Why Suedehead Will Never Be Hands Off With Their Music

Derek Bahn
Suedehead brings their Carnaby style to Slidebar in Fullerton Saturday, April 6.

Suedehead belts out get-happy songs that swing, despite the lyrics being more lovelorn than jubilant. The swirling, soulful uptempo tunes from the brain of British ex-pat Davey Warsop are shaped by influences like the Jam and Elvis Costello.The Orange County band's new single "Lying in Bed" is sure to sway some sympathetic foot shuffling.

With a nod to songwriting heroes like Holland-Dozier-Holland, responsible for Motown classics for the Supremes, the Four Tops and a gazillion others, Warsop pens modern soul for a new generation. But that's not to say Suedehead members are abandoning their roots. Made up of former members of Beat Union, The Distraction, TSOL, The Aggrolites and Hepcat, in homage the band added a soulified version of Fugazi's "Waiting Room" as the single's B-side.

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Coachella "Leaks," Confirmations and Rumors

Andrew Youseff / OC Weekly
Attendees at last years Coachella

It's almost crunch time and Coachella line-up announcements should come about at the end of the month. Yet, this still leaves a couple of weeks of fake-line up posters, rumors, speculation and "leaks" to go around the internet and spread like wildfire. Remember when we could buy tickets at the door the day of the fest? Yeah those were the good old days. Today we have to deal with sell outs, scalpers, fence hoppers, astronomical prices for lodging and sitting at the edge of our seats hoping that this years line-up will be worth all of the fuss (yet it always is, isn't it?). So what can we expect under the desert sun of the Empire Polo Field this year?

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Here's How Some of Your Favorite Musicians Spent the Holidays


Man, how time flies; Christmas feels like it were only three days ago--we're still recuperating from our aunt's homemade eggnog and eating stale dinner rolls for breakfast--but before you pack away your ugly Christmas sweater, lets take a stroll down Internet Lane and see how some of our favorite (or least favorite) musicians spent the holidays this year.

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Checking In On: Crystal Antlers

crystal antlers.jpg
Mary Bell
Crystal Antlers

In the year since Long Beach-via-Orange County psych-rockers Crystal Antlers self-released their second studio album, Two-Way Mirror, the band has gone on multiple tours and yet kept a low local profile. But despite playing only a handful of area shows (including the Moon Block Party in Pomona on Saturday), the Antlers are welcoming a new era of homespun creativity, thanks in part to a custom studio and practice space built on singer/guitarist Jonny Bell's new Long Beach compound.

Bell sat down with the Weekly in his recently converted garage (the night before flying to Portugal to play Rock In Lisbon) to talk about the benefits of collaborative writing, playing as a three-piece and not recording on a boombox anymore.

OC Weekly (Sarah Bennett): This place is amazing. Is it a long time coming?

I didn't really plan on doing a studio like this. I thought I'd spend a couple of hundred bucks and try to soundproof a room so we could practice and maybe record demos and stuff like that. But then if you want it to be soundproof you have to buy this kind of material, this amount of drywall is going to cost more than you thought originally. After a few months, it got to the point where you can't go this far without going further. I had a lot of gear and the band had a lot of gear, so in the end it made sense.

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