Comedy and Military Collide When PJ Walsh Takes on American Ninja Warrior

I work best when I am doing something for a good cause.
It takes bravery, skill, endurance, and the right mindset to represent for our country and oddly enough, the same could be said for comedy. Well, maybe if your name is PJ Walsh. This U.S. Navy veteran and stand-up comic houses all of those qualities and then some and on Monday July 6th, he'll be flexing his talents (or, attempting to) along with other members of the U.S. military on a special episode of American Ninja Warrior.

Paying tribute to our brothers and sisters in arms is important because we owe so much to these heroes that protect us and the ones we love. The team over on American Ninja Warrior concurs and figured out a fun way to show them some love by sending them off to battle...on their obstacle course. We talked to PJ before the episode airs to find out how rigorous the training process was, how it was working with his best friend (and co-host of ANW) Matt Iseman, and to see how the experience changed him for the better.

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Lisa Lampanelli Gives Us a Little Relationship Therapy

I'm really lucky that people get it.
Hold the phones people because your plans for Friday night have just been made! The Queen Lisa Lampanelli has a brand new special called "Back to the Drawing Board" and it's premiering June 26th on EPIX. Bringing her signature sharp tongue to the stage for raunch filled banter and racial insults galore, she's also killing it with truths about her recent divorce, weight loss, and dating at this juncture in her life. Since she gives so much of her real self in the new special, we wanted to hear a little more about her new path to see if we could apply it to our own lives. Turns out, LL is pretty great at giving advice and we ended up getting somewhat of a free therapy session...and maybe you will too.

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How Comedian Grant Cotter Went From Punk to Performer at the Vans Warped Tour

Megan Thompson
It's so cool that I'm right here on the forefront of this new thing.
It's no secret that over here at the Weekly we love to rep our hood as well as those that come out of it and when it comes to comic Grant Cotter, we've been singing his praises for years as if we birthed him ourselves. And while it's hard to pave a path in any city/industry, with dedication, talent, and skill, it can indeed be done. And Grant did it. Rather, he's doing it. He was recently tapped to host and perform on the first ever comedy stage this year at the 21st annual Vans Warped Tour that kicks off in Pomona on June 19th at the Pomona Fairplex. We couldn't let his newest accomplishment pass us by without finding out how psyched he is about the opportunity and wanted to get a little background on his past (unpaid) connection to the Vans Warped Tour itself.

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Bob Saget is a Giver

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
I don't think Star Wars metaphors work for this.
Being Bob Saget is really a full-time job. Figuratively and literally. He is always working (bravo for that) and in turn, always entertaining us, always giving back, and somehow, always manages to remain humble. He's also a sweet guy for staying in town to do a weekend run at the Irvine Improv (May 29th through 31st) and on June 5th, to host the "Cool Comedy Hot Cuisine" benefit show for the Scleroderma Research Foundation at the Beverly Wilshire. Since we know he keeps a hectic schedule we were pleased as punch (please punch us if we ever say that again) that he found time to chat with us about his upcoming gigs, getting older, and promoting of all kinds.

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Jim Breuer Offers up a Tsunami of Entertainment

Gregory Pallante
I spent three paychecks on those stupid things.
Jim Breuer might have tamed his language a bit but the comedy hasn't settled down in the least. This May 21st through 23rd (Thursday through Saturday) Breuer will be shaking up the Irvine Improv and because in rock you gotta hit it two times, you can also see the premiere of his new comedy special "Comic Frenzy" May 29th on EPIX. Breuer has been good to us over here at the Weekly with past Q&A's and listing out head banging songs so this time around when we talked to him, we got the details of his upcoming gigs (because we're professional) and then went off the rails with a crazy train of randomness. (Apologizes to Mr. Breuer for that awful metaphor.)

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Funniest Tweets from the 2015 Billboard Music Awards

Categories: LOL, Twitter, comedy

EthanMiller/Getty Images North America
"Live" from Las Vegas and co-hosted by Ludacris and one of our favorite people in life and on Twitter (fall back haters) Chrissy Teigen, the 2015 Billboard Music Awards were once again shown to the west coast THREE HOURS LATE. And no, we won't stop bitching about it until we are on an even playing field with the east coast. Work it out. OK, venting aside. Missing the Mad Men finale meant that you got to see David Lee Roth's happy face along with Van Halen, Taylor Swift winning a shit ton of awards and "stepping out" with Calvin Harris, Mariah Carey probably regretting not jumping on the lip-sync train, Kanye's over editing because ohhh what will Kanye say next, ohhhh he's sooooo scary, and a Simple Minds/Breakfast Club tribute to make your parents (and some of us) feel like they belong.

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Rick Shapiro Really Needs His Own Reality Show

Categories: comedy

Are you going to touch me with your dick or not?
It takes survival instincts to endure in the world of stand-up comedy. In the case of comedian, actor, and writer Rick Shapiro, he's a survivor and then some. The best part about Rick is nothing is off limits when it comes to his material, not even the most difficult chapters in his life. Turning negatives into positives, this ex-addict now lives a sober life, he regained his humor after a memory erasing car accident, and in 2013 Shapiro was diagnosed with Parkinson's and actively supports the cause through shows and merchandise. That's a lot of curveballs for one man to withstand but Shapiro continues to push on and when you see him on this season of Maron on IFC, it's clear that he's sharper and wilder than ever. After an overly excited chance meeting with Rick, we locked him down to ask about his role on Maron, words offending, and about his own reality.

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Jason Collings Is Not a Fan Of Your Food Porn

Categories: Q&As, comedy

Matt Misisco Studios
What a weird way to live.
[Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.]

It seems like everyone is in a rush these days and when it comes to having an actual conversation, many of us choose to make it a quickie. OK, that may have come out all wrong but you get what we're saying. What won't be coming out wrong is the masterfully crafted words in joke form that will be flowing from Jason Collings mouth on May 13th when he hits the stage at Gaslamp in Long Beach. Before you head out to his show this Wednesday, we wanted to get you familiar with the man behind the humor so we blasted his dome with utter randomness via "Quick Questions." And just as we suspected, he didn't miss a beat.

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The New Hamburglar Feels the Wrath of Twitter

Categories: Twitter, comedy

I got your beef right here.
You're really gonna want to "hide yo kids, hide yo wife" on this one, because yesterday McDonald's revealed that one of their M.I.A. mascot's, the Hamburglar, received a makeover. And damn, what a makeover it is! The jury is apparently still out on whether he's sporting Nike Flystepper's or Air Yeezys (we see you 'Burglar!) but either way, we don't care. We're co-signing with Mickey D's choice because this new Hamburglar is certainly a sexy improvement.

Of course social media wasn't silent about voicing their opinions either and exploded when the pic of this steamy beefcake burglar hit the web. When it did, we focused our attention towards some funny mofos to provide a bit of entertainment and what we found was a mixed bag when it came to this thief of beef. While 2015 Hamburglar was busy stealing hearts, others were hating on his new hipster-ish look. Love it, leave it, or who gives a fuck either way, Twitter burned up the trending topic and since we figured everyone could use an almost the end of the week laugh, we grabbed some of our favorites.

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Rita Rudner Makes Her Next Gig Family Affair

It's all kind of a mess and then it just comes together.
Back in the 80's when a ton of female comedians weren't necessarily in the spotlight, Rita Rudner was and she was blazing trails. Her gift of delivering clever quips in a sweet demeanor while somehow being a bit self-depreciating can't be duplicated and even now, this stylish and classy funny gal hasn't slowed down a bit. These days Rita hits the stage mostly in Las Vegas but this Sunday (May 10th) as a special Mother's Day treat, she'll be in beautiful Dana Point hosting the StillWater Showcase featuring five of OC's best young musical performers. Before you award yourself with an evening of discovering new talent along with being entertained by the great Rita Rudner, we talked to her about the showcase, her writing style, her thoughts on Twitter, and even got a bit of love advice.

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