Rita Rudner Makes Her Next Gig Family Affair

It's all kind of a mess and then it just comes together.
Back in the 80's when a ton of female comedians weren't necessarily in the spotlight, Rita Rudner was and she was blazing trails. Her gift of delivering clever quips in a sweet demeanor while somehow being a bit self-depreciating can't be duplicated and even now, this stylish and classy funny gal hasn't slowed down a bit. These days Rita hits the stage mostly in Las Vegas but this Sunday (May 10th) as a special Mother's Day treat, she'll be in beautiful Dana Point hosting the StillWater Showcase featuring five of OC's best young musical performers. Before you award yourself with an evening of discovering new talent along with being entertained by the great Rita Rudner, we talked to her about the showcase, her writing style, her thoughts on Twitter, and even got a bit of love advice.

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Jodi Miller on Coque, Sugar Pouring, and Empire

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I just wanted to hear people talk about cock.
[Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.]

Jodi Miller was ripping up the comedy scene on and off stage long before we put her on our "Comics to Watch Out For" list in 2014 and a year later, her drive still hasn't run out of gas. Coincidentally, since no one has ever said that April 30th isn't a holiday, you can get out and celebrate "Four Tre Zero" at the Gaslamp in Long Beach with Jodi! (See what we did there?) In a world full of "hurry up" and in preparation of getting away from the house on a Thursday, we hammered out a quick read for you by throwing our Quick Questions at Jodi and oh my god Becky, after you read this (and then see her), you're going to love her like we do.

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Comedian Rod Man Knows a Thing or Two About Being Subjective.

You never know how you're being received.
Put in your time, hustle hard, promote endlessly, and pray to be noticed are some of the basics when it comes to "making it" in stand-up. Oh, and a little TV face time doesn't hurt either. Rod Man practiced all of that for 20 years and got huge recognition by nailing down the big win on season eight of Last Comic Standing. If you liked him on the tube, you'll love him live when he takes his talents to the Brea Improv this Friday through Sunday. Before he hits Orange County this weekend, we hit him up to find out where his head was during the taping of the show, to see what he did with that glorious prize money, and to get his thoughts on the current state of comedy.

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Kevin & Bean's April Foolishness - Shrine Auditorium - April 4, 2015

Christopher Victorio
Kevin & Bean's 7th annual April Foolishness show played out at the Shrine Auditorium for the second year in a row with all of the proceeds being donated to Fisher House and Cedars-Sinai NICU. Okay, now that we have those details out of the way, let's break down the show because it was phenomenal once again.

The doors of the Shrine opened at 6p.m. and with the show starting at 8p.m., everyone was good and saucy when Mike Relm got on the turntables to mix extraordinary music with video clips. Of course putting up his tribute to "School of Rock" was the biggest crowd pleaser because, well, Tenacious D. Honestly though, we sense he could've put up a video of a gal barfing and mixed it to music and people would've loved it. Oh wait, he did. Mike Relm is a god damn wizard.

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The Best Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber Tweets

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A suited and booted Justin Bieber literally dropped in and took his seat while Kevin Hart took to the stage as "host master" for the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. We for one couldn't wait for that little shit to get pulled apart. (Bieber, not Kevin.) Hart dug in quickly on Justin being a hermaphrodite, failing as a gangster, bringing up his (many) mistakes, and even let JB's manager Scooter Braun have it for being a pedo. Justin took his beating like a champ and the beating didn't end there as Jeff Ross, Ludacris, Hannibal Burress, Natasha Leggero, Pete Davison, Martha Stewart, Chris D'Elia, Snoop Dogg, Shaq, and surprise guest Ron Burgundy all took their turns slamming him with jokes that would make your mama cry. Like, a lot.

See also: Why Isn't Iron Sheik Roasting Justin Bieber's Tiny Balls on Comedy Central?

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Taylor Williamson Loves Facebook Game Requests

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I cried a lot and watched Anderson Cooper.
[Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.]

Long before Taylor Williamson gave the country laughs galore, he put in his time crafting his unique, thoughtful, and somewhat quirky brand of comedy. Fortunately, his timing was off the charts when he arrived on the America's Got Talent stage and what he left with was an audience base one could never imagine. There's a reason Williamson was adored on AGT and you'll surely be feeling the love when he graces the Irvine Improv for one night only on March 26th. Last time he was in town we got to know him professionally with a straight up Q&A so this time around, we decided to dig a little deeper one of our favorite ways, Quick Questions.

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Pablo Francisco's Comedy Gets Even More Animated

I guess it's better to be a comic than a rock star.
Comedian Pablo Francisco is a fascinating cat because you never know what's going to come out of his mouth when you see him live and yet, you always know that you'll be left with laughter cramps that hurt so good. From start to finish, he slays with impressions, insane characters, unbelievable sound effects, points out the ridiculousness of widespread topics, and to label him as "high energy" would be a severe understatement. It's because of all of the before mentioned that the house is never not packed when he's in town so heads up, Pablo will be at the Irvine Improv this Thursday through Sunday so you might want to get a jump on grabbing your tickets. Another heads up, we heard he has an upcoming special he'll soon be taping filled with hilarious new material so we in turn called him up to ask all about it.

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Why Isn't Iron Sheik Roasting Justin Bieber's Tiny Balls on Comedy Central?!

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Comedy Central
You're about to get bashed, boyfriend.
Most of us (over the age of 17) have been talking shit for years about Justin Bieber due to his over publicized bad choices, frequent run-ins with the law, and rebellious lifestyle that supplies stories that ultimately write themselves. And while we could personally do without hearing so much about the Biebs, Comedy Central had a much different idea. On March 30th, some of the best in the biz have been tapped to rip this asshole a second one for the whole world to see on the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. At first glance, the list of guest speakers on the dais looks promising--Hannibal Buress, Chris D'Elia, Natasha Leggero, Pete Davidson, Jeffrey Ross, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Ludacris, and Shaquille O'Neal. However, we noticed one glaring omission...

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Darren Carter Proves That Good Comedy is Hereditary

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Crash Photography
Darren Carter
If your bag is being fully entertained by a comic that kills it with impersonations and sound effects galore, have we got news for you. Darren Carter is precisely just that and what he's delivering to the table, you're going to want seconds and thirds of. You won't have to wait long either because Carter is bringing his vivacious persona blended with spot-on imitations, topical hilarity, and sheer ability to get the "party started" to the Irvine Improv this Wednesday night. And before you get your tickets to end your hump day off on the perfect note, we talked to him about his borderline obsession with @Midnight tweets, entertaining people of all ages, and how the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to his hilarious son.

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Comedian Joe Sib Likes Coors Light. Enough Said.

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Do you really think that my last name only has three letters?
[Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.]

Because being the owner of SideOneDummy Records (who's celebrating its 20th anniversary this year) just isn't enough, Joe Sib decided to get his rocks off by jumping into the realm of stand-up comedy. His passion for the craft has clearly been noticed as he's been tapped to perform at clubs all over the country but most importantly, all over OC and LA. Setting aside Joe's punk rock roots, he's also a total mash up of engaging material performed with insane energy and on March 10th, you can see him for yourself on stage serving up a side of funny at La Cave in Costa Mesa. Before you head out for that much needed night of laughs, we rocked his world with a few of our favorite "quick questions."

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