Indie Comic Book Podcast Records Live Episode at Comic Book Hideout This Saturday

The Chaos After Dark crew
Avid listeners of the Chaos After Dark podcast get an earful of talk about comic books, movies, pop culture, and everything in between, but this Saturday fans can be a part of the conversation in person as the show will record an epidsode live at Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton. Hosts Matt The Rat, Nando Calrissian and Billy the Kid will be joined by special guests and offer a big raffle prize, free food and geek conversation in honor of the podcast's two years of existence.

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Trabajo Press Puts the Killing of Kelly Thomas in Comic Book Form

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Courtesy of Felipe Flores
It's been a year since an Orange County jury acquitted two ex-cops in the beating death of Kelly Thomas, but the tragic memory remains stained like the pool of blood left behind at the Fullerton transit center that night. Whether an exhibit at the Magoski Arts Colony, an Adolescents album cover depicting former policeman Manuel Ramos as a piñata head or "The Death of Kelly Thomas," a new comic book out by Trabajo Press, art is keeping the story alive.

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Punk Rock Alive & Well at Fullerton's Comic Book Hideout

The Radioactive Chicken Heads rock Comic Book Hideout. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
Radioactive Chicken Heads
Comic Book Hideout

Last night, four local bands crowded into the small, warm performance space of Comic Book Hideout, in Fullerton. It was there, in the presence of their friends, families, and curious comic book readers, that they sweated through their respective sets. The environment was not ideal, yet no one complained because everyone was having a great time. The energy that the musicians put into their performances was raw and bombastic, and it resonated through the crowd. It seems like the only thing that could corrupt a scene like this would be financial success.

Though the venue is not generally known as a hot spot for bands (no pun intended), Comic Book Hideout, which the Weekly named Best Comic Book Store in Orange County, regularly hosts performances and events of varying types (including comedy shows, musical performances, and gaming nights). This and the single couch located in the performance area give the venue a very cozy feeling. Add to this space a bunch of musicians bent on tearing its roof off, and there's a recipe for fun.

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TODAY!: Jack Black Poster Signing with OC Artist Luke McGarry at San Diego Comic-Con

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Luke McGarry

Fans of comedy and comics are getting served a two-for-one special on the first day of San Diego Comic-Con courtesy of Jack Black and OC's favorite cartoonist/rocker Luke McGarry. In honor of Tenacious D's Festival Supreme, Black and McGarry will be signing free, limited edition posters for the festival this afternoon from 4-5p.m. at the National Cartoon Society booth at Comic-Con.

Festival Supreme of course features the likes of Adam Sandler, Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis, and The Mighty Boosh, and is at the Santa Monica pier this October. McGarry, known for his work with Goldenvoice and FYF, did all the art for the fest, from website to posters. Consider it another notch on his belt following an amazing list of recent honors including Advertising Illustrator of the Year nomination at the National Cartoonists Society's Reuben awards in May.

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Luke McGarry of Pop Noir Nominated for Cartoonist of the Year Award

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Tom Morello Closes Out 'Orchid' Comic Book Series With a Saturday Signing in Anaheim!

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Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello has been busy penning his Dark Horse Comics series Orchid since it debuted at San Diego Comic Con in July 2011. The twelve-issue run that centered on a dystopian theme described at the onset as "Lord of the Rings meets Battle of Algiers" comes to a close, but not before the rebel rocker visits Beach Ball Comics in Anaheim for a signing event!
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Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello Debuts Comic Book Series 'Orchid,' with

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Who knew Tom Morello wrote comic books? His debut comic series Orchid was unveiled at San Diego Comic Con last night, and it's an "epic fantasy story set in a dystopian future infused with Morello's class conscious worldview and the politics of street terrorism."

Morello says "It's like Lord of the Rings meets Battle of Algiers...I wanted to craft a story that has the same visceral impact and political clout as the music I've been involved in."

And here are even more comparisons: Orchis is a 16-year-old street walker who is part Suicide Girl, part Joan of Arc.

Shepard Fairey did the cover on the left, and interior art was done by Scott Hepburn (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic). It's a 12-part series, and the first one will be out on Oct. 12, 2011.

Morello has also written a score for the series as a soundtrack; the songs will be   free when you buy each issue.

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The Best and Worst Best of 2010 Comic Lists

Over the course of a year I read a lot of comic books. I'm talking about a lot of fucking comic books. That's not a boast. If anything, it's an admission of guilt or a cry for help. At the very least, it should be a sign that I should mix in a magazine, a Blu-ray player instruction manual or the side of a Halcion bottle. To my credit, I have just finished William Gibson's Zero History, which I highly recommend.

Although I read the weight of Rush Limbaugh's OxyContin supply in comics, the books aren't always from the current year. Sometimes, I'm catching up on old comics I've never gotten around to reading, like Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy's run on Master of Kung Fu. And sometimes, I get a hankering to re-read Grant Morrison's The Invisibles for the hundredth time. That means many of the current year's comics get backlogged, set aside to be read at another time. By mid-2011, I should be able to tell you the best comics that came out in 2010. 

But until it does, check out my list of lists--in no particular order--after the jump.

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Britney Spears to Become Comic Book Heroine

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Britney Spears' career has seen many shifts, from young Mouseketeer to pop diva to tabloid queen. But comic book character?

It will soon be a reality. Spears will feature as the latest pop culture protagonist of the FAME series of comic books, to be released in March.More »

Comics Writer Charles Soule Talks About '27' and Death, You Know

Renzo Podesta; Inset: W. Scott Forbes
​There's a perverse romance to the rock 'n' roll aesthetic of living fast, dying young and leaving a beautiful corpse. The fatalistic edict is both empowering and life-affirming, even if it's ultimately just an over-the-top, immature "fuck you" to one's mortality. It's an idea that has so attached itself to the rock star lifestyle it's spawned fascinating artifacts like the 27 Club, the running list of talented, charismatic musicians who never made it past the age of 27.  

This is the jumping off point for 27, a four-issue Image Comics miniseries from writer Charles Soule and artist Renzo Podesta that hits stores next week. The series focuses on Will Garland, a guitarist who is setting the music world on fire. He's just turned 27, and strange things are starting to happen. Is he about to become an unwilling member of the 27 Club?

In an e-mail interview, Soule talks about his music background and the mythology surrounding the live fast, die young mantra of rock 'n' roll. He also discusses the challenges of portraying the power of music in the soundless medium of comic books. 
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Under Bieber Achiever: Bio's Biggest Crime Isn't That It's Bad But That It's So Damn Boring

Justin Bieber cover.jpg
Bluewater Comics/Michal Szyksznian
To preview ​
tonight's concert at Honda Center, Heard Mentality reviews the bio comic Fame: Justin Bieber Unauthorized so you don't have to read it.

It's a common and universally agreed-upon idea among critics that there's nothing easier--and in most cases, more fun--than writing a negative review. Your fingertips become razor talons dipped in vitriol as each keystroke becomes a savage cut into whatever it is that has offended your artistic sensibilities. 

But sometimes when a critic encounters the proverbial steaming turd, he can't help but just feel sad for everyone involved. He can't imagine that any creative individual would intentionally set out to make something so inferior and so banal.

This is how I felt after reading Bluewater Comics unauthorized bio comic Fame: Justin Bieber Unauthorized

I take that back; my first reaction was, "What did I expect?" There's no fun in criticizing a work for not being the print equivalent of Raging Bull when all the creators intended to do was please the lowest common denominator--Bieber fans--and do so in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. It's like blaming a bed bug for sucking your blood while you sleep. That's just what bed bugs do.

Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that sometimes you shouldn't crush that bed bug when you have the chance. And let me tell you, Fame: Justin Bieber definitely deserves some heel grinding.

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