Fleetmac Wood Remix Your Parent's Classic Rock

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Jolanta Valeniece
Considering Fleetwood Mac have achieved music royalty status over the last forty years, it's not surprising that Gen Xers and millennials can sing along to their hits. DJs Alex Oxley (Smooth Sailing) and Lisa Jelliffe (Roxanne Roll) are tapping into the iconic band's generational appeal with Fleetmac Wood. The husband and wife DJ duo serve as curators for the dance music project, which strictly features Fleetwood Mac mixes and edits. After drawing crowds to clubs and festivals around the world, Fleetmac Wood will bring their mobile remix party to the Wayfarer on Saturday night.

"It's the first time we've played Orange County, and we're really looking forward to it," Oxley says. "We've hung out in Costa Mesa a bit and that area, and it feels good to take our project there."

Fleetmac Wood has made multiple appearances at the United Kingdom's Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party, as well as a stop at America's own desert destination Burning Man. They've also packed clubs stateside and abroad, inciting raucous sing-alongs and drawing crowds dressed in Fleetwood Mac attire. No matter the venue, their sets span eras and work in everything from bluesy Peter Green tracks to contemporary releases from the late 80's and early 2000's.

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Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS Brings the Circus Full Circle in Costa Mesa

Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS - Cabinet of Curiosities. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
Once upon a time, the phrase "the circus is in town" would cause a wave of excitement to permeate a community. Children and adults were drawn into a big top in anticipation of the spectacle and bedazzlement that awaited them. Though traditional circuses have had a tough time staying afloat in the wake of television, movies, and numerous other sources of entertainment, Cirque du Soleil has been breathing fresh life into the institution of the circus since 1984. Those who have seen any of their previous traveling shows or permanent installments (principally located in Las Vegas), can attest that their unique hybrid of circus conventions and distinct production style still elicit a distinct sense of circus wonderment.

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Finally, A Book Dedicated to Dancing Hippie Chicks

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Jay Blakesberg
To every barefoot goddess, billowy sister of the moon, or hula-hooping sprite that expressed her love for a jam band in the last thirty-five years, consider picking up a copy of Jay Blakesberg's new coffee table book, Hippie Chick: A Tale of Love, Devotion & Surrender. The book is comprised of more than 400 images of women from the last three decades, and pays tribute to the music mavens who brave heat, rain, sweat, and smoke to connect with her band of choice. Blakesberg will be at Mr. Musichead Gallery in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 15 in support of his 10th book.

The veteran photographer contributes to several stalwart music rags, racking up photographs of iconic artists that span generations and genres. He was also the exclusive photographer for the Grateful Dead's 50th anniversary Fare Thee Well shows, and published several music-based books under his own Rock Out Books publishing company. The decision to create Hippie Chick was simple for Blakesberg, who started receiving a great deal of support for his one-off social media posts featuring women in the festival circuit.

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Mike Miller's Photos Show the Untold Stories of West Coast Hip-Hop

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Mike Miller/Courtesy of Dax Gallery
'Love West Coast,' the latest exhibition at Dax Gallery of photographer Mike Miller's commercial photography from the '90s to today, is a look at influential veterans of the west coast rap scene from the '90s as well as newer, more recent shots from Miller's new photobook Love West Coast Girls. Miller's show, more than anything, details his love for Southern California's diverse set of cultures and subcultures, from hip-hop to skate to lowriders, with an eye for street photography. And along with the help of his wife, collaborator and stylist Shannon, Miller has been able to capture a gritty aesthetic in his work that has since influenced other fashion photographers to this day.

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Star Trek Takes Off In Irvine With Help From An Orchestra

Star Trek screening at Irvine Meadows. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
No matter how brilliant and familiar live classical music may be, unless the audience member is thoroughly versed in the genre or that particular piece of work, his 21st century attention span is probably going to wander off a bit during a concert. However, given the hyper-Romantic stylings of a film score (film scores usually focus on one to three themes, which are repeated over and over with variations), along with a screening of the film for which it was written, it is easy to keep an amphitheatre full of people rapt for two hours -- especially when that film is J.J. Abrams's Star Trek and the audience is full of Trekkies.

For someone who has not experienced an orchestral music performance (high school recitals don't count), the acoustics of a live orchestra put your embarrassingly overpriced Beats headphones to shame. Add an emotionally engaging score, and the effect is as enveloping as a siren song. In this case, the song was performed by the Pacific Symphony under the direction of Richard Kaufman. The symphony's resident musical director, Carl St. Clair, took the night off as the Grammy award winning Kaufman is the man for the job when film scores are to be conducted; Kaufman is frequently a guest conductor for orchestras around the world, where he leads orchestras in both traditional orchestral presentations as well as in synchronized film performances. This concert was part of the principal pops programming series, for which Kaufman has been the conductor for 25 seasons.

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SoCal Masqueraders Find Themselves in The Goblin King's Labyrinth

Photo of Labyrinth Masquerade by Scott Feinblatt
Some people take entertainment and diversion a bit further than others. Putting on a concert t-shirt and disappearing into a mob of folks with similar musical tastes is more or less the norm. Beyond that, there are: comic cons, which feature cosplayers; horror conventions, where one can witness monstrous make-up designs and designer gothic wardrobes; and then we get to the more serious stuff. Remaining just this side of sexual fetish events, there is The Edwardian Ball, which fosters an environment of overwhelming artistry and decadence, and Labyrinth Masquerade, which goes a wee bit further in terms of imagination and role-play.

The event is based on David Bowie's character, Jareth the Goblin King, from Jim Henson's movie Labyrinth. Essentially, the masquerade is supposedly being thrown by the goblin king, himself, and the tens of thousands of Southern Californians heed the call and transform themselves into goblins, fairies, elves, human princes and fair maidens in order to participate in and complete the illusion. The posh fantasy event could not have been staged in a better location this year. While it was odd to see woodsprites walking down Grand Avenue, in downtown Los Angeles, once they entered the masquerade's new digs, the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel, they might just as well have entered a fairy castle. The event was staged throughout the lobby, various bars and nooks, a performance room (labeled "The Goblin Cabaret"), and two large ballrooms (dubbed "The Temple" and "The Clockwork Ballroom").

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Spirits Haunt the Pasadena Convention Center during ScareLA

Photo of ScareLA 2015 by Scott Feinblatt
Attendees of this year's ScareLA will now have to wait another two months until they can once again immerse themselves in the trappings of Halloween. This past weekend, the third annual ScareLA Halloween convention showed that there are no signs that interest in the spookiest of American holidays is dwindling. The decision of the convention's creators and programmers to move ScareLA from the LA Mart to the more sizeable and accessible Pasadena Conference Center, so they could add more events and activities to the cauldron, has paid off as Halloween aficionados responded by showing up in even greater numbers.

Naturally, as ScareLA expands and becomes more colorful, a few hitches are to be expected, but the eerie atmosphere that filled the convention center was generally one of joyful eeriness. As the doors opened at 11, on Saturday, some of the motley dressed folks in the slow-moving line of ticket holders, which stretched around the block, grumbled as they could not get in fast enough. Meanwhile, some of the performers and classroom presenters in the convention center's second building shuffled their feet wondering why their 11:30 programs had few to no attendees.

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ScareLA Opens the Gates to Halloween

Sasha Wheatcroft with Trick or Treat Studios. ScareLA 2014 photo by Scott Feinblatt
Many people believe that it is tragic that every day is not Halloween. Sure, one can always pop in [or click on] a horror movie, and throughout the year there are periodic horror film festivals or the occasional Monsterpalooza for fans of make-up, monsters, and masks, but Halloween is really about much more than that. It's about candy; it's about haunted mazes; it's about carving jack-o'-lanterns; it's about dressing up; it's about celebrating dark imagery; the list goes on. This weekend, Halloween enthusiasts from near and far will congregate at the Pasadena Convention Center for the third annual ScareLA, which will once again provide them with a healthy dose of their favorite holiday months prior to All Hallows' Eve.

Like most dreams that become realities, ScareLA started small. After the Halloween season of 2012, horror industry professionals Lora Ivanova (DELUSION, HAuNTcon) and David Markland (CreepyLA) were depressed that Halloween was over and that they'd have to wait 12 months until the next one, so they started throwing ideas around, reaching out to their network of industry connections, especially Rick West and Johanna Atilano of Theme Park Adventure, who shared their vision of an off-season celebration of Halloween. Ivanova told the Weekly: "It was really the inspiration of 'Halloween doesn't come early enough for anybody that actually loves that holiday,' and we were confident that if the four of us thought that way, then so do a lot of other people in the Los Angeles area."

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San Clemente Store The Yurt Throws a Party for the New Moon

Thumbnail image for NEWMOON.jpg
Courtesy of LADY BIM
LADY BIM x the Yurt, hand-painted, bamboo/hemp knit.
Every 29 1/2 days the moon rises and sets alongside the sun. This lunation, or inception of a lunar cycle, is only visible to the human eye during a solar eclipse. Yet the spiritual significance of this remarkable motion is symbolic every new moon. It's something we can all use more of-- new beginnings. Some celebrate by committing to a new perspective on an old subject, while other's move through a Vinyasa flow รก la candle light. The Yurt, a San Clemente, community-centric space, has decided to pay homage to the moon by throwing a quarterly party curated with emerging artists and esoteric thinkers.

Friday, July 17th, at 7p.m., celebrate the first New Moon party and launch of their storefront space with tequila-moonrise cocktails by Abreojos, sound healing with Dina Kleiman (a one-on-one experience inside a bamboo structure covered in white linen), DJ set by RVINYDZE (featuring whoosh-like moon sounds), and accessible art curated by Ashes In Orange Peels. Artists will include Yevgeniya Mikhailik, Diana Barbancho, Chantal deFelice, Ray Vargas, Yumi Christina Sukugawa, Rob Brown, Sarah Walsh, Nancy Chiu, Diana Markessinis, and Lindsay Buchman.

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Taylor Swift Takes a Big Bite Out of Apple

OMG little me did all of that? What? Really? Me?
Holy shite y'all! The power of words prevailed and you'll never believe from who. Why it's little Taylor "oh my goodness gracious I always rock a surprised face" Swift! We're truly surprised and tremendously pleased about the power of this pop tart's pull with her open letter crusade to get Apple (Yeah, that Apple.) to pay artists during free trials. And to cut to the chase here, Swift was victorious. (Insert Taylor Swift "surprised face" here.) The fuck? This is a game changer and it was Taylor Swift who did that? Hmmm....wonder what else she can do? Maybe end global warming? Get J-Lo to stop singing? Bring the TV show Dexter back? Listen, you're not alone with a mind racing with questions. In the midst of an internet explosion, Twitter called upon her angelic penmanship power late last night and we grabbed a few ideas they had in case you wanted to get on board.

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