Top 10 Emo Revival Bands You'll Never Hear From Again

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Grown Ups
In every corner of the punk niche media, you can find a new list about emo revival. After watching bands sarcastically posting lists from sites like Buzzfeed and Stereogum claiming they are "must hear" bands of a new emo emergence you might feel a bit lost. Not only are some of the bands on these lists not still together, but they experienced full careers and have virtually been forgotten. Even NPR did a piece about the resurgence.

I know, Fall Out Boy getting back together and putting out a punk album doesn't mean emo is dead or alive. In fact, the buzz surrounding emo revival might be louder than anything Patrick Stump's annoying vocals could generate. It's true there has been a new flocking toward 1990's era emo in the punk scene with the help of sites like Tumblr. However, there is a problem with the emo revival, the bands that are credited with starting it have all broken up.

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Six Reasons Why Your Band is Destined to Fail

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broken record.jpg
Jena Ardell
Being in a band is like dating a handful of chicks at the same time: If
you want your polygamous relationship to work, each member needs to receive equal amounts of attention, recognition and respect. Here are six reasons why your band is destined to fail and advice for keeping it together, because if you can't manage these
internal conflicts, you're screwed.

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Franki Doll Tells Us Why She and Her Band the Broken Toys Are Breaking Up

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franki doll.jpg
Mike McDougal/Lushbeat
It feels a little early in the year to be saying goodbye to a band as irreverent and irreplaceable as Franki Doll and the Broken Toys. Sadly, we've recently learned that the miniskirts, two-toned hair and octane-fueled antics of Huntington Beach performer Franki Doll will be no more. On Saturday (Feb. 16), she and her tattooed band of Broken Toys are getting onstage at DiPiazza's in Long Beach for the last time together before taking a final break from bandhood.

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