Can a Sober Biker Festival Still Have Hell-Raising Fun?

Freedom Coalition Fest 2015 photo by Scott Feinblatt
What would rock 'n' roll be without booze and drugs? That depends upon whom you ask. For some people, intoxicants are part and parcel of the rock lifestyle. For others, a clean and healthy lifestyle comes first, yet this does not prevent them from rocking; for, one doesn't have to hallucinate or artificially alter one's physiology in order to enjoy freedom -- especially if the freedom that's being celebrated is from dependence to such impairments.

This past weekend, Rock-N-Recovery Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to raising funds for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs and treatment centers in California, held its seventh annual Freedom Coalition Fest. The event took place at the scenic Irvine Lake, in Santiago -- a location known by most southern Californian bikers, as it resides along one of the few great motorcycle / bicycle canyon roads in Orange County, Santiago Canyon Road. The festival featured live music, barbecue, a bike show, a kid zone, and vendors. Camping and fishing were available for additional fees.

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Noise Revolt Brings The Burning Man Festival Experience to Locals

Courtesy of Noise Revolt
Past the threshold that unites Santa Ana's venerable Diego's Downtown and Festival Hall, and you're instantly greeted with a bold world of color. Dancers throw around glowing neon hula hoops around their bodies, while a small cushioned area resembling an opium den allows for guests to visit and tell stories; live painters move paint around furiously on their canvases. On stage, Noise Revolt member and musician+producer Jesta beats on a large conga drum to his DJ set while a western-themed experimental film is projected onto him.

The scene largely resembles a small Burning Man-esque party, aided by the hippied-out attire of guests and artists. But all this controlled chaos is meticulously planned out by members of the DJ collective Noise Revolt. In just a year, Noise Revolt have created a following from tacking on artists, dancers, and other creative individuals (they frequently include body painting and henna) in their events to bring different crowds and arouse creative minds and to reshape the nightlife in Orange County.

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Local Filipino-American Artists Talk About Philippine Typhoon Haiyan and Raise Funds

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3 Headed Dog
3 Headed Dog, photo by Christopher Gemora

It's been more than a week since Typhoon Haiyan devastated parts of the Philippines, and the bad news hasn't let up. Thousands are confirmed dead; millions are homeless, and countless lives have been forever changed.

It's been difficult to get aid to the area, where most of the infrastructure such as airports and roads have also been destroyed, but it's not for lack of trying; aid agencies from around the world have donated in cash and kind to the survivors of the typhoon. (NBC News broke it down by the numbers, quoting Weather Channel lead meteorologist Michael Palmer as saying,"It is the most powerful storm ever to make landfall. ... It is as strong a typhoon as you can get, basically.")

Southern California has one of the biggest Filipino-American communities outside of the Philippines, so for Filipinos and Filipino-Americans like me, it's been a harrowing week. Emotions from helplessness to fear and anger are inescapable even for people (like me) don't know anyone who personally perished in this disaster. And while we're all doing what we can to raise awareness and money for the victims of the super typhoon; this is just the beginning of the help we need to give. Four artists -- musicians, a standup comic and a director -- talk about the fundraisers they organized, and why.

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Cancer Drive-a-Thon Launch at Bistro 400 This Saturday

Road Trip!
This Saturday night at Bistro 400, come out and enjoy some cabaret for a cause thanks to former Rude Guerilla member/ Orange County native Alexander Rodriguez and co-host Ben Viele. The duo, alongside other past Rude Guerilla members and Theater Out, will be giving audiences a taste of their upcoming "Journey Home" Drive-a-Thon tour across America where they will be raising money for the American Cancer Society.

The Journey Home Drive-a-Thon follows in the tradition of telethons, but slightly updated for the Youtube age: audiences will be able to see the progress of Rodriguez and Viele's road trip via their Youtube channel, witnessing through car cam comedic road rage mishaps and the saucy comedic banter that has garnered them many fans through the radio show they both host, "Happy Hour."

"It's like Thelma and Louise, but for a cause!" says Rodriguez. Indeed, 20% of the bar sales from this Saturday's event alone at Bistro 400 go directly to ACS; not a bad start!

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Movember Comes to Orange County with OC Mofest 2012

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ron burgundy.jpg
Getty Images
Do you have what it takes to rock the Ron Burgundy stache?

If you haven't noticed the influx of men walking around with carefully manicured mustaches, as if they were all baseball players from the 1970s or Burt Reynolds impersonators, then you're probably not aware of Movember.  Basically, it's the only season where mustaches become a style trend (outside of Echo Park or Silverlake of course).  But it's also part of a great cause.  Movember takes place during the month of November as a celebration of the hairy upper lip in order to raise awareness and funds for men's health -- with a focus on prostrate cancer.  

Starting on November 1st, men all across the country joined Movember by shaving and then beginning a month-long growing and grooming process for their stache.  After committing to not shaving, the participants reached out to their community for sponsorships while their nose hairs bloomed into a glorious mane of mustachio.  A fundraising opportunity that once seemed absurd and comical has raised $299 million since 2003, and in 2011 alone, Movember raised $126.3 million.  Staggering numbers.  And it's a number reached by men and women creating events and opportunities all across the country, raising awareness and funds for cancer research. 

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Video: Chapman's GLOWbal Charity Bash Goes Big, Several Students Hospitalized

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chapman rave.jpg
Chapman Invisible Children's Facebook
Photo from last year's GLOWbal

Rarely do you hear us talking about drunken mischief at Chapman that doesn't involve students running around in their underwear. But last Saturday's packed GLOWbal event sponsored by a university charity and Chapman Radio inside the Harold Hutton Sports Center grabbed plenty of attention when the massive party of over 1,000 attendees ended with several students hospitalized for alcohol intoxication along a handful of alcohol violations involving underage Panthers.

Recently, a video of last weekend's glow-in-the-dark bacchanal was thrown on YouTube, chronicling the rave-like atmosphere (and yes--a few people in their underwear). See it after the jump.

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Chaka Khan And Friends Records Tribute To Trayvon Martin

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Another singer has thrown her hat in the proverbial ring in support of fallen Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Chaka Khan re-recorded "Super Life" along with some of her famous friends. More »

L.A. Record and VICE Team for Benefit in Wake of DJ Jonathan Toubin's Freak Accident

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A little more than a week ago, Jonathan Toubin played his Soul Clap set at LA club the Satellite. Two days later, the popular New York DJ was involved in an accident that reads like something out of a movie.

While sleeping in his hotel in Portland, where he was due to perform, a taxi cab rammed into his ground-room floor and pinned him between the car and the room's back wall. The cab was stuck, so three maintenance men lifted its tires and inched the car off Toubin. He was semi-conscious and able to talk but covered in blood as he was rushed to the hospital.

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[UPDATED With Detroit Bar Comments] Detroit Bar And Local Musicians To Support Fight Against Cancer

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Music has been said to have healing powers and the ability to soothe the savage beast. Local musicians and Costa Mesa's Detroit Bar are gathering to soothe the pain of the savage beast that is cancer Saturday. Come Together: A Benefit for Brita will help raise funds for Brita Corradini, 31, wife of Andrew Corradini (of Handsome G and several other local bands), who has been diagnosed with Stage Two breast cancer.  Brita is six months pregnant and will begin chemotherapy while pregnant. The couple have a one-year-old daughter, Alabama.

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Hopeless Records and Sub City Imprint Raised 2M for Charity, with Help from Thrice and Avenged Sevenfold

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On Sept. 1, Hopeless Records and its charity imprint Sub City are throwing an invitation-only party to celebrate a milestone: they've raised $2 million for charity.

The idea for the Sub City was dreamt up in 1999. The staff at Hopeless Records thought the imprint would be a great way for bands to use their music to make a positive impact, and it was a good way to connect with their fans as well.

The Van Nuys-based company gives 5 percent -- 2.5 percent from artist royalties and 2.5 percent from the label -- of the revenue collected from the suggested list price of albums released on Sub City to a charity chosen by artists.

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