oliver / OC Weekly
Insomniac announced the dates for the next installment of the Electric Daisy Carnival today. EDC 2013 returns to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 21, 22, 23. On Nov. 7 at 12 p.m. PST, a "very limited" pre-sale is happening on promoter Insomniac's website. Three-day General Admission tickets available at $199, then $259, and three-day VIP tickets available at $450, until allotments run out. More details on next year's EDC were also revealed today.

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