VIDEO: Utility Box Art in Santa Ana

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Back in early November 2013, news of the chance for artists to display their own designs onto electrical utility boxes in Santa Ana spread like wildfire across artists networks in the city--not only for the glory of showcasing their art onto a public street with plenty of exposure, but for the stipend of $700. We'll get paid!

Artists are frequently up for producing commissioned public art, but this project was different--it became seen by the artists as a gesture by the city council towards realizing the importance of art in the community. After hundreds of submissions, seven artists were chosen to paint on their own utility box in the downtown area, in what may be the first wave of utility box art in the city. This project, after all, was an experiment, and the end results were a success.

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Steve Martin's Wild and Crazy Career Ride from Orange County to Stardom is PBS Show's Focus

Steve Martin's Orange County roots run deep. He was a cheerleader at Garden Grove High School, attended Santa Ana College and Cal State Long Beach, got one of his first jobs at Disneyland, developed a magic act in the park's Magic Shop and went on to join a Knott's Berry Farm comedy troupe. I don't recall ever hearing the 68-year-old talk in depth about his early days here so perhaps Paula Zahn pulls that out of the actor/comic/author/musician/screenwriter in a PBS interview airing Friday night.

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Video: Cougar Does Some Dirty Dancing on the Huntington Beach Pier

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Everyone knows that after 4th of July, summer officially kicks into full gear. People love heading down to the beach, especially here in Orange County. And then the cougars come out to play.  Some bleached blond older women like to lay out in bikinis and and collect stares on the beach others, like the ones in the video after the jump, are a lot less passive in their seduction.

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Elvis Flash Mob Releases (Unintentionally?) Hilarious Practice Video Before August Performance

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The King deserves better than this
Forget about trying to learn moves like Jagger, OC. If you want a real lesson in rockstar booty shakin', look no further than your local Elvis flash mob. On Wednesday, the Weekly given a a video from the organizers of the secret dance troupe, who will be organizing an ambush of high-kicking, choreographed bliss which is slated to happen "somewhere in Orange County" on August 21. The flash mob is supposed to be a precursor to the 13th Annual Elvis Festival at the OC Market Place on August 26, where the troupe will perform again for a more, uh, suspecting audience. Led by Elvis impersonator Martin Anthony, the group is slated to rehearse on August 13 (mark that down on your calendar) before taking over an undisclosed location to perform the routine a week later. 

The group behind the event claim that not only is Elvis is alive and well, but have proof that he's in OC (we thought that rumor died in oh, like, 1977). But if the prospect of participating in a secret dance troupe spearheaded by an overweight Elvis sounds like a memorable experience, then we have to steer you to the groups (unintentionally?) hilarious instructional video  that will get you caught up on the various gyrations and jazz hand techniques you'll need to know before you participate. Check it out after the jump.

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A Tribute To Dr. Seuss With A Rap Battle

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Today would have been iconic children's book author Dr. Seuss's 108th birthday (had he survived that long). Over the years, the author formerly known as Theodor Geisel had a lasting impact on people of all ages. His books have inspired a variety of things ranging from films to Broadway plays to television shows to toys to music. Believe it or not, country sweetheart Taylor Swift has attributed Seuss's influence to her songwriting. More »

Four Things to Expect at the Blue Cafe on New Year's Eve

Jeremy Eichenbaum
Champagne. Kisses at midnight. Some dude throwing up.

These are what we've come to expect at New Year's Eve parties, which is why I'm headed to the Blue Cafe in Long Beach to see the Spell, Ambush Freqs and Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel. I'm no psychic (although I play one on this blog), so here's what I'm planning on seeing this Saturday evening.

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Six Songs to Work Off the Extra Helping of Grandma's Stuffing and Those Seven Beers You Drank Thursday Night

jim carrey workout.jpg
Jim Carrey works out too!
Look, you ate too damned much during the four-day Thanksgiving break. But it's cool. We've all been there. The good news is there's this little thing called exercise that's going to get you back to who you were last Wednesday.

As an avid gym member (the girl at the front desk knows my name), I know that Mondays there suck because people think they can just take one spinning class and work off all the bad shit they've put into their bodies since Friday. Coming off the Thanksgiving break, I assume today will be incredibly busy with people who want to be able to see their toes again, which only makes working out sound like even less fun than it already is. That's why I'm here to help.

With these six songs on your iPod (or whatever listening device you use), you're guaranteed to lose the extra helping of grandma's stuffing and those seven beers you drank Thursday night after having four glasses of wine at your sister's house.

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NBA Lockout is Finally Over: Our Top Five Terrible Songs by Athletes

LA Lakers Rap All-Stars
I don't believe in God, but if I did, I'd be thanking her right now for salvaging the upcoming NBA season. I mean, I tried to watch hockey, I really did, but I just can't hang with that shit. And my dad was born in Canada, so I should be able to get through more than three minutes without asking, "Where's the puck?" before changing the channel to "1 Girl 5 Gays."

Hockey indifference aside, there's a better reason to be thankful for the recently announced unlocked out NBA season and that's the fact that the more these dudes are balling on the court, the less they're rapping in studios. In case you don't believe me, here are five videos that prove just because these guys can dunk a basketball doesn't mean they have superhuman abilities at everything in life.

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Jacuzzi Boys Get Super-NSFW Fan Video for 'Glazin'' With More Vag Than Lilith Fair

Ivan Santiago
The Jacuzzi Boys
We like the Jacuzzi Boys' music and all, but we didn't know the Miami band could inspire such devotion. Apparently, guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Alcala, drummer Diego Monasterios and bassist Danny Gonzalez's flair for heavy metallic glitter, neon glam-rock opuses and erections have inspired a video that's both incredibly creative and disturbing at the same time.

Six fans dress up their crotches using arts-and-crafts supplies (glitter, plastic eyes, glue, paint, wigs, yarn, cellophane, etc.) and disguise their vags as an octopus, different kinds of aliens, Santa Claus, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a hamburger, a vampire, the plant from Little Shop of Horrors, the Jacuzzi Boys themselves, Frankenstein, a glitter alligator, and Homer Simpson--all so they could flap their lips to the song "Glazin'."

It's actually pretty funny, the more you watch it. (There's a doggie cameo at 1:56--but no pussy, if you can believe that.) And it's probably on par with Big Bad Wolf's "Duck Sauce," but begets even more questions, such as "What glue did they use?" and "Are those fish hooks they're using to pull those lips apart?"

Anyway, see it after the jump. (We warned you: This is totally NSFW. And you will probably get grossed-out. And lose a boner or two.)

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Five Best Parts of Battles' 'My Machines' Video

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1. Well, there's the actual dude falling down the up escalator for, like, a full three minutes and 10 seconds.
2. Then there's Gary Numan singing deadpan throughout most of it.
3. And Battles squished into a descending escalator, playing their instruments (yes, even John Stanier, who plays the drums on a smaller kit minus the tall ride cymbal).
4. It also makes you think of what it would be like to experience an earthquake inside a mall with an awesome song whose breaks accompany your every fall.
5. It's set in Little Tokyo, meaning you've probably set foot on those very steps the lead is stumbling down in.
Read the enjoyable interview about the making of the video on Pitchfork, and then watch the video after the jump.

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