Mightyfools - Yost Theater - January 24, 2013

Shannon Nehls / OC Weekly
Mightyfools at Havoc Thursdays

Yost Theater

Last night, we headed to the Yost Theater in Santa Ana (our favorite EDM hot spot as of late) to celebrate the budding promotion company White Rabbit Group's Three Year Anniversary with an Alice & Wonderland themed soirée. "Consistently bringing talent that's never been to Orange County has been the focus of White Rabbit," says it's CEO Brandon Owen. "We like taking risks with artist like Klaas, Global Deejays, Dillon Francis, Crizzly (before he was even signed), Peacetreaty's first headlining slot in OC and like with Mightyfools tonight," he said. White Rabbit is also the group behind booking the first real trap artist in Orange County as well as sticking to their mainly dub and electro artists which his 18-and-over crowd loves.

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[UPDATE: Absurdo-Terrorists Now Selling The Shirt For a Limited Time] Disney Anarchists Dump Crass-Themed Mickey Shirts in Boutiques

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UPDATED: Feb. 2, 9:32 p.m.:
That shirt is now available for a month to the general public.
According to the Cubopop site (which touted itself as the "home of 21st Century Absurdism, Surrealism & PostCuboFuturism. An ode to new imaginations & a burial ground for modern popular culture"):
Due to an overwhelming demand, the illegal CRASS/MICKEY t-shirt will now be available for a limited time (30 days to be exact) and will be removed from our store on March 9, 2012. 

Please be aware that the money from your purchase will go towards proliferating the cause of Absurdo-Terrorism. You will be directly funding future antics such as this one, so thank you very much in advance. 

Lastly, we are aware that we're exploiting one of punk rock's first and last bastions of integrity. So with that, we'd would like to extend our hand to CRASS (Steve Ignorant/Penny Rimbaud): You are entitled to half of the proceeds from the profits of these sales. If you would like them, or would like to have them donated to a charity/cause of your choice, please contact us through the link above.

This offer extends to Bob Iger (Disney) as well... or whoever contacts us first. 


Original post: Feb 2, 2012, 3:15 p.m.:
That Joy Division/Mickey Mouse debacle just won't die.

Someone's been reproducing the (punk band) Crass-themed Mickey T-shirt that was posted on Dave Noise's site (designed by Aron Sizle) and have been leaving them like easter eggs at various Disney stores. (See the photo that Dangerous Minds snapped above.)

Whoever had the time and money to sneak these shirts into the house of the mouse kind of has it backwards (why would you give Disney anything?!?). But no one's owning up to the deed--yet. As Dave Noise says, "Maybe the guys are making amends for hopping that low section of the fence by the Jungle Cruise for free Disneyland entry in the '80s."
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Rush, The Mentors, The Germs and Crass: That Disney Shirt Gets Parodied by Dave Noise

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Dave Noise
You know Dave Noise over at Factory Records, right? Well, it turns out that he not only sells records, he's hilarious and pretty good with the Photoshop. Hence his brand spankin' new Tumblr account called "Mickey Mouse Meets Ian Curtis," featuring parodies of the Joy Division-inspired Mickey shirt, featuring logos of bands such as the Mentors, Rush and Crass. We spoke to Dave about the whole thing...read it after the jump.

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Peter Hook Takes the Joy Division-Inspired Disney T as a Compliment, and Where the Design is REALLY From

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Thumbnail image for mickey_mouse_jd.jpg
First off, Peter Hook just told the LA Times that he appreciates the irony of Disney riffing on a Joy Division album cover.

While Disney didn't as the surviving members of Joy Division for permission to replicate the image, he says, "If I had a pound for every time someone bootlegged Joy Division, I'd be as rich as Disney."

Not that Disney would actually need permission; the original image, after all, is in the public domain. (It's an illustration of pulsar waves, computer generated at the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico.)

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Five Album Covers Disney Should Turn Into T-Shirts

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Let me bring you up to speed: Disney recently began selling t-shirts on their online store that feature a design that is a creative nod to the cover art of Joy Division's 1979 debut Unknown Pleasures (see above).

Certain people (i.e. music snobs and people who are still upset with Ian Curtis for committing suicide in 1980) are appalled by Disney's apparent "rip-off" of the album's artwork, but what a lot of them don't realize is that the graphic designer who created (and most likely fought for) that t-shirt design was probably the biggest Joy Division fan ever.

Untwist those panties, Joy Division purists! Wouldn't you rather see a Disney t-shirt inspired by Joy Division than one that depicts Minnie Mouse dressed up as Lady Gaga? I know I would.

After the jump, learn five more album covers I hope Disney soon "rips off."

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[UPDATE: Casting Requirements Changed] Disneyland Wants Musicians For Mad T Party [Audition Details and More!]

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UPDATE, Jan 12, 2012, 3:13 p.m.: Stan Freese got in touch with us today and said that the casting requirements have been amended; the characters don't have to play specific instruments, as the original audition stated.

Original post, Jan. 11, 2012, 10:58 a.m.: Can you play a mean guitar riff while rocking a Tim Burton hat? If so, Disneyland wants you! Today Disneyland announced that they're going to be replacing ElecTRONica with a different kind of party--the Mad T Party, to be exact.

According to the release, The Mad T Party is "a high-energy, glowing wonderland of live music, exotic tastes and fun-filled games at Hollywood Pictures Backlot."

The most exciting part? There'll be two stages with entertainment--including a live band, a DJ and a variety of performance artists. That means Disneyland is holding auditions, and musicians from all over are welcome to try out for spots on the band.
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Rockabilly/Psychobilly Annual Event 'Rock Around The Park' Hits Disneyland November 13

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Another non-official Disneyland event is just around the corner!

Is it Gay Days? Maybe Bats Day? Nope! It's Rock Around the Park, the annual rockabilly/psychobilly event!

Learn more about Rock Around the Park's big weekend after the jump.More »

Mr. Micky Mouth's Election Day Rap

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As people in OC head to the polls today casting votes for governor, a slew of propositions, and city council member candidates, the satirical campaign of Mr. Micky Mouth has made one last appeal in Anaheim.

Though the man behind the mouse ears didn't officially qualify as a write-in candidate for city council, he and his hype-man puppet nevertheless released a new rap video aimed at the youth.

In the latest installment from the mock campaign, Mr. Micky Mouth drives through the Disneyland area in his Hummer and parties it up pool side jigga style with his Disney dressed characters while telling people "Vote for me yo!" repeatedly on the hook.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Ten Most Ridiculously Expensive Tron Products

Quorra Couture Platform Sandal designed by Jerome C. Rousseau retailing for $795

​Yesterday, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that Disney was launching a high-end accessory and shoe line inspired by Tron: Legacy

While every ultra-hyped Disney movie release goes hand-in-hand with an avalanche of merchandise, Tron's is pretty over the top.  

The shoe and accessory line, for example, has Disney partnering with designers Jerome C. Rousseau, Hayden-Harnett, Robin Rotenier and TomTom. Their products will be on sale at the "Tron" Pop-Up Shop opening next month in LA before Tron: Legacy's Dec. 17 release date.

The clincher? Canadian-born designer Rousseau designed a pair of five-inch metallic platforms inspired by the female lead, Quorra. The price tag? $795.

And that's not the most expensive item on the list, which include cuff links, PS3 controllers, motorcycle outfits, sunglasses and board shorts. Who would buy any of this? 

After the jump, check out our list of the most ridiculously priced Tron merchandise. 

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MORE 'Tron' News: First Look at Daft Punk and 90-Second Clip!

daft-punk-tron- cap.jpg
And now even more TRON news on this TRON Tuesday: Walt Disney Picutres has just released this first official (awesome) glimpse at Daft Punk in TRON: Legacy. Check out the full image after the jump.

A 90-second clip of the Daft Punk track "The Game Has Changed" has also been released on their Facebook page: Click here to listen!More »