[VIDEO] Artist 'Hypocritical Gender' Saws Against the Gender Grain

Even in the world of art, where people are expected to go against the mainstream, ladies are still paired with specific mediums. Females do the jewelry making, sewing, and scrapbooking while the woodwork and welding are for the boys. Vanessa Gaston of Hypocritical Gender doesn't like this idea, and wants to change our expectations of women and their craft.

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Lady Gaga Fan Portraits That Look Nothing Like Lady Gaga

Pollypixels on etsy.
We're not sure what Lady Gaga really looks like anymore, but we know this collection of fan art doesn't resemble her at all.

We swear this lovely nerd (above) was in our graphic design course, not on the VMAs. "Miss Gaga" Digital Art Print by Pollypixels

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Five Things an EDM Diva Learned at Burning Man

Burning Man

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Burning Man is an annual event and temporary community based on radical self-expression and self-reliance in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Having conquered every other major music and arts festival in the US from Ultra Music Festival, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival to Electric Daisy Carnival it seemed only natural that I was ready to embark on the journey to take on the 26th Annual Burning Man pilgrimage. On top of being a community of over 60,000 music and art aficionados it is a spiritual refuge where burners gather to reflect on their lives and mourn the loss of loved ones or other obstacles with the burning of the man (a giant wooden effigy in the shape of a man) and then the temple so beautiful it rivals many churches.

Burning Man takes place on a dry lake bed, a vast flat expanse of alkali salt called the playa. Two girl friends and I made the nine-hour drive to meet our three guy friends who drove an RV all the way down from Vancouver and another close girl friend who flew into Reno, Nevada. All sharing journeys of overheated cars and electrical problems on planes, I wish someone would have told us the journey to the playa would take an entire day. But we were finally together, brought some bad-ass army and Indian tribe outfits and stocked way too much vodka and beer with not enough tequila and Four Lokos. Living on an RV in Black Rock City made us the closest hippie family and taught us plenty of valuable life-changing lessons.

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Jon Halperin, Glass House Talent Buyer, Featured on Apartment Therapy

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The Long Beach apartment of Jon Halperin, Talent Buyer for the Glass House in Pomona, is featured in a new photo tour on popular home decor blog  Apartment Therapy.

Click here to feel like a semi-creeper and ogle neat art, vinyl toys and cephalopod chandeliers and wall sconces a plenty. There might be plenty of awesome and rare art pieces all over Halperin's apartment, but the real star? His dog. Gimme.

The Art of iPhone Photography

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call for art.jpg

Facebook photo albums are littered with the digital debris of people spontaneously whipping out their iPhones and snapping the most mundane images. Kittens, gay beefcake, drunken frat parties, new babies, Republican Congressmen answering Craigslist postings--an influx of images, a lot of people snapping, but precious little art resulting.

Now is your chance to change all of that.

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iPhone, OCCA

'Before He Became a Doer, He Was a Reader': Professor Alan Houston on Benjamin Franklin.

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​As you've probably gathered if you've read my rave review of the current Bowers Museum exhibition on the life of Benjamin Franklin, I've become a bit of a Franklin enthusiast overnight. So profound is my admiration for the show--and for Franklin himself--I rented documentaries from Netflix and spent the weekend on the Internet reading just about anything I could find on him. When the Bowers' cheery publicist, Rick Weinberg, offered to put me in touch with the exhibition's consultant scholar, UC San Diego professor of political science Alan C. Houston (an authority on all things Benjamin), I took the opportunity to try the limitations of my newfound knowledge and asked the professor to tell me all the dirt he knew on the Founding Father.

"The good particular men may do separately . . . is small, compared with what they may do collectively."--Benjamin Franklin

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Unhappily Ever After: Philip Ridley's Film 'Heartless'

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Jim Sturgess tackles his demons in "Heartless"
Playwright/photographer/novelist/children's author/painter/filmmaker Philip Ridley is one of Britain's most talented artists, but he's almost unheard of here in the States. A fucking shame, mate, so let's see if we can change that a little.

My first exposure to him was his stunning debut feature film, The Reflecting Skin, about a lonely boy obsessed with the idea that a ghostly woman who lives nearby may be a vampire responsible for a series of child slayings in their small rural town. I heard about it via the underground-movie circuit and discovered at a video store a pristine copy that had obviously never been rented before. I thought I was renting an arty horror film, and that was true, but as is always the case with Ridley's work, there was much more there than you would have expected. 

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Inside Out With Punk Photographer Edward Colver

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punk_boots smaller_edited-3.jpg
Edward Colver
​When I attended punk shows in the early '80s, I would often see photographer Edward Colver shooting some of the pictures that would eventually be collected in his amazing coffee table book Blight at the End of the Funnel.

When I took my first corporate office job, I had two of Colver's pictures pinned to the bleak gray wall of my cubicle. Every day I worked for The Man, I would look at the three pairs of black leather boots wrapped in chains and bandannas and at Circle Jerks bassist Roger Rogerson leaping into the air, mid-song.

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It's Boxy, but It's Good: Bill Jaros at IFAC

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Dorian Rooney

"Is that freaking cardboard?" was my first thought as I stepped into Irvine Fine Arts Center's exhibition of artist Bill Jaros' work. Taking a closer look, I saw that it was indeed corrugated paper, but suffice it to say, the work was not the sum of my first perception. The boxes had been broken down, some flaps flattened, others left upright, the torn paper and rough, corrugated edges smoothed and made stiff with plaster. The precisely installed, colorfully painted sculptures practically jumped off the wall in rainbow bursts of crimson, brown, purple, pink, yellow, pale blue, orange and red.

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Art Whore: The Old In and Out

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ART WHORE likes the sexy.
So this week's blog--an assemblage of links with brief commentary--is dedicated to the sexy in recent Arts & Culture.
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