U2's iPhone6 Invasion: What We Learned

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It's been nearly 200 years since anti-Irish sentiments (especially "Irish Need Not Apply" signs) became a part of American history. Now, U2, which hails from Dublin, Ireland, has become the poster child for another unwelcome invasion. Starting September 9th, Apple boasted that it would give U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, to over 500 million iTunes customers. What they didn't boast was that the iTunes customers would be getting the album whether they wanted it or not. Any users who allowed purchased material to download automatically to their devices received the album.

The promotion was performed in tandem with the release of Apple's iPhone 6, and, immediately after discovering the compulsory download, bloggers and news outlets began running stories about Apple's inappropriate and invasive move. Adding to the original frustrations of having had their accounts "spammed" or "hijacked," iTunes users found that deleting the invasive and space-hogging album (which has generally received mediocre reviews) was not possible. Apple responded to the criticism the following week by providing a means to eliminate the album from their libraries. Wired magazine observed that "Songs of Innocence is the first album to command a custom-coded deletion tool and an official accompanying support document issued by one of the largest technology companies in history."

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MellowHype - Chain Reaction - December 21, 2012

Chain Reaction
December 21, 2012

This week seems to be Orange County's unofficial "Odd Future" week. The LA-based hip-hop collective has scheduled two performances here for the week before Christmas, each promising to deliver a buffet of rowdy crowds, four letter words, and clothing featuring donuts and cats. OF cohorts Hodgy Beats & Left Brain -- AKA Mellowhype --  were enlisted to start the pre-Holiday weekend off early with a Thursday show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, and just a few days later the entire OFWGKTA cult will be at The Observatory for their third annual Christmas extravaganza. Last night was round one, with Mellowhype taking over Chain Reaction as part of their IHeartComix promoted "Trash Wang West Coast" tour.

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A Cursive Memory First Band to Have Residency at Chain Reaction, Anaheim

Anaheim's Chain Reaction--beloved all-ages venue known for breaking local bands, booking killer up-and-coming national acts and attracting angst-ridden tweens and tough-as-hell hardcore kids--is holding their first ever monthly residency with A Cursive Memory.

The LA emo group will be holding down the next three Thursdays at Chain Reaction for the venue's first ever residency, performing Feb. 11, 18 and 25. A Cursive Memory will change the set up each night and debut songs from their upcoming, as-yet-untitled sophomore release recorded with prodcuer Matt Mahaffey (Forever the Sickest Kids, HelloGoodbye). 

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