The 2000 MTV Video Music Awards: An Industry's Turning Point

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YouTube Screen Capture
Eminem, one of many Slim Shadys
This Sunday is the MTV Video Music Awards. Hosted by Miley Cyrus, this year's ceremony looks to continue the recent upswing of great shows after some middling years in-between. Yes, we consider 2011's incarnation among the best ever, right up there with 1986, 1997 and 1999. No, the VMAs didn't stop being great just because you graduated high school. Truthfully speaking, whether you're down or up or up-and-down on today's music, the over-three decades of VMAs have managed to capture a moment in music history as a perfect time capsule better than any other broadcast, and perhaps that's why we have so many visceral memories of the 2000 incarnation burned into our minds.

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Funniest Tweets From the 2015 BET Awards

Kendrick Lamar kicked the party off "Alrite."
Last year's host of the BET Awards was Chris Rock and we can only imagine attempting to follow him would be pretty rough. Nevertheless, this year's hosts Tracey Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson really did try their best and well, better luck next year boo's. (Although the Sam Smith bit was hilarious.) Right off the bat we have to mention that they finally got it right airing it live for both the east and west coast so bravo on that BET. OK, now let's get down to the dirt.

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The Funniest Tony Award Tweets

Theo Wargo/Getty Images
What in the entire universe of WTF?
Hosted by Broadway darlings Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming, the 69th (lol) annual Tony Awards went down "live" at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Celebrating everything theatre, the stars were dressed to the nines as they settled in to watch awards get dished out in-between musical numbers aplenty.

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The 2015 Oscars Bored Twitter to Death

No, no, NOOOOOO!!!
Last night the 87th Academy Awards was hosted by Neil Patrick Harris (and can it be the last time pretty please?) and in case you missed out, the viewers were treated to a Tony Awards style entrance, brief nudity (we wish we could unsee), a lot of fucking with Octavia Spencer, and a ton of "jokes" that clearly needed to be rewritten if they were going to get real laughs instead of forced ones.

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Funniest Tweets From the American Music Awards 2014

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Depends much?
Pitbull took the reins with hosting duties for the 2014 American Music Awards and not to be rude (Haha, J/K), he did a better job with his performance with Ne-Yo. There were however plenty of acts to watch this year thankfully. Well, kinda. There was Iggy Azalea giving possibly one of the worst appearances we've seen her do since she fell off the stage at the VMA's, Lorde's spastic, uhhh, "dancing," a mediocre solo performance from Ariana Grande, Lil Wayne and Christina Milian SUCKING, Taylor Swift attempting to dance on stage (as well as off), Fergie (the fuck?), a performance slated as "a very personal song" by Selena Gomez, and J-Lo (who looked like she was wearing a diaper) trying to stay relevant by performing with Iggy Azalea (Enough of Iggy already. Eminem, you got this?). And just a side note here but, was everyone lip-syncing this year? OK, not you Jessie J but everyone else, WTF?

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Slash Gives Us Plenty to Fear at Horror Nights

Myles Kennedy and Slash (Left to Right) at the Red Carpet Ceremony for The Eyegore Awards. Photo by Scott Feinblatt
On Friday night, Slash appeared at the Eyegore Awards, at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he and singer Myles Kennedy performed the title track to his recent horror film, Nothing Left to Fear. Slash, whose new album World on Fire was released last week, also received one of the awards and provided the soundtrack for one of the new mazes at Halloween Horror Nights, "Clowns 3D Music by Slash."

McKenzie Westmore (Face Off) emceed the event wherein fimmakers Robert Rodriguez, John Landis, and effects artist Greg Nicotero received awards as well. Universal Studios's Creative Director, John Murdy, was present at the event, which took place on the opening night of the theme park's Halloween Horror Nights. This year, the park features new mazes based on Rodriguez's film / television series From Dusk Till Dawn, Landis's classic horror film An American Werewolf in London, and The Walking Dead, for which Nicotero is the Special Effects Make-Up Supervisor. After the awards ceremony, members of the press were invited to experience the theme park's new haunted mazes.

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Funniest Tweets of 2014 Billboard Music Awards

The way this made us feel? Mesmerized.
Last night during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Twitter let us know the good (the Michael Jackson hologram), the bad (Lorde to the tenth power), and the ruiners (again, please see Lorde). But before we even get into the Tweetosphere feedback, we have a bone to pick with ABC Network. This whole "taping the show in the west coast" and showing it first to the east coast needs to stop. Since social media has taken over so many of our lives it's unfair to ask us to abandon "our feeds" for any amount of time. By the time we were "fortunate" enough to watch the show we already knew what the stars were wearing, knew the winners, and knew all of the so called "surprises." This is total and utter bullshit and it needs to end. NOW. Anyway, on with the show...

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The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Proves How Annoying Rush Fans Can Be

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Lester Cohen
Petty, Browne and Fogerty performing a spirited version of "I Love L.A."
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony descended upon Los Angeles for the first time since 1993 last night. As we all know, a lot has happened since then, but there's no need to dwell on that now. Taking place at the Nokia Theater, the event featured nine inductees who took the stage, but the big story of the night were the thousands of Rush fans who descended downtown and turned the ceremony into all things Rush. We'll get to them later, but here's how it all went down.

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Oscars 2013 Best & Worst Moments

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The 85th Academy Awards ceremony blew through Hollywood last night like a gust of dry winter wind, and brought with it its usual highs and lows, pretentious pageantry, long speeches -- and this time even a good old fashioned face plant on the way up to the podium to keep things interesting!

Hosted by the one and only Seth McFarlane of Family Guy, American Dad and Ted fame, this year's broadcast seemed to have a certain panache that recent years of the show have not had (read: Billy Crystal's snooze fest at last year's broadcast). This year, whether you managed to stay awake past the 'I Saw Your Boobs' song or not, we've got you covered! Take a look-see at Oscar's 5 Best & Worst moments this year.

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The American Music Awards Celebrates New EDM Category

Nero_ Earl Gibson III.jpg
Courtesy of Michael Buckner / Getty Images North America
Nero Walks the Red Carpet

Last night Dick Clark Productions threw the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards at the LA Live Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, hosted by none other than todays king of top 40 radio Ryan Seacrest. In preparation of the live broadcast they held an invite only pre-party at LA Live's Club Nokia to celebrate the nominees and artists of the new Electronic Dance Music category. Nominees where David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Skrillex, none of which who were in attendance, but special performers Nero, Audrey Napoleon and Cole were the DJ selectors for the evenings' party Friday, November 16th.

Artists such as Shiny Toy Guns' Jeremy Dawson, PennyBirdRabbit, Rebecca & Fiona, Photek, The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, Morgan Page, Kerli, Junkie XL and KCRW's Jason Bentley joined media, press and EDM enthusiasts on the red carpet of the Club Nokia pre-party. Inside guests were meet with Nokia employees serving blue drinks with light up ice cubes and music note stirrers as dance music resonated from the speakers. Simulating an exclusive high-end EDM party, attendees were supposed to be celebrating the inception of the new category in the American Music Awards. Most party goers were mingling and taking pictures in the Nokia cell phone photo booth rather than actually paying attention to the DJs.

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