Jack Grisham's Very Unusual Book Signing for Code Blue

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Alex Distefano
Jack Grisham reading from Code Blue
Hundreds waited in line as the casket stood front center, in the second floor conference room, at the Seaport Marina Hotel in Long Beach Saturday night. TSOL front man, author and fellow Heard Mentality Columnist Jack Grisham set up a mock funeral for Marla, the teenage character in his latest book, Code Blue, a short story based on one of the band's most well known songs about Necrophilia.

Fans gathered for this book release party, which included the fake coffin, candles, and even a string quartet playing. Grisham brought his wife and children to the free event, which was open to all ages, although all throughout promotion process online disclaimers warned that the book contained graphic sexual themes and language, and a reading would take place.

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Drummer John Densmore's New Book Revisits the Doors' Litigative Legacy

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It was 1968. The Doors were rehearsing. During a break, an agitated Jim Morrison confronted keyboardist Ray Manzarek, guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore, launching into a profanity-laced tirade over a betrayal of the band's ethos. The others had contractually agreed to allow Buick to use "Light My Fire" for commercial advertising without the singer/poet's approval.

"This was a guy who was incapable of compromise and believed so much in all our songs that he said he would smash a Buick on television with a sledgehammer if we okayed 'Come On, Buick, Light My Fire,'" Densmore says.

Thirty-five years after the ordeal, with Morrison long gone, the drummer found himself at odds with his band mates over the use of their name. Manzarek and Krieger had refashioned themselves as a touring act called the Doors of the 21st Century, with Ian Astbury of the Cult handling vocal duties. The new band advertised their July 25, 2003, show at the Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa using the famous Doors logo with a background image of the 1967 Strange Days album cover; the words "21st Century" appeared in barely discernible lettering.

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Alice Bag is Back! 'Violence Girl' Book Tour Stops Saturday in SanTana

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Alice Bag, the inimitable former front woman for early LA punk band The Bags, is back in OC this weekend for another book signing/singing event. Her impressive memoir, 'Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage, A Chicana Punk Story' released in the fall of last year, is a compelling read that details her difficult childhood, ascent to the stage and beyond.

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Odd Future's Golf Wang Photo Book Preview, Signing Tonight at Family Books

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Vyron Turner (Courtesy PictureBox)
Art book publishers PictureBox just released Golf Wang, a 196-page book documenting the rise of OFWGKTA through its members own photography, design and writing. Golf Wang gives readers an inside look into Odd Future's last few years as a group and their sudden rise in fame, from their early start in skate parks to selling out shows nationwide.

Family Books, one of our favorite independent book shops in California, is hosting an in-store signing and a photo exhibition tonight with Tyler and company.

If you're as impatient as we are to pick up a copy at the signing, you'll be happy to find a sneak preview of some of the photos you'll find in the book after the jump.

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Alice Bag's Memoir 'Violence Girl' Strikes a Chord

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Alice Bag's forthcoming book, Violence Girl: East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage A Chicana Punk Story, is a riveting autobiographical reflection from the former lead singer of The Bags.

Equal parts Chicana Lit and punk rock, the author threads through the formative experiences of her life from a nerve-racking cheerleader tryout as a high school student at Garfield to The Bags' first photo shoot and parade through Hollywood. The progression reads naturally with no disjointed chapters and maintains a narrative that sheds light onto how Alicia Armendariz became her onstage alter ego.
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Duff McKagan on his Sensei, Going Back to School, and Finding a New Singer for Velvet Revolver

Founding Guns n' Roses bassist Duff McKagan released his autobiography this week, It's So Easy...and Other Lies, and is currently on a promotional tour which brings him to Costa Mesa on October 8.

Rock bios have been increasing in number lately, but few are as
enjoyable as McKagan's. While Duff is candid about his addictions and the collapse of the classic Guns n' Roses lineup, he eschews an easy tabloid approach and aims instead for the big picture, giving as much
attention to his early life in Seattle and more recent events like his
1999 marriage, his enrollment at the University of Seattle's business school, and his training in martial arts.

Coupled with his thrilling rise in the 80s and gory drug-related fall in the 90s, the details of Duff's eventual physical and spiritual rebound make for an intense and satisfying read (check out an excerpt here). It's So Easy also
reveals McKagan to be a grateful and personable guy whom you've
seemingly known your entire life.

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Sammy Hagar Coming to Huntington Beach to Sign His Book

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Yup, Sammy Hagar wrote an autobiography. Called Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock, it's set for release on March 15 via It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers

This momentous news prompted news blogger Matt Coker to ask, "When they ask Sammy when he'll be ready to sign, will he yell, "Right now! Right here and now"? 

When they ask what color pen Sammy wants to use, will he yell, "I want red, there's no substitute for red"?  

Will Sammy look at the long line and yell, "I. CAN'T. SIGN. FIFTY-FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!"? 

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Bad Religion's 'The Dissent of Man' and singer Greg Graffin's 'Anarchy Evolution' Out Today; Do a Meet and Greet This Saturday

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Bad Religion is now 30 years old, and the band is still creating mind blowing music. Today they drop The Dissent of Man (stream it in its entirety here), along with Bad Religion singer/author/professor Greg Graffin's new book, Anarchy Evolution

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Ozzy Osbourne to Appear in Huntington Beach at a Book Signing (No, Really, We're Not Making This Shit Up)

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​Imagine walking into the Barnes & Noble at 7881 Edinger Ave. No. 110, Huntington Beach, and spotting the Prince of Fucking Darkness. Seeing Ozzy Osbourne in a book store is akin to watching your great aunt run around topless at Ozzfest. Shit like that just shouldn't happen. It's not healthy. Especially if you're prone to dangerous, heart-stopping flashbacks sparked by such unnatural occurrences.

But these are strange, perilous times, my friend, and Ozzy Osbourne is scheduled to be seated at the Huntington Beach Barnes & Noble from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wed., Feb 3. The metal god with the endearingly funny way of sounding permanently punch drunk will sign copies of I Am Ozzy, which hits shelves Jan. 25. Osbourne wrote the book with what you can only imagine was some serious fucking help from coauthor Chris Ayres.

After the jump: Osbourne's statement about his new book and surviving "a direct hit by a plane, suicidal overdoses, STDs."

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