Day Above Ground Pulls Racist/Sexist 'Asian Girlz' Video, Uploads Shitty Song in Response

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After a righteous hailstorm of criticism, Los Angeles band Day Above Ground finally took its racist and sexist music video "Asian Girlz" off YouTube. The supposed satirical ballad by the crappy excuse for an alternative rock outfit was chalk full of ultra-degrading lyrics such as "Korean barbecue/Bitch I love you/I love your creamy yellow thighs/Oh, your slanted eyes." As was to be expected, the song drew the ire of many when the video went up last week. AF3IRM, a Filipina feminist group, whipped up swift web-based activism in the form of a petition calling on venues and companies to neither host nor sponsor the band. Putting on the pressure, the organization reports that House of Blues cancelled a scheduled appearance and On-Stage Sounds dropped its sponsorship.

So what's a band to do? After their offensive video directed by Michael Steinberg was brought down, Day Above Ground uploaded "American Dream" and noted the song as a "response to the response."

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The Seven Lamest Nu Metal Bands of All Time

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Christopher Victorio
Papa Roach
By: Matt Oliver
For every generation, parents wonder what the heck their kids are listening to. Whether it is was the '50s when Elvis had screaming girls fainting, the Beatlemania of the '60s and '70s or the 80's with the hair metal explosion of Twisted Sister and Motley Crue. Unfortunately, my generation was introduced to a new type of metal, Nu to be exact.

Nu Metal was brought on by the less-than-lovely blends of 7-string guitars, screaming vocals, rapping lyricists and sometimes DJs, meshed with unfashionable dreads, pants with a billion zippers to nowhere and more makeup than KISS could handle -- no wonder my parents thought I was crazy. The genre was ushered in by pioneers, Korn, Slipknot and Limp Bizkit, and given festivals Family Values Tour and Ozzy Osbourne's OzzFest, gave birth to the metal's bastard child.

Though Korn and Slipknot are pretty lame in their own rights, they are the industry standard for Nu Metal. Point being, it gets a lot worse from there. The list you are about to witness is the lamest of the lame.

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Imperial Stars To Pay Nearly $40k to Department of Transportation

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Thumbnail image for imperial stars band photo.JPG
Remember the foolishness of OC's The Imperial Stars? Well, they're finally facing the consequences for their "performance" on top of a flat bed truck that caused a horrific traffic jam on the 101 by Sunset Blvd in October 2010. Adding insult to injury, the band wrote "Traffic Jam 101" to promote the asinine event that delayed traffic for over a mile in each direction.

This past October, the trio of Christopher Wright, David Hale and Keith Yackey each pleaded no contest to one felony count of conspiracy, one misdemeanor count of public nuisance and two misdemeanor counts of resisting, obstructing or delaying law enforcement officers.

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Black Eyed Peas go on Hiatus; Four Other Groups That Should Take a Break Too

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Christopher Victorio/OC Weekly
This week the Black Eyed Peas announced at their Staffordshire show that it was the "last time we're going to be in England for a long time." So yes, the group is taking a break, but they're not breaking up--at least, not according to Fergie and

Sure, there are pros and cons to the band going on hiatus, but we think these four bands should be more than eligible take a hike as well, after the jump.

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Yellowcard Makes Less Than Triumphant Return

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​There has been speculation that Yellowcard would be returning to the music scene, and we're here to confirm the dreadful news.The band went on hiatus in April 2008, declaring the musicians needed time to work on their own projects. The group left their label, Capitol, a month later.More »

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