The Weekly Finally Visits Dismaland, Part 2

Richard Johnson
By: Richard Johnson

[Editor's Note: This is the second in a two part series about Richard Johnson's visit to Banksy's Dismaland exhibit in England. Read the first part here.]

After a day spent wandering around Dismaland, the inspiration for the exhibit's message and style became unmistakably clear to an aging punk like myself. When Banksy first emerged in early '90s, he essentially picked up where seminal English punk band Crass left off in 1984. The influence of artist/visionary Gee Vaucher on the visual art of Banksy and other artists at Dismaland is not hard to see. In fact, once you see it, you can't unsee it.

So many of the pieces in the exhibit are similar to the art created by Vaucher--themes that include political satire on war, world leaders, wealth and poverty, animal rights and other topics, the realist style... and don't get me started on the use of stencils. With all of the references to anarchy inside the gates of Dismaland, it's only natural that Banksy is influenced by the band that popularized the big "A" that's stitched, glued and stenciled to every punk's jacket.

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The Weekly Finally Visits Dismaland, Part 1

Thumbnail image for dismaland1.jpg
Richard Johnson
Let the bemusement
By: Richard Johnson

[Editor's note: As a paper that prides itself on mocking Disney at every turn, it's inevitable that the Weekly landed on Dismaland's doorstep before it closes for good on September 27. After a month of endless reports by snarky journalists from around the world, we decided to send someone who knows a thing or two about provocative art. Richard Johnson ran AAA Electra 99, an anti-establishment art museum/venue that was OC's equivalent of Dismaland in the heart of Mickey Country for over 16 years. Way before Banksy, bitches. This is the first of a two part series about his trip to the exhibit.]

Centered in the English seaside town of Weston-super-Mare is an abandoned public pool that once boasted the highest diving boards in all of Europe. Mysterious construction began in early August of 2015 on the dilapidated site. The townspeople were told that there was an American movie being filmed at the site. Nothing could've been further from the truth. First a large pinwheel was erected, then a working ferris wheel could be seen from the outside. Then a castle began to take shape. A call even went out to hire extras for the alleged movie. By the end of August, local papers announced that the internationally-known street artist extraordinaire, Banksy, was undertaking his biggest exposition to date. Dismaland: A Bemusement Park.

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Punk Rock Picnic Promoters Start Some Epic Mudslinging on Facebook

Nate Jackson
Talkin' mad shit, yo!
It looks like the relationship between Punk Rock Picnic promoters Steve Smith and Rick Bottrell is over. And they've gone out of their way to make it Facebook official. Though last weekend's sour ending to their Punk Rock Picnic revival was a tough pill to swallow for the two who put tons of effort into making it happen, it's clear from recent spats on social media that each one of them holds the other responsible for the embarrassing outcome. Not only that, but they've gone so far as to air their dirty laundry for all to see. For the last 24 hours we've sat back and watched Smith's Facebook page turn into a battle ground we like to call Game of Groans. And shit just got real!

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Slash's 10 Weirdest Guitar Sessions

Slash, guitarist for hire
By: Nathan Smith
Thanks in large part to his status as one of the world's most iconic rock stars, Slash is the go-to guy for recording stars who want to add a little Marshall muscle to their latest offerings. He tends to pop up on stuff written by people you can't believe have ever heard of Slash, let alone bought him a drink. Call him a hack, if you're determined to be a dick about it. But if you've got studio time and large sums of money, you can get Slash to drop a bluesy Les Paul solo into damn near any piece of shit with a key signature.

Don't believe us? You're about to. Out of what must be thousands of ill-conceived studio sessions, the following 10 head-scratchers are the weirdest, most obscene Slash hackwork that we could dig up. Take a moment to marvel at the sheer hubris of their existence today, because you damn sure won't be hearing them tomorrow.

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DakhaBrakha Brings Ethno Chaos to OC

Courtesy of DakhaBrakha
It's rare to discover a new classification for most bands, no mater how genre-defying they are. However, Ukrainian quartet DakhaBrakha challenges the norm with their self-proclaimed "ethno chaos." Their style is based on a re-envisioned form of Eastern European roots music that pays homage to the folk sounds of Ukraine, but also incorporates Arabic, Asian and African influences. Their resistance to Ukraine's mainstream music and their tendency to experiment has earned them the title of folk punks, injecting their performances with diverse instruments and oddly hypnotizing chants and harmonies. DakhaBrakha performs at the Yost on Friday, April 10 as part of the traveling art forum Santa Ana Sites, and brings a new breed of world music to downtown Santa Ana.

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Punk Rock Picnic Returns--Supposedly

John Gilhooley
Hey guys, Punk Rock Picnic is back!
That's right. It's back...supposedly. Over the weekend, while many of OC's punks were busy at Musink, the Punk Rock Picnic Music Festival quietly announced a lineup. Notice we didn't say confirmed. If you read our cover story in 2013 about how this festival and its promoter Steve Smith wound up costing ticket holders, bands and vendors thousands upon thousands of hard earned dollars when it was cancelled at the last minute, you can understand why we might be a little gun shy. But here we are. Ready to try this again?!

For what it's worth, the lineup--headlined by Cockney Rejects with support from Agent Orange, Shattered Faith, Ill Repute among others--seems solid, albeit a lot more modest than touting GWAR or Danzig. It might even be doable. And unless you've already received your personally addressed refund check (you five know who you are), then those of you who still have ticket stubs from the 2013 debacle will be allowed to trade them in at will call to get new tickets, according to Smith's Facebook invite for the event. Hope you took good care of those old tickets, guys.

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Grindcore Grandma Makes Her Official Debut

Finally, the song you've all been waiting for...
Last month, the Internet paired the words "grindcore" and "grandma" together and instantly, a star was born. Well, it was actually born the moment that Canadian band Corrupt Leaders turned the camera on the mother of vocalist RainForest to see if his ability to produce blood curdling screams was genetic. Turns out it was. What followed was a viral YouTube video of the Grindcore Grandma that got picked up by just about everyone, even this infernal rag.

Like any smart band would, Corrupt Leaders have chosen to ride Grindcore Grandma's geriatric coat tails and release their latest EP, aptly titled Grindmother, which is officially out today. And yes, they were sure to include on of her actual screams in the mix of their song "Black Cloud." As they say, a family that grinds together...

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"Macho Man" Randy Savage Had a Rap Album?

Big 3 Recordings
"Macho Man" Randy Savage: WWE Hall of Famer...and rapper?
On Tuesday, the celebratory Slim Jims were snapped into, as WWE's Monday Night Raw confirmed the news that iconic wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. With the induction ceremony set for the night before Wrestlemania 31 in late March, you can expect the next few months to feature multiple retrospectives on Randy Savage (real name Randy Poffo) and his work as a sports entertainer, actor and pitchman for Slim Jim.

But you should also be reminded that "Macho Man" Randy Savage released a rap album.

The year was 2003 and "Macho Man" had fully set his sights on Hollywood. He hadn't done any wrestling promotions in over three years. After Savage's unforgettable cameo as "Bonesaw McGraw" in the 2002 Spider-Man film, the silver screen seemed primed to explode with Macho Madness.

But being a renaissance man, Savage said he also wanted to enter an avenue that nobody expected. So we wound up with his debut rap album, Be a Man.

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Queen George Breaks The Rules in Santa Ana

Photo Courtesy of Ate9 dANCE cOMPANY
Imagine for a moment that the traditional restrictions of a seated audience and stage bound performers are erased, and that spectators are given the freedom to wander about a space and take in the performance as closely as they wish. This idea of liberating an audience to engage with the artists will be tested on Saturday night at the Santora building, with the dance installment "Queen George." The event comes courtesy of the traveling art forum Santa Ana Sites (SAS), which will once again offer an artistic venture in an unlikely setting.

Allen Moon, the creative mastermind behind Santa Ana Sites, previously tapped a rock star cellist to perform in a sprawling artist compound for the last SAS event. For Queen George, his forum gives the audience a chance to explore a series of dance installments created by acclaimed choreographer, Danielle Agami. Duets will be staged throughout two levels of the Santora building, along with solo performances in separate rooms for one audience member at time. The performances will be carried out by members of Agami's Ate9 dANCE cOMPANY, and will incorporate custom furniture made by carpenter Amir Raveh. The furniture designs are a curious blend of new materials and misfit leftovers and will be flown in to Santa Ana from Raveh's studio in Israel for the performance.

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Say Hello to "Grindcore Grandma"

The newest grindcore vocalist who will save us all.
By: Corey Deiterman
Grindcore fans, rejoice. Your savior has arrived in the most unlikely of forms. Have you or your friends lamented lately that there just doesn't seem to be any great grindcore left anymore, much less great vocalists? It seems like the genre has taken a real nosedive in recent years.

That's all about to change, thanks to the band Corrupt Leaders. They're an upcoming young grind band out of Canada who have finally found the messiah to lead their genre back to its rightful place atop the throne of metal subdivisions: their mom.

First, a bit on Corrupt Leaders. In all seriousness, they're definitely making themselves into a band to watch. Just this past year, they've put up three releases on their Bandcamp account that show off an impressive, burgeoning talent.

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