Blues Musicians Band Together to Help Drummer Max Bangwell

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With a name like "Max Bangwell" there are a few professions one might consider to be fate. Of those careers, "professional drummer" has the greatest longevity but also the most stringent requirement for wearing pants to work--usually. Bangwell opted for the path of becoming a local, blues drumming icon and he's been pretty successful at it. He's played with nearly every greased-up, revivalist rocker from Dana Point to Point Mugu but now, after 27 years in Southern California, he is in need of some help. Bangwell has been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. This Sunday, from 2pm to 7pm, more than 25 bands and musicians including the immortal Blasters and blues mainstay James Harman will bring the heat to Long Beach bar the Gaslamp to help raise funds for Bangwell's complicated financial situation and recovery.

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Cancer Drive-a-Thon Launch at Bistro 400 This Saturday

Road Trip!
This Saturday night at Bistro 400, come out and enjoy some cabaret for a cause thanks to former Rude Guerilla member/ Orange County native Alexander Rodriguez and co-host Ben Viele. The duo, alongside other past Rude Guerilla members and Theater Out, will be giving audiences a taste of their upcoming "Journey Home" Drive-a-Thon tour across America where they will be raising money for the American Cancer Society.

The Journey Home Drive-a-Thon follows in the tradition of telethons, but slightly updated for the Youtube age: audiences will be able to see the progress of Rodriguez and Viele's road trip via their Youtube channel, witnessing through car cam comedic road rage mishaps and the saucy comedic banter that has garnered them many fans through the radio show they both host, "Happy Hour."

"It's like Thelma and Louise, but for a cause!" says Rodriguez. Indeed, 20% of the bar sales from this Saturday's event alone at Bistro 400 go directly to ACS; not a bad start!

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OC Punk Community Launches a Benefit Concert to Help China White Guitarist Frank Ruffino

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Ruffino, far left

Frank Ruffino, the guitarist for China White, is in serious trouble. Recently released from the hospital after months in intensive care, the Huntington Beach axeman braces for a miracle.

About four years ago, the 51-year-old was diagnosed with liver problems, a biproduct of years of hard drinking, drug abuse and harsh luck, despite his resolve to get clean and sober after the band's heyday. Battered by cirrhosis and liver cancer, several months ago, doctors told the guitarist and his wife, Ella, that his only shot at survival is a visit to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, where he can get on a shorter waiting list for a new organ.

This weekend, some major forces in OC punk--including the original members of China White--gather for a benefit show to raise funds for Ruffino's liver transplant. Nearly everyone who is in Ruffino's corner is doing their part to help to get them there, including an auction and fund-raising.

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Allensworth and Others Put Together a Benefit Show for Niko Black

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allensworth print.jpg

Most people came to know the name Niko Black from when the cancer-stricken Mescalero Apache woman was controversially evicted from her foreclosed Garden Grove home late last year. The story of her wheelchair stand-off with sheriff's deputies on the morning of Oct. 10 and the ensuing, ongoing legal battle against Wells Fargo attracted media attention, including that of the Weekly (see my "Niko Black Won't Surrender," Dec. 6, 2012).

But those who grew up with her know another side of Black. In better times, she was an active fixture in the Orange County and Long Beach music scenes. "She ran a spot called the Liquid Den," says Allensworth front man Jamie Allensworth. "They had live bands seven nights a week. I think there were even times when musicians weren't pulling in heads, and she would dip into her own funds to keep the scene alive."

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All-Star Battle of the Bands Fund-Raiser Turns Up at Alex's Bar on Mar.29

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alexs bar.jpg

Usually when a Battle of the Bands takes place, it's for the winning outfit's best interest instead of the organizers'. That premise has been flipped on its head for the upcoming battle at Alex's Bar in Long Beach.

Organized by Jamie Reidling from the Cadillac Tramps and hosted by Jack Grisham of T.S.O.L., the event will raise funds to support music and art in public schools. Taking place on Friday, March 29, the event will feature bands with members from some of the bigger names in the local punk scene including Jonny "2Bags" Wickersham of Social Distortion and Frank Agnew of the Adolescents and T.S.O.L.

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Glass House Benefit For Newborn Poppy Monroe DaSilva Taps Hellogoodbye, Limbeck and More

Courtesy of DaSilva Family
Poppy Monroe DaSilva

Poppy Monroe DaSilva has arrived. The daughter of Christian DaSilva, the longtime Chain Reaction soundman who tragically died in a motorcycle accident July 16, 2012, was born at home February 7.

Poppy's mother, Emma Goodman-DaSilva, gave birth to the 7-pound, 10-ounce, 19-inch baby girl surrounded by family, friends, midwives and a doula. "It was a bittersweet entrance--grief of her father's loss and a new life beginning," Emma says. "I was luckily surrounded by so much love and support."

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Tribute Bands Unite For Sandy Hook Benefit Concert in OC

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fab four.jpg
The Fab Four

While it's true that even the best tribute bands will never grace the same stages as the icons they emulate, a hoard of talented pretenders are about to tune up for a very important gig next week. On January 20, eight bands will strap on their wigs, glittery axes and unitards for a concert benefiting the community of Newton, Connecticut. Weeks after the grisly Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Dec. 14 that left 20 children fatal shot, the benefit show Our Town for Newtown hopes to offer more financial aid and compassion toward to the broken families and citizens in the quite suburb where the horror took place.
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Local Musicians Gather to Benefit Down Syndrome Association of OC's Red Carpet Ball

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Eric Hood/OC Weekly
Boys from Jeramiah Red, Robert Jon & the Wreck and Moonsville Collective, jammin'

The Kings Inn is keeping the spirit of the giving season alive past Dec. 25 with a year-end benefit concert featuring performers from the top of the local music talent pool. This holiday edition of the event dedicated to live roots rock and roll usually several times monthly at Memphis in Costa Mesa will raise funds for the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County's annual Red Carpet Ball--a dinner and dance for teens and adults with down syndrome.

"It is truly something I look forward to every year." Kings Inn founder Sean Rosenthal said on the event's Facebook page. "The energy in the room at The Red Carpet Ball is something you just can't explain unless you are a part of it, smiles and laughter from everyone in attendance!"

Rosenthal has donated his time to running the photo booth at the ball since 2009 and is now donating all the money raised at the Kings Inn Holiday Benefit Show on Saturday to the party.

This special edition has really upped the ante with a bigger venue (Detroit Bar) and performances by a smorgasbord of musicians including Parker Macy, Jeramiah Red, Micah Brown, Justin Suitor (of Railroad to Alaska), Robert Jon Burrison, and Ryan Welch (of Moonsville Collective). 

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Hennessey's to Honor Late Iron Butterfly Bassist Lee Dorman on Thursday in Dana Point

Iron Butterfly with Dorman, fourth from the left, back in the day

He created one of the most infamous, easy, unforgettable bass lines in rock history. And to this day, anyone who considers themselves a fan of classic rock's most egregiously psychedelic elements will remember Lee Dorman, the Iron Butterfly bassist who gave their legendarily long-winded "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" its groove. Since he passed away last Friday, Iron Butterfly's surviving members have been dedicated to celebrating Dorman's musical contribution which echoes far beyond the span of the iconic,17-minute track. On Thursday, frontman Martin Gerschwitz and the band's surviving members will honor Dorman with a memorial show at Hennessy's in Dana Point. 

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CH3 Headlines Doll Hut's Final Holiday Benefit Show Tomorrow

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Back in October, when we told you about the World Famous Doll Hut closing it's doors for good after the new year, we left you with a final thought:

Get your ass out there as often as you can. Count every piece of chewed up gum you step on, every bit of stage feedback and decaying band sticker on the wall as a priceless memory. You'll miss it all when it's finally gone.

Ladies and germs, now is the time to act on those words. This weekend, the Hut invites you partake in one of the it's longstanding holiday traditions for the very last time. The annual benefit show for the Orangewood Children and Family Center is one of those OC punk rock institutions started by legendary Hut owner Linda Jemison that always had a way of making the club's sardine-packed, beer-swilling bacchanals feel a little more saintly than normal. This Friday at 8p.m., local favorites CH3, the Crowd, the Stitches and Skaal band together to bring you one more show that promises to be every bit as rowdy as it was when the headliners first started making these shows a yearly habit.

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