Workaholics' Blake Anderson Comes Clean About His Real Addiction: Music

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Arnelle Lozada
It's Friday night, and Blake Anderson has wrapped filming for next week's episode of Workaholics, on which he has played the stony, frizzle-haired Blake Henderson for the past four seasons. It's an intense schedule--he and co-stars/co-writers Adam DeVine and Anders Holm have four days to film a 24-minute episode, and it's not uncommon for the guys to pull all-nighters, as they did this particular week, shooting until 11 a.m. Thursday.

It has been especially busy for Anderson, who, on top of starting production on Workaholics, cameoed in the season premiere of Parks and Recreation the week before.  

But now it's time to chill, and Anderson sounds fully relaxed on a quick phone call from the set, speaking slowly and distinctly, with a slight drawl that sounds out of place for a native Californian who hails from the East Bay. The genesis of Workaholics came when Anderson met DeVine on his first day of improv class at Orange Coast College, which led to the creation of the show's precursor, Mail Order Comedy, before he and his pals got snapped up by Comedy Central.

And though he currently lives in Van Nuys, tonight he slips into something more North Carolinian, as we discuss his DJ aspirations, which he says are in a nascent state, if anything--even though his Twitter feed has him spinning records at parties and generally geeking out about the music he's listening to. Anderson's celebrity may be thanks to his writing abilities and stage presence, but he's also a guy who takes his tunes hella seriously. Should the time come when he's ready to claim a DJ moniker, it'll be Uncle Blazer.

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Top Five Comics to Watch Out For in 2015

Categories: Top Five, comedy

There's no shortage of ways to be a comedian these days. But no amount of viral video fame, funny status updates or Twitter wit compares to the unforgiving art of stand-up. Becoming a comedian doesn't happen overnight so with our picks for the "Top Five Comics to Watch Out For," we tend to pump up people who have the passion and the push to get out there a do as many shows as they can in order to fulfill their dream. We know that there are plenty of people who do just that and we admire them for it alas, we could only choose five. So here's who we think you should be on the lookout for in 2015

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Top 10 Tweeters of 2014

Comedy Hype
Another year has passed and as it seems with every year that goes by, Twitter just keeps picking up momentum. More comedy inclined folks are oozing out of the woodworks to entertain the masses but with so many accounts to choose from, which ones do you follow? We still stand by last year's list because those 10 didn't disappoint this year either, but, it's a new year so we felt inclined to push forward a whole new group for you to feast on. Putting these tweeters in an order is honestly not fair because they all really slay. But since it is the assignment and since we know you all love a good list (even though you all constantly bitch about them), here is our roundup of the "Top 10 Tweeters of 2014."

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The Best Comedy Shows of 2014

There was no shortage of great standup in 2014. Whether it was a solo act or a jam packed stage filled with talent, there were indeed some standout shows. We were lucky enough to attend some of these notable demonstrations of pure comedic genius this year and thought we'd do you a solid by highlighting a few so when they come around in 2015, you'll be on your a-game. Here's our list of the "10 Best Comedy Shows of 2014."

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Steve Rannazzisi Is In a League of His Own

Hannah Cleaveland
It's important that it not be censored or anything get censored for that matter.
Actor and comedian Steve Rannazzisi kills it as Kevin MacArthur on the FXX show The League but on December 26th though December 28th (Friday-Sunday), you can ditch the family (unless they're cool) because he'll be rolling into town to bust up your holiday by bringing down the house at the Brea Improv. We chatted it up with Rannazzisi before his Brea dates to see what he thinks about the Sony leaks, what's in store for him in 2015, and to whine about how sad we are that The League will be filming their final season.

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How Justin Willman Turned Himself Into a Comedy Magician

Elisabeth Caren
Take one part actor, one part TV host, one part comedian, a sprinkle of musical ability, and then one part magician. Now blend them together and what do you get? Poof! Justin Willman! Justin takes the term "jack of all trades" and puts it to shame and he'll show you just that with his brand of comedic magistry (is that even a word?) at the Brea Improv this Thursday through Sunday (December 18th- 21st). Before the big event with Willman the wizard of entertainment goes down, we chatted it up with him about how he got his start, what people really think about magic, and what we can expect to be enchanted by with his performances this weekend.

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Joey Diaz Smokes Weed That'll Make You See The Devil

Jesse Grant
I would smoke weed whether it was legal or not.
Some call him "Uncle Joey" and some call him "CoCo," but whatever you call comedian Joey Diaz, there's no doubt his brand of truth telling is always hilarious. On December 17, Diaz will be doing his popular podcast "The Church Of What's Happening Now" live from the Laugh Factory in Long Beach all in the name of lifting your spirit with laughter and before the big event goes down, we talked to him about it--as well as general topics like marijuana and "getting your shit together."

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Chris Franjola Hits the Road After Chelsea Lately

I'm enjoying being on the road right now.
Just because one of the funniest TV's shows (Chelsea Lately) went away doesn't mean that show writer and comedian Chris Franjola's career had to. And it certainly didn't judging by the hilarity he brought on his album "The Shallow End." And if you miss his quick wit on the Chelsea roundtable not to worry because he's bringing all of that and more to the Irvine Improv Tuesday December 16th. Before you give yourself the early holiday gift of tickets to his show, we talked to Franjola about how life has changed for him over the past year and what's coming up for him in the new one.

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Anyone Who Calls Roy Wood Jr. "Bae" is NOT his Bae.

I'm not big on crowd interaction.
[Editor's Note: Quick Questions is our semi-regular feature where we ask comedians a ton of random questions without giving them time to think of anything funny to say. Surprisingly, they still do.]

'Bama born Roy Wood Jr. has the craft of clowning down to a science. And while we were not happy to hear that his TBS show "Sullivan & Son" was cancelled after three seasons because we'll miss those boys, we are glad that we won't have to wait long to see Roy in particular. This December 11th through 14th Roy will be hitting the stage hard at the Brea Improv so we dialed into his quick mind for some "Quick Questions" before the big event goes down.

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Murray Valeriano and His Gang of Surfing Comics Paddle Into OC

Categories: Q&As, comedy

I was drunk all of the time.
Comedian Murray Valeriano has made a great career for himself in the realm of funny and while he took a break to use his power of comedic writing for others, he just had to come back to his love, the stand-up stage. On December 10th his show "Comics on Surfari"--featuring a line up of comedians who also happen to surf-- is coming to the Brea Improv. Before the show this Wednesday, we talked to Murray and found out a bunch about his family life, his odd jobs, and his incredibly entertaining podcast "Roadstories."

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