Jack Grisham is Selling His Tooth on Ebay

Grisham's TSOL tooth in all its glory
Yes. This a real thing.

Our favorite punk rock eccentric Jack Grisham wants you to have a piece of himself. Well, he wants to sell it you but...it's worth noting that this upper left molar is fully intact and only a little bloody. Yesterday, the former Weekly columnist, author, and founding member of TSOL and The JoyKiller offered one of his choppers up for auction on Ebay. Of course, plenty of folks are biting.

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The Red-Headed Stepchildren of Scientology

YouTube screenshot
Lynsey Bartilson
By: Damian Bloor

HBO announced this month an upcoming documentary based on Lawrence Wright's bestselling expose of the Church of Scientology (COS), Going Clear. The network is said to be bracing for a round of lawsuits just as we, having merely typed the word Scientology, are anticipating a bunch of cranky comments from COS supporters.
Nearly every time the COS appears in the news, its ties to the entertainment industry are revisited by sheltered bloggers who are SHOCKED that a religion with overt science fiction elements would appeal to people essentially play make believe for a living (actors, musicians).
Sounds like a perfect match to us.
Now that we've made clear our ambivalence towards the link between the Dianetics crew and guys like John Travolta, we feel inclined not to contribute to the glut of "Scientology is zany and possibly evil" blogs but to unearth and, dare we say, celebrate the least glamorous public figures who have demonstrable ties to the church founded by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954.
In honor of Hubbard's hair color and our deplorable reliance on cliche, we present you with the redheaded stepchildren of Scientology.

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Jeopardy's Five Best Musical Moments

By: Rae Alexandra

Sure, selling almost 180 million records worldwide is pretty special. As is winning 17 Grammy Awards. But last week, Beyoncé's legacy was bestowed with arguably the highest of all honors: She got her own category on Jeopardy. Personally, our favorite part was Alex Trebek's delivery of the phrase "Jay-Z is featured on this Beyoncé song that mentions 'that liquor get into me.' "

In case you missed this glorious moment, you can see it here:

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Dennis Rodman Showed Up at The Gromble's Show and Sang

The beauty of the OC music scene is that its so vibrant that you never who will show up to jam with their friends. That could be on the arena or amphitheater level or in the case of Laguna Niguel's own The Gromble, sometimes that means Dennis Rodman comes on-stage and you rock out with a Basketball Hall of Famer.

Yep, that's what happened over the weekend at La Cave in Costa Mesa. A connoisseur of '90s music, the former Chicago Bulls rebounding machine grabbed the mic and growled through a version of Parliament's "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)." This was allegedly after The Worm requested the band play a Sublime because sure, why not? Rodman has a penchant for showing up at bars in the area, after all he keeps a home in these parts, but seeing him take the stage was something new.

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In Defense of Tribute Bands

Press Photo
The Fab Four
By: Jason Keil
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in the world of music no one appreciates a copycat, especially those working for months and years to bring something new and original into the world. Tribute bands -- that is, bands whose sole purpose is to cover the songs of one particular artist -- draw the ire of those who work in the vein of originality because not only are the imitators not doing anything new or innovative, they are merely riding the coattails of those who do. But do they bring anything to the table?

For one, the closest I've ever been to seeing Tool was in an event center in Mesa, Ariz.

Maynard James Keenan wasn't there. Neither was Adam Jones, Danny Carey, or Justin Chancellor. It was simply four musicians in love with Keenan's most popular creation and putting it out there on the stage.

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10 Best Quotes Overheard at the Book of Mormon

Courtesy of The Book of Mormon
The infamous musical The Book of Mormon at Segerstrom ends its highly successful Orange County run this weekend; every show on this leg of the musical's tour has been sold out (or close to being sold out), which should be a shocker, considering how antithetical to Orange County its humor is.

Created by South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone the show -- which follows the journey of two Mormon elders (read: 19-year-old missionaries) assigned to convert poor villagers in Africa -- has been hyped up so much in the three years since it debuted on Broadway that there are currently two concurrent national tours and a run in London.

Maybe it's because no one can resist a cast of bright-eyed, super-cute guys singing ultra-catchy songs about a caffienated hell or going door-to-door in harmony. Or maybe UC Irvine alumnus Anthony Chatmon, who is in the ensemble, is a really big draw. Or maybe, the show's message about spirituality is so pure and uplifting that it transcends whatever moral scruples you may have about religion, female genital mutilation, imperialism, homosexuality, and profanity. Whatever. The musical is unstoppable, so much so that the Mormon church has taken to buying full-page ads in the playbill as if to say -- hey! We have a sense of humor too!


And if Mormons can take a joke about their holy book, so, apparently, can denizens of South County, who came out in in their Armani suits and DVF print dresses like they were about to watch Les Mis or something. Aside from the couple in front of us who shook their heads everytime someone said the F-word (which was a lot) and left at intermission (they probably ignored the warning about really bad words in the playbill), members of the audience weren't above a standing ovation at the end, rattling their jewelry for lyrics like, "When God fucks you in the butt/ Hasa Diga Eebowai/ Fuck God right back in his cunt."

After the jump: The best quotes overheard at The Book of Mormon

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Morrissey Got Tackled In San Jose Last Night, Lights Out For Observatory Show?

Christopher Victorio
Morrissey last night..pre-tackle
There were some lights that definitely went out at the Morrissey show up in San Jose last night. Unfortunately, they belonged Morrissey. The 54 year-old singer was tackled mercilessly by a fan (or three?) on stage at the City National Civic.  Two songs into the second encore ("One Day Goodbye will Be Farewell"), any security guards in charge of the front barrier were rendered helpless as dozens of fans began rushing the stage to give the singer a parting hug at the end of the show. We'd like to think that their intentions weren't malicious--if anything San Jose fans were probably just glad he didn't cancel on them again. The crowd's stunt started out innocent enough, but as you'll see in the fan video posted below, things got ugly really quick.

See also: The 10 Most Mexican Morrissey/Smiths Songs of All Time

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What the Hell is Babymetal?

Metal music is a genre of music that transcends all parts of the world, and breaks all cultural and language barriers, from North and South America, to Europe and even Asia. From the early days of metal, and Judas Priest's classic 1979 live album Unleashed in the East, recorded in Tokyo, the music has always been popular throughout Asia, with many popular metal and rock bands originating from the continent over the years and recently, including bands like Loudness and X-Japan, Sigh, Cthonic, Crossfaith and tons more established and emerging artists and bands.

But in 2010, a new breed of metal music surfaced, with a group known as Babymetal, a rising trio of famous teenage Japanese female models, this act has a foundation of 'J-Pop,' a fast, upbeat style of pop/dance music, more suitable for clubs playing Britney Spears and other teen idols, than dive bars blasting Pantera and Behemoth. But the vocalists are backed by a band of musicians that merge the heavy sounds of Slayer, System of a Down, Slipknot, Ministry and Lamb of God, with traditional pop/dance music with hints of techno and hip hop, skillfully blending the two genres into a cohesive force that leaves many new listeners confused yet curious. It may have started in Japan, but look out...their evil is spreading.

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Green Day Fan Art, You Really Must Own

MaryAngelinaArt on etsy
Green Day's Dookie turned 20 years old last month. If that sentence sounds odd, it was intentional. Speaking about the name, Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone:

"Obviously, it was a stoner thing. It really was. We were smoking a lot of weed. 'Hey, man, wouldn't it be funny if...'

But I was thinking about that Sonic Youth record, Goo. When we gave the title to [cover artist] Richie Bucher, he was like, 'OK'. We get it back, and it's dogs exploding shit all over Berkeley. [Laughs] I don't know, man. It was one of those impulsive moments. And we were like, 'Fuck it'."

Dookie went on to produce five hit singles for the band: "Longview," "When I Come Around," "Basket Case," "Welcome to Paradise," and "She." The album also won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album in 1995. Dookie is unarguably, the band's best-selling album, with more than 20 million copies sold worldwide. Not bad for an album named after a slang word for 'shit', written by a couple of punk stoners.

To celebrate Dookie's 20th year milestone, we've collected some of the best Green Day fan art on etsy.

My what green eyes you have, Billie Joe. This portrait by MaryAngelinaArtis (above) is painted on a vinyl record.

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Vanilla Ice Fans, Rejoice!

jonstich on etsy
Rob 'Vanilla Ice' Van Winkle will receive Wellington, Florida's 'Outstanding Citizen of the Year' award on Wednesday, Feb 26.

Van Winkle earned this title for his "spirit of giving and dedication" to the town he calls home for more than 10 years.

Another noteworthy achievement is Van Winkle's new commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shapes. Van Winkle sings and dances to "Ninja Rap", a song he provided for the soundtrack of 1991's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 11: The Secret of the Ooze.

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