The Thirstiest People We Saw at Splash House

Ed Carrasco / OC Weekly
Getting Splashy

Last night, the three day pool weekender that is Splash House came to a close with a live performance by Jagwar Ma and some epic back to back sets by Aston Shuffle, Wax Motif, Motez, Uberjak'd, Bixel Boys and a surprise guest Adrian Lux well into the am at the Hard Rock Hotel. Taking over three different resorts, this was not a relaxing vacation in Palm Springs. Rather a full blown music festival that provided a stellar line-up of electronic artists and bands, awesome vibes, an incredible crowd and some good ole fashioned debauchery poolside.

With hot babes in bikinis, drinks flowing freely and 100 degree weather the thirst was real at the Saguaro, Hacienda and Hard Rock. Here's the thirstiest people we saw over the weekend. Maybe they should have drank more of that free Evian water they were giving away at the shuttles. Just saying.

Ed Carrasco / OC Weekly
Splash House festival goers at its finest

We're not sure who was the most thirsty one here at the Hard Rock, but with that epic hair and luau get up we think he takes the cake. When we asked him what kind of girls or guys he likes he said "why be choosy? I like them all!"

Ed Carrasco / OC Weekly
See what had happened was...

This OC couple was looking thirsty getting close inside the Hard Rock pool. When we asked them who they came with he said, "Ourselves and only these clothes." It was their first time at Splash House and though they've been "talking" for a while she still says she prefers a guy who can hold a conversation and is not trying to grope her all over the place. Hmmm not what we saw, but nothing wrong with getting a little sexy in the pool we guess.

Ed Carrasco / OC Weekly
Too hot for words

This Palm Springs native was hollering as we walked by and when we stopped to chat with him he joked about the thirstiest thing he's done all week was sucking dick. Then he continued to harass our photographer and say, "I love him. You're so cute. Look at him. Come here cute little Asian boy. I love you." Maybe he wasn't joking.

Ed Carrasco / OC Weekly
Aye captain

Carly was leading the twerk contest from her balcony at the Saguaro to the lobby with her posse of South Bay friends. A lover of all tastes, "Jews, Asians, Blacks, Polish, Armenian and everything in between," she said. She demonstrated how she gets all the boys for us. Here's a sneak peek (gif to come).

Ed Carrasco / OC Weekly
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