Help Jack Grisham Fund His New Album By Getting Tased in the Crotch

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Danny Hole
The Joykiller
Jack Grisham wants to put his old band the Joykiller back together for some recording. And he's willing to tase you in the crotch to do it, among other things.

Recently, the infamous TSOL frontman and former Weekly columnist stumbled on some old cassette demos of his former pop punk band, buried in the belly of an old cigar humidifier. Turns out the band, which broke up 15 years ago after making three albums together, had recorded quite a bit of material that never saw the light of day. He took a few tapes out, popped them in a dual cassette deck and started listening. Surprise! They still sounded awesome. That listening session inspired his current mission to crowd fund the official re-recording of the best unreleased tracks from The Joykiller with help from original members Ronnie King and Billy Persons and some all stars like producer Paul Roessler and another Weekly cover boy, punk legend Rikk Agnew. So where do you come in? Well, turns out Grisham is willing to do some very cool and very disturbing things for fans in order to make this album happen.

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[UPDATED] Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L. Needs Your Help to Write Another Book

UPDATED, NOV. 10, 9:08 A.M.: $7,000 goal reached as of 9 A.M.--$7,184!

ORIGINAL POST, NOV. 8, 10:35 A.M.: Jack Grisham, T.S.O.L. frontman, Weekly coverboy--is following up his first novel An American Demon with a work of fiction that he won't tell us the title of ("because it's cool and I don't want people to steal it") or describe the plot of (same reason).

But he is asking supporters to back his work financially via a Kickstarter campaign (he's currently about $2,200 shy of his $7,000 goal) so he can finish the book.

"I can tell you the kids live in a fictional 1960s Northern California town. I can tell you there are as many cemeteries in the story as there are boys, and I can tell you that it's an American Gothic coming of age tale--although the children are much more mature than I'll ever be," he says in the description of the book.

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Be Part of a New Hawthorne Heights Video

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Hawthorne Heights is working on a video for their song "Oceans," and they want their fans to be in it. The video is about missing a deployed loved one, so they're asking people for short videos of themselves. All you have to do to be part of it is hold up a photo of a deployed loved one and say something about them and how you miss them. If you're the one deployed, send a video of yourself holding up a picture of your family or loved one back home.

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Give Lance Bangs Your Cloud Footage for LCD Soundsystem

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Lilledeshan Bose
Maybe you're all tore up about being stuck in Orange County, while LCD Soundsytem is saying goodbye--forever--in New York's Madison Square Garden on Saturday. Here's a way to make your presence felt at his show: Give them your cloud footage! Lance Bangs, the director in charge of visuals for the show, wants "footage of clouds and sky shot from airplane windows," according to his official siteMore »

Make Your Own Music Video for The Adjustment Bureau

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​Want to make your own video for a former Verve front man? Your Life Adjusted: The Adjustment Bureau Video Project is an interactive video for Richard Ashcroft's song "Future's Bright." 

The original video was made by piecing together life's milestones from photos submitted by people around the world (including the film's stars, Oscar winner Matt Damon and Emily Blunt). You can make your own video by uploading your photos here. Watch the original video after the jump.

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Surprise! OC Weekly's Band of the Week

Who is the band of the week?
Greetings, all! Maybe it's the fact that Valentine's Day is coming soon, or maybe it's the increased pollen count. But something has us feeling service-y. To that end, we've decided to share with you some of the unsung heroes and undiscovered shining stars of the Orange County/Long Beach music scene. Herewith, we bring you our band of the week after the jump.

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Teach Me How to 'Bernie'--It's America's Latest Dance Craze

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So you're the master of daggering, and you've taught your grandma to Dougie. What's next, you ask? This month's latest dance craze is courtesy of the 1980s movie Weekend at Bernie's--and all you have to do is shuffle around like a corpse on the dance floor! See how it's done after the jump.

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Celebrity Spotting via Twitter at the Justin Bieber Concert: Kobe Bryant, Jasmine Villegas, Jaden Smith and More

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Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Were you at the Justin Bieber concert last night? Because we couldn't really bring ourselves to witness it, we cobbled together a vision of the night's show via Twitter. Unfortunately, there wasn't much variety--and there were only four kinds of tweets coming out of Honda Center last night:

1. The Histrionic

saabbrrriiinnaa: JUSTIN BIEBER CONCERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the honda center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

Karsonly: Had the best time at Justin Bieber concert last night had so much fun and after I chased his bus down the street! Untill my mom yelled at me.
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More 'Up To You' Options: Download or Watch a Free, Radiohead-Sanctioned Fan Film of a Czech Concert

Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly

Sure, the Beastie Boys did it first. But that doesn't make the footage taken by more than 50 fans on Flip phones of Radiohead at Prague's Výstaviště Holešovice Exhibition Hall on August 23, 2009 any less special. The footage has been edited together to make a concert film called Live in Praha, with Radiohead giving the makers of the film their own audio masters from the show. Crazy!

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Local Natives at the Pitchfork Music Festival 2010 in Chicago

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Jason Stoff/Denver Westword
So LA via OC band Local Natives were documented at Pitchfork by our sister publication Denver Westord (check out the slideshow More »