Yes - The Greek Theatre - August 24, 2014

Yes performing at The Greek Theatre (photo by Scott Feinblatt)
The Greek Theatre
August 24, 2014

It seems to be a trend of late for legendary bands to dust off and perform their legendary albums. Last night, Yes performed two of theirs, Close to the Edge and Fragile. The band's extensive current tour began just a few days before the release of their latest album, Heaven & Earth, but it is not curious why their set only included two songs from the new album, which they played in between the vintage albums. The new album has not been receiving great praise, but perhaps this is because it has been 40 years since the progressive rockers began charting new cosmic territory.

Since that time, the band has seen numerous permutations in its line-up, and it is no surprise that it has never encapsulated so pure a manifestation of vision and virtuosity as it did on those two albums. Nevertheless, all history, drama, and art versus business speculations aside, there was something incredible happening on stage at the Greek Theatre. By taking a potent magical spell and casting it with aplomb, able magicians can easily entrance their legions and adherents.

Yes performing at The Greek Theatre (photo by Scott Feinblatt)
Indeed, the Greek Theatre was a time capsule last night. Aging hippies and former children of the Age of Aquarius-cum-Middle age yuppies packed the joint, fired up more than a few, and demonstrated that they still remember how they danced during their acid days. Onstage, the band members, principally in their 60's, showed not only that they could still play their old tunes well, but that the material easily stands the test of time. Part of this may be due to the strength of 43-year-old Jon Davison's voice.

Davison has taken the place of founding member Jon Anderson, who wrote and co-wrote most of the material that was performed. Sadly, interviews with Anderson reveal that he yearns to rejoin his band, but he has not been invited back due to health-related issues that limit his performance ability. Regardless, without this background, the only reason why someone who had heard one of these albums (but never seen the band) might suspect that Davison was not, in fact, Anderson is because of the former's age. Their voices are indiscernible.

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